What should be the age make-up?

A real lady wants to look good at any age. It is because the woman should never abandon makeup. It is always necessary and important, it is only necessary to understand its features for a particular age group.

Age makeup under clothes

What should the age make-up? And what are its basic rules? All this and much more you should know every woman.

Rules of make-up to mature age: the basics of performing

You should start with a common understanding of what is a Mature skin. This skin is deprived of moisture, drier than in youth. It is partially or significantly lost their elasticity and firmness due to the fact that over the years the production of collagen in the body decreases, and this is certainly reflected in the turgor of the epidermis.

Visible wrinkles – both facial and age. Near eyes often there are “crow’s” feet. Can be wrinkles around the lips, on the forehead. Every woman these changes are manifested in different ways.

What rules should rely the age makeup? Will have to digest quite a lot of postulates, but they are all simple and understandable.

Skin moisturizing cream

In adulthood, the makeover starts with the right nutrition and hydration. Preliminarily, it should be cleaned using alcohol free lotion, and then apply the makeup base.

All makeup should be with a moisturizing effect. Today, many manufacturers produce makeup powder, eye shadow, blush with extra hydration. In addition, there is a sense to pay attention to cosmetics with vitamins. This is another perfect solution for middle-aged women. For example, it can be the concealer with vitamin E or powder with any other vitamin supplements.

An important remark concerns the quality of cosmetics. Of course, at any age a woman deserve the best. But if a young person will Eclipse its freshness any funds on Mature skin to the fore the quality of used products for makeup.

Matte makeup is the best friend of age

The texture is a separate issue. Age contraindicated skin texture shiny, pearlescent and the like. All of the above not only highlight the age, but even add years. A woman will look older than it is. And this is unforgivable blunder.

What, then, is the textures of decorative cosmetics? Opacity – the best friend of age. The structure should be smooth, velvety and without shiny elements. This will create an expensive, elegant and decent image. And that’s not all the tricks that you need to know when it comes about the age makeup.

Makeup for mature age: other tweaks

Almost any woman into adulthood imperfect under the eyes. And if the young epidermis would be well advised to apply concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes, for Mature skin much more appropriate to recommend a highlighter. It is more appropriate in the context of age-related makeup.

The main thing – not to overdo with the highlighter as a tool caught in large numbers in the lines and accentuate them.

Highlighter for the eyes

Everything is good in moderation.

The same can be argued about the Foundation with powder. If you put too many of them, the face appears mask like, and it will cause a lot of age.

It’s time to talk about colors that you need to choose the age for makeup. Most stylists are unanimous in the opinion that women should abandon the bright and flashy colors in favor of natural, rich and restrained. When choosing the colour of any decorative need to be guided by one rule: edible it this color?

If the skin tone is appetizing and the analogy with some product, it should be taken. Of course, in this case this refers not to the color orange or banana, and the color of plums, milk, cream, pistachio, cappuccino, coffee, milk chocolate, cinnamon, peach, and all that is bright and flashy, but it has its subtle and sophisticated appeal.

Among the lipstick is better to choose natural tones. But if scarlet Burgundy lipstick, too, should not refuse, because that is the age makeup will be welcomed with open arms. Just need to remember that the emphasis in makeup can only be one: eyes or lips. But does all together.

Blush should be also as low-key. Most often used generic colors: cold or warm pink, peach.

For the sake of clarity should give examples of what to look of the age makeup.

Casual makeup for aging women

The first step is the application of a makeup base

Starts creating everyday make-up with applying Foundation. It is of great importance to a good image, although some women ignore it in the everyday makeup.

Concealer is the right shade is applied to the face with gentle movements at low tension. To apply Foundation cream on the skin more convenient to use a sponge or your hands. With fingertips the cream goes better and better, than even when you use professional brushes and other tools.

After application of Foundation the skin should be sure to powder, but quite a bit. It must be done in order to remove the Shine from the Foundation and secure footing make-up. Through this technique, it does not “float” during the day.

The best option is a loose powder. But if not, then fit and compact. From the point of view of color makeup artists advise you to choose a means not of his tone, and the fact that it has a transparent structure. In fact, this powder gives just a necessary effect matte and velvety skin. And nothing more!

The next and very important step is applying blush. They are used in a very dosed and delicately. To apply them to the ladies in age it is better not under your cheekbone, on the cheekbone (the protruding part).

Over time, any woman can thin eyebrows. Incorrect plucking, lack of proper care, genetic factor – all this leads to the fact that ladies have 2 “strings” instead of eyebrows. To correct the situation with the right makeup. So, will need to choose a water-resistant eyebrow pencil of the right color. They draw the desired shape of the eyebrows.

The natural form of the eyebrows is always relevant

The natural shape of the eyebrows. They should be moderately thick, but neat. They should not walk and eyebrows Cara Delevingne is known. The bend of the eyebrow should be, but it is better to avoid “soaring” arcs. The line is a little thin towards the outer edge.

Eyebrows are frame for eyes. But you need to try and over by the “diamonds”. So, first on all the movable upper eyelid applied shadows cream or sand color. Then brown, black or grey pencil draw a light arrow along the lash line. The same is done on the lower eyelid, but only halfway.

The ink is chosen in the color of eyeliner that will help to make opinion as expressive when it comes to everyday version of the makeup.

Completes make-up every day lipstick muted colors. For example, the color of a rose or peach kabelnogo.

Festive age makeup

Good festive make-up will look great both in life and in pictures. In what way is to go to an important event in a woman worthy and beautiful age?

In this case, you can afford a more vivid and bold make-up, which will differ from daily option.

Applying bronzing powder

Foundation make-up creates exactly the same as in the previous embodiment. In a solemn case you are allowed to apply a little bronzing powder. But it must be done so that it was not visible boundaries between the skin tone on the face and the rest of the body. Naturalness above all else.

If the festive image I want to highlight the eyes, you can apply multiple shadows. For example, overcame the combination of pastel shades of pink and shade of wet asphalt. Another good pair of lilac and purple. Or a cream and dark emerald. A lighter tone is applied to the whole eyelid. Dark shade stands in the corner of the eye and the lash line to the middle.

In a festive make-up looks beneficial to black volumizing mascara. As for the eyeliner, the color should match the tone of the dark shadows of the selected pair. And once the upper eyelid and without that painted quite active, eyeliner can be applied only on the lower eyelid (until mid).

The scheme of applying the blush is the same as in the past. From the point of view of the lipstick you need to stop for something understated and neutral, because the eyes turned out pretty bright and expressive.

If there is a desire to focus on lips, then it is possible to choose scarlet, plum or Burgundy lipstick. Eye makeup in this case is more calm. So, it could be just shadows and mascara. Or arrows in the style of 60-ies, supplemented by long lashes, curled with tongs.

Let these recommendations and examples will be useful for each of the fair sex. And let every woman is beautiful and attractive regardless of age.