The use of waterproof eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil in the makeup of many women who care about their appearance and follow fashion trends. With it, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity not just to emphasize the shape of eyebrows, they give her the look of mystery and sophistication, and makeup is perfection.

Waterproof eyebrow pencil - perfect brows in any situation

The uniqueness of the pencils for eyebrows is that when used correctly they can transform the face of any lady, underlining its advantages and hiding disadvantages. Especially popular among women, who are used in anything does not deny, is a waterproof eyebrow pencil. Using it, you can safely go into the pool or sauna, to go to sea, to the gym, walking in the rain or snow without being afraid that brows will “flow” or become disheveled.

Water-resistant pencils: what are their characteristics and how to choose?

The structure of the eyebrows

What is the difference between water-resistant pencils from their less stable counterparts? Feature of this beauty tool is the presence in its composition of silicone, which contributes to tight adhesion of the stylus with the skin. Resistant eyebrow pencils do not contain oil or wax, as these components under conditions of high humidity or high temperature the air is able to move or give streaks. Eyebrows, drawn with a waterproof marker that will not wash off with soap and water, so make-up remover, use special tools designed for removing waterproof makeup. Perhaps this is the difference between water-resistant and a pencil for eyebrows end.

The market today you can see a large range of tools for drawing brows with water-repellent properties of different shades, textures, equipment and cost, so that any woman can choose the one that best suits her needs. In order to buy waterproof eyebrow pencil was a good and delighted woman, she needs to see the recommendations of cosmetologists on the subject of his choice.

  1. When buying a tool to draw the eyebrow, waterproof effect, you should avoid purchasing cheap products issued by dubious manufacturers. To give preference to the desirable products of world famous brands that have proven themselves in the market of cosmetic products with the positive side (it is mostly European and American manufacturers). The high price of these pencils should not scare women because for everyday use they are usually enough for a whole year. To buy cheap cosmetics can be only from those manufacturers, product quality of which is well known and is not a concern.
  2. Having defined the brand of the pencil, go to the choice of its color. The color of the stylus instrument should be selected in such a way that it is combined with the hue of nice hair and in harmony with the skin tone and eye color.
  3. When choosing a waterproof pencil, you should pay attention to the texture of its stylus. It can be both hard and relatively soft. Solid, well-sharpened leads conveniently to emphasize the curve of the eyebrow and mimic real hairs soft and easier to blend, creating the effect of density. Being too soft for stylus waterproof pencil junk, otherwise eyebrows get raunchy and provocative. Quality stylus must be uniform, without foreign particles and bad smell.
  4. To eyebrow pencil was the most convenient to use, it is recommended to choose the model that are sold in a set with the brush for blending and a sharpener.

The choice of color of stylus: an individual approach

To accented with eyebrow pencil to look natural and beautiful, it is very important to learn how to choose his tone. Assortment of shades cosmetic pencils for today is great, and this fact leads some girls into a state of complete confusion. Professional makeup artists suggest blonde of the fairer sex to pick up pencils for the eyebrows 3 shades darker than the color of their own hair, and brunettes – in as many shades lighter. Except for hair color must take into account the shades of the eyes and skin.

Fair-haired and light-skinned girls with green eyes or blue color, it is recommended to use a waterproof pencil for eyebrow ashy-brown or beige tones. Not to spoil the image and does not look older than their years, they need to avoid dark eyebrows. Beauties with brown hair is also perfect shades of beige pencil. Ladies with ash blonde MOP of hair should pay attention to cosmetic pencil gray tones.

Determining the ideal brow shape

Pencils with coal black charcoal you can use only natural dark brunette. If the girl has dark hair but pale skin, then she needs to choose the color of the eyebrows in brown or dark gray shades. No matter how desirable fair skinned brunettes have to draw eyebrow hair color, this is not necessary, as the black lines very unnatural will stand out against the pale forehead.

Brunette cosmetologists recommend to paint on eyebrows, brown or dark gray tones, making sure that their color was darker than the color of hair. But the redheaded beauties will go terracotta, brown-reddish and light Golden brown shades. Light-skinned girls with honey-colored hair perfect brown eyebrows, the medium color palette.

You need to carefully approach the choice waterproof eyebrow pencil gray-haired ladies. Dark shades will age them, but bright and mid tones, on the contrary, will make you visually younger. The most advantageous will look on the faces of Mature women brow medium gray or medium brown shades.

How to draw eyebrows?

Stages of drawing brow pencil

To choose the right eyebrow pencil waterproof is only half the battle. To hairs above the eyes are spectacular and of course, the woman must learn how to tint. Before you begin the work to create a brow, the fairer sex should prepare the items she would need in this case: pencil and brush.
If the pencil lead will be hot enough, it needs to be sharpened. Qualitatively draw the hairs with a blunt pencil would be impossible. In addition to the drawing tool you will need a brush to give your eyebrows the shape, usually it is sold in one set with a pencil. It is important to ensure that brush was clean.

  1. To eyebrows turned out neat, they first need to sweep the brush, directing the hair in the right direction.
  2. After the eyebrows are completed, you can proceed to their effective. For this a sharp pencil to apply a thin dashed line in the direction of hair growth in the places that you plan to paint. The pencil in the process to press strongly desirable. The strokes must be parallel to each other. The width of the painted brows should gradually taper toward the outer end. It is unacceptable to draw in the field of hair growth solid bold line, otherwise drawn eyebrows will look unnatural and vulgar.
  3. After you give your eyebrows the desired shape to the hair comb brush in the direction of their growth. Brush will not only give them the desired shape, but gently distribute the applied color. Additionally, hairs can be fixed with gel.

Useful tips for women

Drawing eyebrow is a real piece of work. One wrong stroke and the whole beauty is spoiled.

To eyebrows were perfect, women need to adopt some important rules.

  1. The new eyebrows you have to draw on the surface of the skin. It is unacceptable to put the finishing touches on the remnants of yesterday’s makeup.
  2. The process of drawing eyebrows should start after applying the face makeup base and powder. This sequence is very important to observe that the lines will be clear and correct.
  3. Some of the girls resort to a complete pulling hairs, then to give your eyebrows the desired shape with a pencil. Stylists strongly advise ladies to do so as fully drawn eyebrows will look gentle female face comical.
  4. Before using a waterproof pencil ladies with oily skin need to carefully degrease the surface of the eyebrows, as excess fat can significantly reduce the durability of the stylus.
  5. Some women draw eyebrows with pencil for eyes, considering that much of a difference between these two beauty tools no. Actually water-resistant eye pencil with a softer lead that is designed for the delicate skin of the eyelids. Clearly draw the with the help of the hairs in the eyebrows will not work. For painting the eyebrows need to use a tool specifically designed for this purpose.
  6. The pencils, like any other cosmetic products have a shelf life. Overdue instruments can cause irritation on the skin surface, so they should be discarded without regret.

Waterproof eyebrow pencil should be in the Arsenal of any woman. It can be used not only for special occasions but also in everyday life. Eyebrows drawn such a tool in the morning, will not be erased until the evening, and the girl will not have to correct their form during the working day. To delete strokes from persistent lead, the woman needs to buy a tool for removing waterproof makeup eye. It will be good if liquid make-up remover will be issued by the same manufacturer, and a pencil. If a woman wants to have eyebrows the perfect color and perfect form always, and do not spend much time on makeup, then an alternative water-resistant pencil permanent makeup can be conducted by a qualified master in the beauty salon.