How to use castor oil for eyebrows?

Castor oil for eyebrows, restores their density, improves the quality of the hair and accelerates growth. The tool is popular due to its positive qualities, one of which is the virtual absence of allergic reactions.

Castor oil

Castor oil in cosmetics

In medicine, castor oil has long been used as a laxative. This is reflected even in the folklore. If you want to punish promise “to prescribe castor oil”.

Some found the use of this tool in improving appearance?

  1. It helps to restore the skin soft, remove dryness and peeling. Effectively restores the integrity of skin after frostbite or burns.
  2. If oil is introduced into the masks, it will help to get rid of acne.
  3. Natural remedy stimulates the production of collagen, giving a rejuvenating effect.
  4. Castor oil for eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are used to help them restore their natural Shine, increase the density and stimulate the growth.

Castor oil to stimulate growth of eyebrow

Because the tool has a greasy substance to wash him is quite difficult. Therefore, in the mask for strengthening of hair, put it in a small amount, combining with other ingredients.

If you want to recover quickly, castor oil for eyebrows or eyelashes can be used both in pure form and “activators”.

Before applying to the eye area it is advisable to do a test on the skin to put a little money on the wrist. Let the product natural, but it is individual intolerance. In this case, about using on the eyebrows can not be considered.

Use oil substance to restore eyebrows

If the eyebrow is not pleasing to thick, started falling out, damaged after a failed experiment to plucking and staining, will help to put them in order.

Only note: to use the castor oil will have at least 2 months – this product is not magic, and healing. You need to consider the cumulative effect. Some rules for use:

Applying castor oil on eyebrows

  1. Oil on eyebrows applied specifically brush, comb.
  2. The hairs are covered from all sides: it requires the comb first growth of the eyebrows, and then against.
  3. The product is applied before bedtime. It takes time to absorb.
  4. In the morning the face will be enough to rinse with regular warm water.

The healing properties will occur more rapidly if the use of “medicines” to the region of the eyebrows to steam the skin, stimulating it with light massage movements.

This will help the castor oil to penetrate faster, speeding up the recovery process.

Enhancing the cosmetic properties of the medicinal product

If your eyebrows have started to thin due to malnutrition caused by diet or hormonal changes, then wait 2 months until they recover, once. They can be quite loose.

What to do?

  1. To accelerate the therapeutic effect of castor oil by mixing it in equal proportions with vodka. Alternate procedure: in a week cause 4 times the tool in the usual way, 3 – in the form of a mixture.
  2. Often the mixture is applied to the skin around the eyes is not necessary – it is quite delicate, can be annealed.
  3. Increase the effectiveness of oil-like vitamins a and E. All components are mixed in the same amounts. This mixture can be used daily.

When the use of castor oil for hair restoration should, and the smell is not too much, it can combine with other oils (olive, vegetable) and even with yogurt. Smell is muted, and the healing effect remains.

There is another secret to using castor oil for grooming the eyebrows. If applied on the eyebrows an oily mixture of camphor and castor oil, they are not only thick and supple, but also darken.

The regular application of castor oil eyebrows will look neat and tidy, and will be an extraordinary charm.

After all, aesthetically pleasing to look ugly eyebrows impossible.