Why and how do the eyebrows?

Eyebrows – one of the most expressive parts of a woman’s face, so they should be given special attention. Few women have perfect eyebrows, so for many years have developed various techniques to care for them. One of the modern ways of giving the eyebrows a beautiful and expressive form, is a tattoo (permanent makeup). So next, you will learn how to make eyebrow tattoo.

Permanent makeup eyebrow

The types of permanent makeup

An important factor when choosing a reputable make-up salon with skilled staff is a natural-looking makeup result, which will be practically invisible to others. This effect is achieved through the use of various techniques of correction of eyebrows. To date, the most popular methods of eyebrow tattooing is:

  • soft feather;
  • the hair method.

How to do tattoo eyebrows using a soft feather?

Soft feather is the most versatile method for the correction of eyebrows. It can help them to achieve a certain shape, tinted eyebrows in whole or only certain areas. While others will create the impression that they are tinted with a pencil (photo 1).

Photo 1. Soft feather

Soft feather is done in stages:

  • sketching;
  • plucking the extra hairs;
  • correction of the contour of the eyebrows;
  • the application of paint.

Create a sketch using pencil and shadow, and involves the determination of the shape of the eyebrows. It is important to consider individual human characteristics: facial features, size and shape of the eye, age.

Once the future shape of the eyebrows is selected, is removing excess hair. This procedure is the growth of hairs will need to be repeated. So when you remove the hairs as not to damage the bulbs, it should be done in the direction of their growth. Next, eyebrows are being worked on again, the customer approves the form of the eyebrows, and then begins applying the tattoo.

The paint application is done in layers using a special machine. Since different parts of the eyebrow requires a different saturation of the pigment, the work should be phased. It is very important to do the contour is a bit blurry, which will make the outline of your eyebrows a natural look.

Healing of the skin after this procedure occurs in 4-7 days. At first, your eyebrows will look unnatural (photo 2), but once everything heals, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful result.

How do tattoo hair method?

Photo 2. The eyebrows after the procedure of permanent makeup

Hair correction method is a better and more expensive type of permanent makeup eyebrows, it can only be done in a beauty salon under local anesthesia and with the use of antiviral medicines. Hair tattooing can be done in 2 ways: European and Eastern.

How do tattooing the European method? Are small strokes resembling hairs. Each stroke has the same size (length is about 5-10 mm). In this case, all the hairs are directed upwards, with their tips slightly rounded down. This allows you to get the effect of a beautifully curved eyebrows, which will delight all women.

Oriental tattoo eyebrows much harder to do, but the result will be difficult to distinguish from natural eyebrows even from a close distance. In this case, the hairs also are drawn only upwards, but their length may differ from each other. Some hairs can even stand out from the General flow, and some weave in it. This is done intentionally to create the effect of naturalness of the eyebrows.

How to do permanent makeup eyebrows?

If the eyebrow tattoo you plan to do on their own, then you are in the beauty shop you need to purchase the following:

  • a tool for applying the tattoo;
  • the set of disposable needles;
  • tweezers;
  • makeinu brush;
  • paint the desired color;
  • nourishing cream;
  • the cleaning lotion.

Photo 3. The procedure of eyebrow tattooing

Before you make a permanent makeup eyebrows, you must know what are the contraindications to this procedure. A lot of them, because tattooing has a direct impact on the skin of the face. Tattooing is not recommended during PMS, menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. If you suffer from any serious diseases (acute inflammatory diseases, AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes), then the tattoo you have to decide. Also contraindication is the period of rehabilitation after surgical intervention and medications that thin the blood.

If your health there are no serious problems, then you can move on to preparing for eyebrow correction. First, the corrected area should be thoroughly cleaned of makeup and sebum. The shape of the eyebrows should be corrected with the help of tweezers according to the planned result. Around the treated area should be applied nourishing cream.

Then on the back of the hand makednoi brush you need to blend paint and compare your result with your hair color. Then the eyebrows, the contour of the gently colored paint. You need to make sure that area have a desired color and shape. Further, the tool for the tattoo needle is inserted and dipped in the vessel with the selected pigment. The needle is typed in the required amount of paint.

To start the correction with the widest part of the brow, slowly moving a narrow area.

While the eyebrows are treated with paint across the width of the circled area (photo 3). At the last stage before processing the ends of the eyebrows, the instrument is inserted the fine needle that will achieve the best result.

The selection of colors for permanent makeup

To your eyebrows after correction looked as natural as possible, you need to choose the right color dye. The main criterion is the color of the hair. For example, for fair-haired girls will approach the paint is gray-brown to brown hair – chocolate brown for redheads and blondes, gray-brown tone.

Permanent makeup is never done black paint. This is because the human skin color gives this specific bluish tint. To date, developed a special multi-component pigment composition, which includes olive, brown and gray, with the connection forming almost a black tint, not giving blue.

You need to know that after a while the tone of your chosen pigment will change. This is due to the regeneration process of the skin, which is approximately 15-25% lightens the color of the tattoo. Therefore, you should choose a paint color that will be on a half-tone darker than the desired color.

Remember that tattooing your eyebrows is not the best way to conduct experiments on his body, because the errors in them will be quite difficult to fix.