How to do wedding makeup for brunettes?

Wedding – a long awaited event for many women. That is why both want to look perfect on this day. To help you create a unique image of not only the wedding dress but also the appropriate makeup. His choice must be treated responsibly and competently.

Wedding makeup for brunettes

For example, what should be the wedding makeup for brunettes? Universal no make-up, so every bride. One has only to choose what suits some girl the most.

Wedding makeup for fair skinned brunettes

For dark brunettes suit sweet and romantic makeup with deep, soulful eyes. To do this make-up for wedding is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

First we need to create the perfect complexion. On this day not a single flaw should not prevent a woman to look great. Foundation will create a pleasant skin, with a palette of concealers can conceal (acne, inflammation, etc.). The powder will complete the creation of foundations for wedding makeup.

Now it’s time to go directly to the wedding makeup for brunettes. In advance it is important to choose two shades of eye shadow that will emphasize the look of the bride. For fair-skinned brunettes should consider such combinations: lilac and rich purple, light green and emerald green, the color of waves and dark blue shade, pastel pink and Burgundy, metallic graphite color and tone. Of the proposed pairs of shadows will have to choose the ones that fit the color of the iris.

The application of wedding makeup

Lighter shade applied to the whole movable upper eyelid and to the area that is 0.5 cm above it. Wedding makeup for brunettes it is recommended to choose a pearlescent texture with a rich and bright color. Let the shadow be similar to silk.

The second shade from harmonious pairs are applied to the edge of the upper eyelid. To border the outer edge turned smooth as possible, you need to use special stencils. The boundaries of the inner region should be carefully shaded, because the transitions between different colors of shadows should be smooth.

The next step is application of eyeliner. It should match the dark color of the shadows of a pair. The upper eyelid is gently fed along the edge of the lash. This technique will help to make the look more open and lashes – thick.

The lower eyelid also need to allocate, but only up to half of the eyes. The line is drawn well to blend. To make the eyes brighter and more open is possible by using a white pencil applied to the inner corner of the eye.

Makeup in dark colors for the bride

Wedding makeup for brunettes can and should be applied false eyelashes. In the framework of such events are very relevant, because it will help to highlight your eyes. Something must be different wedding makeup everyday! Not hurt even a little black mascara.

Since the main emphasis in makeup for fair-skinned brunettes fell on the eyes, so lips need to paint lipstick on a calm tone. For example, tea rose. This natural color is almost everything, and the brunette it will look particularly advantageous. Blush should choose similar hues.

Wedding makeup for dark brunettes

Performing wedding makeup for brunettes with dark skin is somewhat different from the make-up fair-skinned brides with dark hair, but not much. What items it is important to pay attention to?

Tone is important in any case. Just the base make-up for brown will be the basis of the corresponding color.

As for blush, they should be replaced on a peach. Pink blush will not look good on dark skin: they simply get lost.

Shade for dark skin should be warm, you can take some liberties in choice of colors.

For example, will fit well into the wedding makeup for brunettes such pair: light peach and coral shade, Golden and coffee, lemon and turquoise and even light pink and red.

If the choice falls on the latter two options, you can abandon the false eyelashes and black mascara. Where better to choose a brown mascara. In other cases, everything remains the same: moderate false lashes and some black mascara. Eyeliner this time matched to the color of ink and not the colour of a dark color and a pair of shadows.

Dark skin in combination with the described makeup for the wedding will look great with bright lipstick. To put it not a dense layer, with small movements of the lip brush. Peach, brown orange, cherry, raspberry and red-orange – all these shades of lipstick will perfectly complement the makeup.

Given the options of make-up to help make your wedding day beautiful, fun and memorable.