How to use dark shadows?

Dark shadows is a powerful tool in the hands of women to make the image more vivid and sexy. Black or any other dark shade is ideal for correcting the shape of the eyes, giving it depth and mystery. Most importantly – how to color neatly and to comply with the measure.
Makeup dark shadows

Dark colors are always harder to handle than light. Dark eye makeup can completely transform the appearance, and distort it, making vulgar. When you use black and other shades shineth not; yea, you must be able to choose the right texture and saturation shading in the case and facial features.

Fshionable shades of dark shadows

In order to carry dark eye makeup, you must use black, dark gray or dark brown shades. These shades are versatile, suitable for eyes of different shapes and colors practically never go out of fashion.

Dark shadows for brown eyes

Dark shadows – the classic version of shadow present in the cosmetic kits of most women. Black shadow is universal, suitable for different occasions. Even having only this tone, you can make gorgeous makeup, summing the ciliary margin or to paint entire lid.

Dark gray shades are the ideal solution for women who want to try out bright makeup, but are afraid to use dramatic black color. The advantage of this shade is the ability to combine with other colours, for instance black or white. This greatly enhances the ability of makeup.

Dark brown shade (copper) are essential for many women, almost every one is found this shade. The popularity is due to the possibility of using this color for eye makeup in different colors, shapes. Optimal copper shades for those with very light skin that rich black look on the face gloomy.

Shade listed shades produced in several textures:

  • compact;
  • loose;
  • liquid;
  • cream.

Compact, liquid and shadows it is convenient to use to cover the whole century. Creamy texture is hard to see, so in a dark color they should be used only to summarize the eyes.

In addition to texture, when choosing eyeshadow you should pay attention to the finish type of coating. There are the following types of finish:

  • frost – gives an iridescent coating with small sequins;
  • lustre – allows you to create translucent color cover with large sequins;
  • matt – gives a dense matte finish;
  • satin – provides a satin finish with a delicate Shine;
  • velvet – gives dense coating with a matte base and fine glitter.

The use of dark shadows in the afternoon and evening

It is considered that dark shades of eye shadows are not suitable for daytime use, but it is not.

Phase diagram of applying dark shadows

For daytime use suitable shade with a matte finish (to create a “smoky eyes”), or cream (as eye).

It should be remembered that “smoky eyes” can be only one accent in makeup. On the lips is acceptable only lipstick color “Nude” and clear gloss.
Daytime “smoky eyes” is performed using three colors, each of which should be slightly lighter than the previous one. Looks impressive combination of black, dark brown, brown. To the makeup did not look a day pretentious, you must perform it according to the following scheme:

  1. Adjust the shape of the eyebrows using tweezers and a pencil.
  2. If there are circles under the eyes, camouflage them with concealer.
  3. Apply to the entire mobile eyelid base: this will ensure the makeup.
  4. Move the upper eyelid with a black pencil and slightly blend the line.
  5. Along these lines, apply the darkest of the chosen colors.
  6. Going to the dark layer above, apply a lighter tone.
  7. On the eyelid apply the lightest shade from the selection.
  8. Move the lower eyelid with bright shades.
  9. Paint eye-lashes in 1-2 coats.

When working on evening makeup, dark eyeshadow can be used without fear, creating a dramatic or fatal way. For an evening suit both matte and satin, velvet, glitter eye shadow. Looks spectacular make-up “smoky eyes”, made with lots of accents than the full version. Explore detailed steps to perform evening makeup “Smokey eyes”.

When performing the evening “Smokey eyes”, you can use a darker satin or glitter eye shadow to make the color arc in the crease of the eyelid, to bring the black shadows of the lower eyelid. Evening smoky eye makeup is permissible to Supplement and bright accent on the lips: when you use black eye shadow and red lipstick, you can easily create an image of woman vamp.

Especially dark makeup for eyes of different shapes

Features of dark eye make-up

Dark shadows have been successfully used by owners of all eye shapes. However, make-up technique in each case has its own characteristics.
The winner of the almond-shaped eyes unable to afford any kind of makeup. Favorably accentuate the beautiful shape of the eyes, dark makeup “Smokey ice”, made in black, brown or dark gray color.
The winner of Asian eyes with heavy upper eyelid needs to go with the black color carefully. Thick layer all over the eyelid, visually reduce the already small eyes. To make the eyes look more open, should be applied to the eyelids light pearl shade light shade, and dark tones only be used for summarizing the ciliated region. Such a liner in combination with a lengthening mascara will visually enlarge the eyes.

With upturned eyes, when the outer edge is above the inner, shows a smoky-eye look with a palette of brown shades. To visually lower the outer edge, should be applied to all mobile eyelid Golden shadows, in the line of growth of upper and lower lashes, bronze in the crease area – dark brown. Created a shadow on the outer corners visually omitted.

The owners of the drooping eyes of the outer edge is below the inside. In order to make your eyes look more harmonious, you need the outer edge visually lift. To do this, use dark shades of eye shadow, applied with a flat brush along the lash line with a gradual thickening towards the outer edge. The line should be draw converging, culminating, under the eyebrow.

The owners of round eyes under the iris showing white. In order to visually narrow eyes, you need to do dark eye makeup using a dark grey or black tones. The selected shade should cover all mobile eyelid, and then draw the upper and lower ciliary region with a black pencil.

In the looming century, applying makeup becomes a problem because it caused the shadow goes in the crease and become invisible. To solve the makeup should be done with open eyes. It is not recommended to completely cover the eyelid with a dark shadow because it is more heavier look. Darker shade should be applied in the form of an arc just above the natural crease. The best solution for owners of the eye with the looming century will be brown shades. The shadows should not be sequin. The finish should be matte.