How to wash professional paint eyebrows?

How to wash off the paint from the eyebrows, if the result did not meet expectations? Bad painting significantly impact on the appearance and for a long time can spoil the mood. After all, eyebrows are a very important component of appearance. Negligence in caring for them is unacceptable.

The process of painting the eyebrows

When deciding on the treatment, it is advisable to learn how to wash off the paint for eyebrows and than to wash the skin, if something goes not the way you want.

What you need to know before you dye your eyebrows

Don’t have to think about how to wash off the paint from the eyebrows, if:

  • correctly to pick up its color;
  • competently carry out painting.

From the 2nd paragraph of the claims to deal easier if you use the services of professional masters. But this method does not fit all. Salon treatment is expensive. Moreover, professional errors nobody is insured.

Despite the fact that professional cosmetics, removing paint, always available in the salon, the master is unlikely to immediately after the procedure will restore the original appearance. He will try to convince a recalcitrant client to try to adapt to the change of image, will tell you that the procedure of lightening can leave a person completely without vegetation, repeated exposure to aggressive paint will cause irreparable harm. He may be right. Chemistry can negatively affect the skin.

There are home remedies paint removal that are less aggressive and can help to solve the problem for a day or two.

How to wash a coloring medium: recommendations

The tool to remove the paint from the eyebrows

When the color independently for the first time, it is best to have at hand a tool to remove the paint. Professional preparations for this purpose are sold in beauty shops or salons.

If on the professional tool, designed for this purpose, in advance is not thought, it is enough to know a few tricks to return to his image.

Before you look for than you can wash off the paint, you need to know that absolutely can not use. Acetone, gasoline, detergent for washing glasses – all for the face not apply. They wash away the dye with the skin and hairs.

Imagine a hostess that doesn’t have a home any vegetable oil is impossible. Fits any oil: olive, sunflower, linseed, castor. During the day it is constantly applied to the eyebrows, hold for 10 minutes, then wash with any alcohol solution. The procedure is repeated until then, until the paint washed away. This method for the skin is one of the safest.

To remove the paint from the eyebrows, you can use lemon juice or citric acid solution. Lemon juice or acid solution is applied on cotton swabs and hold for 2-4 minutes. The skin will be a little hot, but the color will fade quickly enough.
Will help to get rid of too intensive colors in the hydrogen peroxide solution. It is required to put on a cotton swab and gently wipe the hairs until they brighten to the desired tone. Acts in the same way brightening tool “Curl”.

Soap for washing paint from the eyebrows

How to wash off the paint, if any of the above mentioned funds there in the house? Ordinary soap is sufficient. This method from the unnatural appearance can be removed in about a day and a half, especially if soap. You painted the area before soaping to poskrbite gentle means: swollen powder of Hercules, for example.

Skin from chemicals, bleaching eyebrows, the contact should be minimal. It is not intensely rubbing. After all the manipulations on the skin required to apply a nourishing cream.

Wonderful reducing agent can be made independently. To do this, simply mix the olive oil with aloe juice or parsley.

How to wash off paint for the eyebrows, if to change the image of selected natural products? How to dye natural remedy used henna and juice of plants of arugula. The paint is less resistant. For the application of hydrogen peroxide or “Curl” to resort is not necessary. The eyebrow area, it will be enough a few times to wash with soap and water.

Ways to remove funds from coloring the eyebrows a lot. Afraid that the expectations after the application of tonal resources is not justified, is not worth it.

If when removing paint for eyebrows the skin is not affected, the staining procedure can be immediately repeated.