Ways to use burdock oil for eyelashes

Burdock is known for its healthy properties and is widely used in cosmetology. It’s a completely natural product, affordable and easy to use. Burdock oil for eyelashes used to make them more healthy, thick and fluffy, it also has a good effect on the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Cosmetic burdock oil for eyelashes

Oil for eyelashes: application and methods of use

Burdock has many virtues, it contains protein and minerals, other nutrients: vitamins A, b, C, stearic, and palmitic acid. Due to such structure burdock oil for eyelashes is very useful when used regularly it has a positive effect on the regeneration, metabolism, Shine and healthy appearance, improves the structure of hair.

If the eyelashes are subjected to the procedure, during the break, burdock will help restore their condition, quickly grow.

Rare and delicate eyelashes are especially in need of care.

Burdock oil is an inexpensive and effective remedy that may when used correctly over a matter of weeks to transform lashes.

Burdock oil for eyelashes, use a variety of ways.

Applying burdock oil on eyelashes

Growth simply applied it at night on the lashes with a special brush (it can be a brush for mascara). It is better to allocate a single brush, which after each use must be thoroughly cleaned with cotton cloth and if necessary a special tool. The tool can be pre-poured into a prepared container, e.g. a bottle from under the carcass, thoroughly washed and dried. This will make the procedure easier and it will leave less.

Brush to distribute the oil on the lashes carefully, preferably on the ends and the middle of the thread, not to get into eyes, with barley and simply unpleasant sensations.

Do it better in front of the mirror, the drug is applied to the brush in a small amount, the excess needs to be shaken, to carry out her eyelashes in zigzag movements, carefully handling each thread. Before bed you need to make sure that the eyelashes have completely absorbed the oil, remains clean.

There is another method of application is with a cotton pad or swab. This method does not require preliminary preparation, decanting of oil, but its application needs more carefully.

Mask for eyelashes: apply

Burdock oil for eyelashes is much less common than hair, mainly used castor. Specialists advise both, and even better to combine them and make a mask.

Photo before and after applying burdock oil

A method of making a mask is simple: take a drop of each tool, then added a drop of vitamin A, which you can buy at the pharmacy, it is sold in capsules and is inexpensive. That is, all the formulations are mixed in equal proportions. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a convenient ceramic pot, apply to Chas. After the procedure is to wet the eyelids gently with a napkin. Regular use of this mask will help to strengthen the lashes, give them a good look after the pictures or professional, “heavy” makeup.

Burdock and castor oil for eyelashes is used together with vitamin E. In this case, all the ingredients are taken in equal proportions, apply the mask for half an hour. Vitamin E good for hair growth.

If the eyelid skin is too sensitive or prone to allergic reactions (this is extremely rare, but possible), then the mask, you can add aloe juice, which is a good antiseptic.

If the mask seems too thick, there is a feeling of gravity when using it as an additional ingredients you can use herbal teas. Often use a decoction of nettles, it is also useful when washing.

These funds are available, but effective. The result of their use is able to please every girl and they are worth a try. No wonder they are used for centuries and have such a good reputation.