What should be a good mascara?

Long dark eyelashes are the dream of many girls. Framed by eyelashes the eyes look more expressive, the color becomes richer. However, most women are familiar with such problems as rare, insufficiently long and dim eyelashes. To help in such cases comes one of the best beauty inventions – mascara.


The mascara is presented in wide assortment, in every season there are new items, unique or unusual shape. With such diversity, many women customers are lost and do not know what to choose. How to choose the perfect option? What should be a good mascara? To answer these questions it is necessary to examine well-known types of mascara and the best brands.

A good lengthening mascara

The main function of the lengthening mascara is the increase in the length of cilia. The old models allowed to increase the length due to the use of coarse structure, which surrounds each hair and create the effect of “spider legs”. Modern mascara not only lengthened, but share and nourish lashes.

In addition to water, dyes, resins, in the lengthening mascaras add vitamins, contributing to the nourishment of the roots of hairs and increased growth. In expensive compounds often found nylon and silk thread (to give a satin Shine).

Mascara L'OREAL Telescopic

Lengthening mascara make the eyes look wide open, visually enlarge the eyes. They can be used for people with short and dull eyelashes. Avoid cosmetics with the function of lengthening is girls who wear lenses or glasses: the paint particles at the ends of the hairs can get into the eyes or come into contact with the glass.

Mascara can be called extension, if it has a special composition and a special brush. To lengthen the brush applied in the form of a cone or cylinder. Cone-shaped brush with long fibers at the end help to create the effect of the “Fox look”.Silicone brush in the shape of a cylinder usually have a short elastic fibers, which provides lengthening and perfect separation of the hair.Good feedback customers of beauty shops have the following lengthening mascara:

Mascara Max Factor Lash Extension Effect

  1. L’OREAL Telescopic.
  2. Max Factor Lash Extension Effect.
  3. Dior Diorshow Iconic.

L’OREAL Telescopic is a real hit. The popularity of the product due to the relatively low cost, fuel efficiency, great lengthening and separating abilities. Telescopic mascara has a rubber brush, lint which stain every eyelash from base to tip.

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect – perfect for creating everyday makeup. Lengthening abilities are average, no effect “doll eye”. Ideal for girls with long enough, but dull eyelashes.

Dior Diorshow Iconic is a decent example of a cosmetic luxury. The high cost is justified by the good stability throughout the day, as well as long term services: ink not dry from frequent use, retains its properties until the end of the period of use.

The best volume mascara

Bulk ink – save for owners of thin eyelashes. Due to the presence in the composition of microgranules wax when applied is enveloping the cilia of a thin film. Thus, the eyelashes thicker and look more voluminous and fluffy.

Voluminous mascara usually have a brush in the form of “brushes” the fibers which can be equal over the entire surface and slightly elongated in the middle.

Mascara Dior Diorshow Iconic

The voluminous mascaras regularly get the following:

  1. Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost.
  2. Elizabeth Arden Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara.
  3. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look.
  4. Lancome Hypnose.

Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost – an inexpensive, but quality ink. Thanks to a patented brush and special gel formula are provided with easy application and instant volumising. The ink is spent economically, when applied in a single layer of one package is enough for several months of daily use.

Elizabeth Arden Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara has a patented dwuhvalentny composition. Mascara not only thickens the lashes and gives them volume but also nourishes. Resistance high, makeup stays fresh all day. Tube Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara has a sleek and stylish design without losing the bright parts.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look has a convenient cone-shaped brush is convenient to coat each lash on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Full-bodied composition provides a soft enveloping hairs and giving them bright colors. Ink owner will appreciate the bright and dim eyelashes.

Lancome Hypnose – the standard voluminous mascara. The application of 2-3 layers creates the effect of natural and lush lashes. The unique composition ensures an easy application without clumps and give lashes a satin smoothness. The tube has a beautiful design and an ergonomic shape. Price Hypnose mascara is quite high, but it lasts a long time.

Multifunctional mascara

Mascara Oriflame 5-in-1 Wonderlash The ONE

Multifunctional make-up – great opportunity to solve at once some problems and save a lot. Feature of multifunction mascaras for eyelashes is the simultaneous fulfillment of several functions. In the range of many cosmetic brands are lengthening and volumizing mascara.

Many manufacturers have gone further, developed a formula that provides simultaneous lengthening, thickening and Curling lashes. Such carcasses allow owners of dull, thin and short lashes for a few minutes to completely transform the look.

Completely justifies its name the following multifunctional mascara:

  1. Oriflame 5-in-1 Wonderlash The ONE.
  2. Chanel Inimitable.
  3. Clinique High Impact.
  4. Maybelline Volume Express Curved Brush.

Oriflame 5-in-1 Wonderlash The ONE is the best in the line for the Swedish brand. Thanks to a special patented 3-D brush lashes are provided with simultaneous lengthening, thickening, and separation. The present composition of natural ingredients that provide the necessary cilia food.

Mascara Chanel Inimitable

Chanel Inimitable mascara ensures lengthening and thickening. After applying only 2 layers of eyelashes are bigger 3 times. The mascara is easy to apply, does not create lumps, but not curls. Like all Chanel products is simply Inimitable and exquisite design. The tube is made in a black color with beautiful Golden trim.

Clinique High Impact direct access to three functions: lengthens, thickens and curls. In the result, the eyelashes become long and fluffy and curved. Special polymer composition allows to create a dense finish which looks natural and not effect the “puppet lashes”. After applying mascara eyelashes become soft and elastic.

Maybelline Volume Express Curved Brush – popular mascara in the voluminous line of mascaras Maybelline (see photo). Despite the low cost, the ink has a high resistance and copes with its task – thickening and twisting. A bend is provided a special form of brush is curved with thick fibers.

The best waterproof mascara

Mascara Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof

Best of carcasses have been reviewed previously, excellent lengthen, thicken and tighten up, however, have one important drawback for many: they nevadastate. Resistant to moisture carcasses are characterized by high durability, not smeared and does not spread under the influence of moisture and high temperature.

Using waterproof mascara can cry, swim, spend time outside in the rain and heat. Main feature of waterproof mascaras for eyelashes in that they cannot be removed by water and ordinary cleansing agents. To remove eye makeup you should use a special tool, marked “for removing waterproof makeup.”

Excellent resistance feature waterproof mascara:

  1. Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof.
  2. Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara.
  3. L’oreal Voluminous X4 Waterproof.
  4. Make Up For Ever Mascara Aqua Smoky Lash.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof is one of the best mascaras in the line of the brand (most of the girls are a positive feedback). Consumers around the world immediately fell in love with this product for its versatility: just one swipe is enough to give lashes volume, length and curve without the effect of congestion. As a result of numerous tests of the carcasses revealed that she endures bathing, watering of eyes, rain and snow.

Mascara L'oreal Voluminous X4 Waterproof

Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara – lengthening waterproof mascara, perfect for everyday use. When applied in a single layer creates a natural effect, to make the look more brightness, it is recommended to apply mascara in 2 coats.

L’oreal mascara Voluminous X4 Waterproof gives lashes a fourfold volume, without clumps and the bonding effect. Ink is very stable, does not crumble and does not smudge throughout the day. Deletion is only possible by using hydrophilic oil or special tools for removing makeup.

Make Up For Ever Mascara Aqua Smoky Lash has a great brush in the shape of “brush” with which you can quickly paint over top and bottom lashes. The mascara held up fine, no flaking and does not spread as in the rainy and hot weather.

Mascara for sensitive eyes

Mascara – functional and easy-to-use product that in just a few seconds to transform the look, giving it a radiant and fresh look. However, in some cases the use of mascara brings in more disorders than joy. We are talking about the owners of sensitive eyes and girls wearing contact lenses.

Mascara Bourjois Volume Glamour ultra care

If you are sensitive use of mascara can cause a feeling of heaviness, tearing, redness and itching. When you use contact lens discomfort from the use of the carcasses occurs because of contact with the crumbling of the particles in the eye.

In these cases, the solution may be a mascara for sensitive eyes. Such carcasses are eye control, do not cause irritation and are often water resistant which prevents the coloring particles on the mucosa of the eye.

For those who suffer from sensitive or wear contacts, fit these carcasses:

  1. Lumene Sensitive touch.
  2. Bourjois Volume Glamour ultra care.

Mascara Lumene Sensitive touch included in cosmetic series brand designed specifically for Allergy sufferers. It is based on natural ingredients and minimal preservatives, which provides gentle care for the lashes. In addition to careful handling, Lumene Sensitive touch provides good elongation and separation of the lashes.

Bourjois Volume Glamour ultra care has a gentle effect on the lashes, gives volume and lengthens a bit. Ink have a great brush, easy to coloration in one or two layers. The use of mascara is allowed for people who wear lenses, subject to certain rules: apply mascara after wearing lenses; wash off the makeup after lens removal.