What are the types of eyebrows?

Today, many girls want to look beautiful and well-groomed, imposing on the person the appropriate makeup. Emphasizing eyes and lips, some women absolutely do not take into account the eyebrows. But they give the makeup a complete and perfect way. The density of hair growth on the eyebrows and shape of the last all people are different. And some absolutely do not like the natural type of eyebrows that they have from nature. But this fact is not a problem, especially when there are tweezers and scissors at hand. And knowing some of the nuances eyebrow correction (which will disclose later), they can give only the appearance that all of us want to contemplate on his beautiful face.

Photo 1. The ideal ratio of sizes of parts of the eyebrow

For starters, naturally, you need to understand what shape you want to give your own eyebrows. In cosmetics the well-known formula for the perfect eyebrows shape which is based on the correct ratio of the constituent parts eyebrow: head, body and tail. To find such a perfect ratio of sizes of parts of the eyebrow, need to arm themselves with a mirror (and if necessary, a ruler and a pencil) and visually, to hold three axes, the beginning of which will be taken from the outside wing of the nose and head in the direction of the eyebrows (see photo 1).

The rules for constructing the ideal proportions of the eyebrow


  1. Mark the beginning point of the eyebrow: a visual draw, which originates from the wing of the nose, hold it through the inner corner of the eyes and adjusted to the beginning of the eyebrow. The hairs beyond the line toward the bridge of your nose removed.
  2. Determine the location of the highest point of the brow (corner): a direct lead from the wing of the nose through the pupil of the eye and bring to the brow. In the place where it will touch the brow, this will be the highest point (the break point). To the corner of eyebrow to raise, without changing its width. After the corner of the eyebrow gradually descends towards the temple, gradually narrowed. Get rid of all the hairs that did not appear in the marked area.
  3. Mark tail: a direct lead from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye. Watch to browna line did not go beyond the end point. All the hairs over this point, which is located closer to the head, pluck. The descending line eyebrow in the direction of the temple begins to narrow.

Once the points on the eyebrows, they can mentally connect or do it directly on the hairs in any pencil. This is and will be the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. But this is only a rule from which there are always exceptions. So, if you think that the variant forms is not quite what you would like to obtain, it is always possible to tweak it a little. It is important not to make radical changes in order not to affect the expression for the worse and not to violate the proportions, thereby causing outrage regarding their appearance.

Eyebrows with a kink

It is also worth to observe the symmetry between the eyebrows and the correct distance (about two fingers). The variant forms are correct throughout the month two times. The intensity of hair growth will have an impact on the duration of the result. Correctly found the proportionality eyebrows not only accentuate the depth of the look, but also make the face more expressive, and the look is complete.

It is important to know the following:

  • to a person with a clearly extended cheekbones applicable round shape;
  • straight eyebrow eye visually saugat;
  • highly placed from the eye line eyebrow makes them bigger and more beautiful;
  • duhopodemnoe eyebrows externally, they age the face;
  • straight eyebrows create the effect of narrow eyes.

How to perform directly the procedure?

Aimed at observance of requirements of hygiene should be the procedure of plucking eyebrows first. Otherwise, complications in the form of inflammation can not be avoided. Because before the cosmetic procedures, disinfect the tweezers and the skin surface around the eyes. The skin is sensitive and tender recommended to mitigate using hypoallergenic nourishing cream. It is applied in a thin layer on the area of the eyebrows. Well, if the cream one of the components is chamomile because of its antiseptic effect a positive impact on the security started procedure. The plucking begin after the cream is absorbed completely. To reduce the sensitivity of the plucking can also be a technique for wiping the skin with ice cube from the decoction of chamomile.

Straight eyebrows

If necessary, the long hairs trimmed. Start pinching at the bottom of the eyebrows in accordance with the direction of hair growth.

A few words about the painting. Perfect if your eyebrows one or two shades lighter than the color of the hair on the head. Online you can find various colorings for these purposes. Their palette composed of various shades, close to natural (black, gray, brown and other), and bright (green, purple, etc.). Release shades for blondes.

The selection of a suitable form

Arc. Applicable for all female face types, is easy to care for. Is considered a classic. Eyebrows arc ideal for the woman’s face. Dugoobrazno adds softness, roundness and femininity that goes some way to disguise the harshness of hell. Eyes and face get exposed, exposing other beneficial features. On the upper eyelid this creates enough free space on the skin where you can apply any makeup. Often this form is recommended for women, which by nature are pointed on the chin.

Broken. Form has sufficient expressiveness, perfectly combined with a variety of face types. Look feminine, eye visual increase. Facial features thus softened, younger, becoming playful expression.

Kink attracts the eye to the upper area of the face. Corners to visually lift the eyes, are a distraction from the rough fuck. Face wide give elegance and harmony. Visually make smaller the width of the diamond-shaped, oval or round face, giving it symmetry.

Women, creating a broken form, tend to look soblaznitelnye and teases. The only caution here is to not allow excessive breaking. Otherwise the face will look funny and very unnatural.

Curved. Look extraordinary, beautiful and feminine, giving the facial features even more charm, mystery and sexuality. Serve as a distracting feature when a large nose, elongated or triangular shaped face. Create the effect of wide-open eyes. Visual cheekbones narrow.

Video. This type is suitable for elongated and oval face shapes. Direct line anchors the eye to the eyes looking Flirty on the background of refined and regular features.

Closely spaced line to the eyes, gives them of innocence and tenderness. Thanks to the horizontal position, it visually expands the face, and the length shortens, bringing the ideal to the oval.

Knowing the rules for creating the ideal proportions of the eyebrow and having an idea what types of them exist, pick up and carry individual form not working.

Choose for yourself the one you love, and start to create your own face by yourself!