How to use the highlighter and where to apply it?

The highlighter helps to get rid of many imperfections of the face, it gives the skin the effect of freshness and radiance, hides the wrinkles and accentuates relief.

Makeup using a highlighter

However, many girls do not know how to use a highlighter when and where to apply it.

What you need is a lotion and its types

Highlighter is used to highlight desired areas of the face. Its name in translation into Russian means “can emphasize”. So, to correctly apply the highlighter you need on the convex part of the face. These include the nose, cheekbones, center of forehead, the space under the eyebrows, the center of the chin.

Correction of the face using the highlighter

It is worth noting that this cosmetic product does not apply to masking. If you apply it incorrectly, then you will only emphasize imperfections. Toning usually means make a person lifeless and unnatural, it begins to seem flat highlighter also helps to get rid of these problems and helps to highlight the relief. If it is correct to use a highlighter, your skin will look more youthful and healthy.

Before answering questions, how to apply and where to apply this makeup tool, you need to figure out principal. Compact isolated, liquid, loose and creamy military. Loose and compact are needed to lighten the whole face. Liquid and creamy wash is used for adjustment of parts. Liquid is easiest to apply a thin line. The cream is easily absorbed and lasts a long time on the skin, it is great for handling large areas. Loose highlighter applied in a thin layer with a special brush.

The colors of these funds also may have different shades.

When choosing colors must consider the characteristics of the skin and your goals.

For yellowish skin suit peach shades are a Golden brown girl, pink highlighter looks great on reddish skin. Wrong color decisions can be too noticeable on the face, or you will look older than his age.

Basic rules of use

Before you apply the highlighter, you need to align the complexion with a tinted vehicle. If you need to make narrow forehead wider, then it must be applied to the side areas. Want to lengthen the forehead, apply it to the border of hair growth. Application to cheekbones help to make the face more expressive on the bone under the eyes a more youthful and open. Use of highlighter is very effective for shape correction of the nose. Adjust the shape of the eye and visually increase them would help his application to the inner corners of the eyes. Correction of the chin helps draw out the shape of the face, the use of this tool over the center of the upper lip visually increases the size of lips.

If you want to make your eyebrows seem higher, then apply the highlighter on the space beneath them. The line under the eyebrows visually increases the eye, but this trick do not apply to owners of overhanging eyelids. Owners of small eyes that are set far back, apply the highlighter you need to the middle of the upper eyelid. This procedure is suitable only tool. Highlighting cheekbones that not only makes the face more relief, but distracting defects under the eyes.

Don’t know how to highlight the lips? To have your lips look more sexy need to apply highlighter on the top lip and make a point in the middle under the bottom. This technique is essential if you prefer natural shades for lips. Highlighter paired with a bright lipstick will make them more sexy and expressive. Point to the corners of the lips will help to hide too wide mouth or small wrinkles. Simple rules on how to apply highlighter will help you to always be on top.

How to apply highlighter?

Dry compact highlighter

First of all, you need to align the tone of the face and apply lip balm. After that, mask the under eye circles with a corrector or concealer. If you have a good healthy skin and bruises not strongly expressed, then you can do the usual Foundation. It is now necessary to consider how to use a highlighter. Mark the highest point of the cheekbones and blend. Next, apply it on the “arc of Cupid” on the upper lip and center lower. Now your lips will look more seductive.

The highlight on the bridge of the nose will help to visually make it more elegant and to draw attention to the Central part of the face. But if you have even a slight deviated septum, the highlighter only more accentuate its curvature. Now apply a small to the middle of the chin and blend using soft circular motions. If you have too large and protruding chin, you don’t need to do in order not to attract unwanted attention.

Now mark the middle mobile eyelid, so your eyes will appear larger and more expressive. Highlighting inner corners will help to disguise the signs of fatigue and make your eyes brighter and more contrast. It will also help visually correct the eye that are planted too close. Very carefully use this remedy for blackheads, if you have problem skin. So highlighter will help to make the face more alive and expressive in the photo, and in life.