How to use tongs for Curling eyelashes

Today, every girl wants to have a well-groomed appearance, emphasizing and embellishing their abilities. The main emphasis of beauty have on eyes and lips, of course, we should not forget about the good tone of the face. Many of us look with envy at the beautiful posters depicting the famous top models, and ran on passing their views. But such expressive eyes is not only due to the mascara, although it is very important. Fascinate them look long, curled, separated, black lashes that will surely look perfect. What is the secret? Of course, choosing a quality mascara, you can achieve many effects: the elongation and the thickness, and the desired shade. But how to make eyelashes curled? Nothing to invent!

Curled lashes

You only need to buy Curling lashes and know how to use them properly.

Mascara can help to give a slight curve, and used a special compact Curling iron, but the most gentle to the structure and condition of the hairs will remain Curling eyelashes.

An important advantage of this beauty tool is the versatility of use for owners of a thick, lush, long lashes, and for those who have eyelashes shorter or not so dense. The secret of the forceps is to make the desired bend, which lifts and curls every lash, visually extending it.

How to choose curling eyelashes?

Curling eyelashes

To choose what kind of forceps to use, you should not go to questionable shops, it is better to turn to professionals, which is not bad advice. Choosing a Curling iron, please note that they must be made of metal and be sure to have a rubber gasket between the upper and lower bracket, which will provide a gentle and soft touch of the eyelashes with the curl. Take a close look to the band was strong, not crumble, did not stick and was without cracks, tough enough, and the ring finger was easy to use. Do not hesitate to hold, twist, twirl and try on the eyes with this tool, because at the slightest inconvenience may be affected eyelashes that grow very slowly. Opting for any forceps for Curling, learn how to curl your eyelashes.

Many believe that a Perm for eyelashes you can use anytime, anywhere. However, to properly use it, only those who give this process due time. The procedure itself is easy enough, but important is to follow series of steps that not only require concentration and care, but accuracy in motion and calculating forces.

The stages of curling lashes

Fixing Curling eyelashes

  1. Heat. Everyone understands it in their own way, but the correct heat Curling iron involves heating the rubber gaskets under the jet of warm water or air stream dryer. Get too zealous is not necessary: an easy warm-up will make the procedure more efficient and will not harm the lashes. So a few seconds would be sufficient.
  2. Perm. Heated tongs, carefully fix them almost at the root of the lashes without strong pressing, gently, careful not to damage the eyelid, squeeze clamps, leaving them on for a few seconds (5-10). Experts say that owners of short eyelashes, this step must be repeated about 3 times depending on the desired effect. For those who have medium length or longer, I suggest this step to repeat in the direction of the tips of the lashes. The main thing – not to hurry up and confident, careful squeeze. It is extremely important not to overdo it and not to harm: pressure force completely determines the effect of the procedure. After a few times of this phase you will be able to use Curling irons and more confident.
  3. The applying mascara. After Curling lashes, you can safely start applying mascara. Finishing this step was justified: when the mascara is applied, lashes are less elastic and flexible, the likelihood of injury is much higher. In addition, after dyeing of eyelashes to use the Curling just uncomfortable – the risk of gluing the hairs, shedding of the carcass even after long drying is also very large.

As practice shows, the procedure of perming eyelashes are simple and effective. But don’t forget how to use forceps correctly. Your tongs will last longer and will bring the desired result, if you regularly clean them from dust and dirt, rinse with running water and wipe dry, keep away from heating items to prevent drying of the layer. Ensure that the rubber layer well adheres to the metal base and do not use pliers, if even a small piece of gum anymore.

Despite the fact that the use of forceps is a gentle, harm still applied: the elasticity of the hairs permanently lost, and the structure is damaged. Why not use the device very often and carefully in relation to their lashes.

The use of Curling will be not only pleasant procedure, but also help to be more spectacular and beautiful!