The use of transparent powder in your daily makeup

In beauty salons and shops of decorative cosmetics well-established novelty – transparent powder. Many women of her preference, considering it an indispensable tool in the finish. In cosmetics it is necessary to focus on the composition and lightness of texture. It is very important that if you use a transparent powder avoid any sense of heaviness and mask effect.

Natural makeup with a translucent powder

Feature translucent powder

From the title you can guess that the glass powder has no tint and tone. However, this does not mean that it does not create it on her face. In the container, the tool looks white and the skin lies completely transparent, giving it a special matte finish depending on face cream and natural face color. When buying no need to consider the shade of Foundation. This powder is versatile, ideal for all types and any skin color.

Transparent powder does not have shades and tones

Its consistency transparent powder is a loose. Its purpose is to fix your make-up, to give it a natural look, to correct minor defects of the face and keep pores free. Crumbly texture promotes a uniform distribution of funds to areas of the face and the creation of a thin weightless layer. The composition of any powder includes components that nourish the skin, reducing sebum production and reflecting the light rays that gives skin a glow. Of course, this statement only takes place in relation to natural and luxury cosmetics.

The application of a transparent framework and does not cause allergic reactions and is well suited for women with sensitive skin. This cosmetic product indispensable during seasonal inflammation and redness. Powder effectively fights with fatty Shine and visibly refreshes makeup. This is one of the few that visually masking fine lines and wrinkles. The particles of fragrant powder used for cosmetic purposes, does not accumulate in the folds of the skin, making wrinkles more noticeable.

Features use transparent powder

Loose powder should be applied at home. Therefore, renewing makeup throughout the day if the need arises, causes difficulties.

Even if the transparent base is generic, it is not recommended for dark-skinned and heavily tanned skin. In such cases, it turns an unnatural color with an earthy undertone.

It is not necessary to use a translucent powder for the skin, hiding age spots and redness. This task good tone means.

If skin has imperfections, then use a transparent framework it is desirable to refuse.

She emphasizes the natural beauty of healthy skin and smooth tone.

Misconception is the opinion: if the tool is transparent, you can put a thick layer. Excess makeup always catch the eye and cause a feeling of heaviness and fatigue. If you apply too much powder used for cosmetic purposes, the color of the face becomes unnatural bleached and makeup are inappropriate.

Transparent powder is used mainly for everyday makeup, but some makeup brands can successfully complement and evening makeup. Help cosmetic powder is indispensable to create the perfect image.

Rules applying loose powder with transparent base

Transparent powder is applied with a large brush or sponge

Translucent powder is applied after a base for makeup or Foundation. You can use a large brush or sponge. Movement should be light, aimed at the growth of hair: the forehead down to the chin, around the eyes – from the nose to the temples. A special study requires the T-zone, which contains many sebaceous glands and pores. So, a fixation of tonal resources and making the makeup natural and fresh. Using cosmetic product can be visually hide minor skin imperfections and facial wrinkles, make the skin smooth and smooth (thanks to the fine structure), to emphasize the facial features. At the same time, the powder cannot be relied upon if needed to conceal the obvious defects of the skin. Applying more than one layer will negate all the benefits of a translucent powder.

For girls, leading an active life and regularly engage in sports using the translucent powder is a must. Going to the gym, fitness club or out for a morning jog, it is enough to apply a thin layer after daily moisturizer. This will give the skin a healthy appearance and radiance of light. The skin will breathe freely that is very important during training.

The application of decorative cosmetics of good quality is possible to improve the skin condition. This applies to the correcting means. The transparent base has a minimal drying effect, does not clog pores (which do not interferes with cellular metabolism throughout the day) and does not contain harmful and allergenic aromatic substances.