How to use eyebrow trimmer

Even the most refined makeup will not produce the desired impression on others, if a woman is not devoting enough time to the appearance of their eyebrows. To achieve the perfect eyebrows, most women pulling extra hairs with tweezers, suffering with tangible pain. But today beauty is not requires sacrifice. Since in the Arsenal of modern fashionistas appeared trimmer for eyebrow grooming has ceased to be a painful procedure.

Trimming eyebrows

The trimmer is a device for removal of excess vegetation on the skin. Its main advantage is that it is not pulling the hair, and gently cuts them, making the process quick and painless.

What is the trimmer and how to use it

Externally trimmer for trimming eyebrows is a compact device of elongated shape, ending in one of the sides of the blades. In the set for this device includes a variety of brushes and nozzles. The brush is designed for combing eyebrows and clean the unit, and nozzles allow or completely shear off the hairs, or align them along a certain length. Meet multifunction devices, equipped with nozzles not only to correct the shape of eyebrows, but also for removing unwanted hair in his nose, ears and bikini area. There are also male models, sold along with tips to care for mustache, beard and sideburns. Trimmers can operate from different power sources: battery powered, battery or mains.

Trimmer for eyebrows, it is recommended to choose for those with a delicate skin, which after the correction of eyebrows with tweezers irritation. Can not do without this device and women who poorly tolerate the pain.

Kinds of trimmers

To use the trimmer for eyebrows preferably blond ladies, as the vegetation is cut at the root, regrowth if they are not so quickly noticeable. But brunettes this device is best used only to make the hairs on the eyebrows are the same length. If you cut dark hair trimmed at the root, then the next day on their site there will be points and eyebrows will become disheveled. To avoid this, the dark-haired beauties it’s best to remove the unwanted hairs are not trimmed, and the traditional tweezers, pulling it at the roots.

Many people wonder how to use the trimmer correctly. To use this modern device there are no complications. To correction of the problem area was smooth, it follows step by step.

  1. Before the procedure, preferably with a pencil draw the desired shape of the eyebrows. This will help you to correct them, not cutting off the extra hairs.
  2. The device is preparing to work, putting it right nozzle.
  3. Dry skin in podrobnoi region slightly retard fingers. Trimmer bring to the brow and begin gently cut excess vegetation, slowly moving it from the outer edge of the eyebrow to the inside against the hair growth. Press down hard on the skin there is no need.
  4. When finished shaving, you should carefully look at the result. If the remaining hairs are different lengths, you can trim, replacing the nozzle on the device.
  5. After the procedure is finished, the skin shake from the shorn hairs and lubricate any nourishing cream.
  6. To do eyebrow trimmer is recommended 2 times a week. More frequent use of the device provokes increased growth of hair.

Taking care of your device, its advantages and the choice


To device has served his mistress long for him to properly care for. Before you can use the trimmer immediately after the purchase, it must be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, and all tips are to wash warm water with soap, then disinfect and dry. After the correction of eyebrows, the device is cleaned from the hair brush that is sold with it in kit.

Eyebrow trimmer has many advantages and is popular among the female population.

  1. With it, you can safely cut hairs growing from moles, while to pull them with tweezers & tweezers are strictly contraindicated.
  2. Using the trimmer for a hairstyle of eyebrows, women can not only cut the roots of unwanted vegetation, but also to cut the hairs, making them the same length.
  3. Any woman who used the device note that the procedure of correction eyebrows, done with it, always passes quickly and without discomfort.

What is the trimmer for eyebrows it is best to choose?

Often women leave positive feedback about devices that run on batteries.

To use such devices anywhere, do not need to be connected during operation to the mains or to ensure that the battery is not discharged. Simply carry spare batteries and the trimmer will always work when he needed. With other devices is not so simple. Models that must be connected to the network, you can use only near the outlets. Cordless trimmers can work away from the mains, but the charge they also need from the outlet.