How to use colored mascara

Rules that allow you to give the look a special touch, must meet the criteria of the age and appearance of women, which select a particular color mascara. Carcasses are distinguished by different parameters: volume, lengthening, color. To look more attractive on the party or on vacation, get positive reviews about your makeup, use not necessarily black or white but also color ink, e.g. brown.

A variety of brushes mascara

Colored mascara is offered by manufacturers in the cosmetics market in wide assortment which includes Burgundy, purple, blue, green, gold, yellow, brown, you can buy brown mascara, etc. When choosing colors should take into account the age, to focus on the color of eyes and hair. However, a more vivid color ink requires more saturated colors and less bright eyeliner for the upper eyelid, and for lower you can use color eyeliner brighter.

How to choose teh right mascara

Use colored mascara

To use ink of different colors, it is advisable for the following three reasons:

  1. Stronger to emphasize and highlight the eyelashes.
  2. To make a more expressive look.
  3. To show the beauty of the eyes.

You can use a contrasting shade. In General, cosmetics should be perfectly matched to any celebration, occasion or holiday. Most importantly, to fit appearance. To achieve a perfect result using cosmetic products with contrasting hues. Be sure to pay special attention to eye color. Green eyes, for example, perfect red or Burgundy mascara. Chestnut, gray, or brown can assist those who have blue eyes. The choice of cosmetics for brown-eyed more diverse in color: brown, blue, purple, green.

Blue mascara gives the look depth. A cool shade of blue will come to the eyes, the color of which is blue, green, grey, bright brown.

Such eye color is the perfect brown mascara. For blondes or fair-haired, with a warm skin tone, offers brown or blue color, with warm color. To the red-haired or brunette will be perfect to attract the attention of green mascara.

How to use colored mascara

Makeup for blue eyes

To make particularly expressive and looked interesting and attractive, it is necessary when it is applied to take into account the basic rules:

  1. Using blue ink, usually hide the General lethargy of the eye.
  2. Green color looks perfect when you use a pearl or silver eye shadow, sea waves, that is, hues that match perfectly with the silver eyeliner.
  3. Purple color choice when the blue-gray eyes.
  4. For brown or green eyes perfect wine, the use of which requires maximum caution, as a tired face with pale skin and puffy eyes mascara will not look.
  5. Blue mascara will help to hide fatigue and deficiencies, as well as pale skin, fatigue.
  6. Eyes gray-blue color can make expressive due to the purple hue of makeup that blends gray, brown or green eyes.

Makeup for green eyes

If the purple color of the mascara has a plum hue, the overall appearance is more refined. In everyday life it is best to use a mascara brown in color, which softens the natural color of the eyes, making the look very expressive. Brown color mascara applies to any eye color, ranging from clear-blue to black. The most ideal this makeup for blue eyes. When applying makeup it is based on a delicate cream or brown shades. For the greatest accent in makeup for evening use mascara brown finish that has an intense black tone.

Sometimes for the best selection eyes use two coats of mascara, my lashes which in the dark color that helps make them not only visible, but also provocative. If you want to avoid this effect, it is better to use ink grey colour, which must be present in the cosmetic business woman. Gray ink can have several different shades.

The darker the color, woman’s hair, the better it will look decorative purple mascara. It is possible to emphasize the contour of the eye chestnut chocolate pencil. First paint the lashes dark, for example, brown ink, and then purple, it is possible to emphasize the beauty of the tips of the cilia.

Comparative characteristics of black and color decorative mascara

Color ink is usually possible to emphasize the expressiveness of a feminine look, paint only the tips of the cilia.

Coal-black ink

The whole length from their base it should be covered with a darker color that will match the fashion trends. So you can provide your lashes a certain optical effect that as a result will greatly affect the shape of the eyes and their color. The reflection from eyelashes draws attention, which makes them more attractive, because the “wet” effect of the eyelashes causes them to sparkle. By staining with different colors of mascara, for example, a red, gray-green, blue, purple and other colors, the cilia attached to a shiny gloss.

Black mascara is best suited for evening makeup because the eyes produce the most effective results, and a brown or brown mascara suitable for everyday makeup, which provides a protective function because it not only gives your eyes. Due to this, eyelashes are saved from the wind, not fade under the scorching sun, the eye is isolated from road dust. Modern mascara contains nourishing oils and vitamins, caring for the beauty of eyelashes and stimulate their growth. Due to the protein, keratin, and lanolin does not occur drying and breakage.

For each type and color of hair mascara of a certain color. For example, brown eyes would look perfect if the eyelashes are painted in blue color with many shades, from e-Royal blue to turquoise. Blue ink is better not to use if your eyes are blue, grey or green, will not give it an expressive look, and will make them paler and less expressive. Even if the blue ink will match the color of the eyes, it is best combined with a suitable palette in clothes, because otherwise the makeup will not look as it should.

Features coloring of eyelashes in different colors

Features coloring of eyelashes in different colors

Often more eccentric are the hot brunettes than blondes, so they are perfect red shades of mascara. To use them you can, going for an evening near a fire on the street or beside the fireplace in a cozy room. Red eyelashes and their reflection in the eyes of the flames will be eye-catching. When applying makeup, lightly touch only the top ends. If the light of day, the red ink is not very conspicuous, and in bright of the fire, the eyes are a nice glow.

If the woman’s age is solid enough that it should not use such a color as pink, which is perfect for young girls. Experiments with makeup, assume selection of the contrasting colors of the cosmetics, i.e. eyeliner with shadows. Importantly, his eyes seemed inflamed.

Green eyelashes are the most suitable dark-eyed and brown-haired, and also brunettes with light color eyes and clear skin. So, the winner of the brown eyes can afford to make their olive, that is more vivid and colorful. However, there are several different options that are associated with the use of green ink. One of them involves coloring only the tips of the upper eyelashes. To stain the cilia of the upper eyelid better violet hue, and the lower green. First, use darker mascara, and then green. Staining of cilia in green at the same time using the shadows of eye-catching colors will look very eccentric.

Owners of straw-colored hair it is better to use yellow ink. Having painted her eyelashes of the lower eyelid or upper, face make radiant gentle light that “take off” age.

On the occasion of the feast, or you can use gold ink, and applied a thin layer. Lashes will be very soft Shine, making them the owner of the Queen of the ball. Stunning impression you can create if you use a contrast brown eye shadow and dark eyeliner with gold color ink. You can apply a Golden hue on lashes before going to the beach.

Use grey mascara is ideal for upper and lower eyelids, it is better to put the blondes who have clear skin and grey or blue eyes. If the skin is dark blonde and her eyes brown, green or hazel, then a gray shade of mascara will be suitable. The little cilia grey decorative mascara is especially suitable, since the gray shade is not attracting unnecessary attention to the overall length of the cilia.

If the ink is white, then use it for the winter celebrations and holidays can be the perfect way. Painted white eyelashes make the face young and fresh, and the ends of the lashes long and voluminous.

There is no doubt that the colored ink can suddenly be needed in any emergency. This will cause the eyes to sparkle, like snow, and possibly radiate the sun’s rays or flames of fire, charming and attracting the attention, and the ink will remain invisible.