Unibrow: bridging problems in women

Unibrow – it seems that this problem affected only the male gender. But it turns out that the beautiful half of humanity is not deprived of this scourge. And if a man with a unibrow does not look so wildly, the face of such ladies can be considered a real flaw, which is very spoils the appearance, overshadowing the beauty. Not to become an object of ridicule, it is imperative to get rid of the unibrow.

Unibrow women

Homemade ways to solve the problem

There is no doubt that with the above-mentioned defect must be fought. And there are several effective ways, among which every woman can choose something comfortable and appropriate for themselves. Everything will depend on her individual needs, abilities and preferences. Here’s what to do if the grown together eyebrows.

The easiest option to fight unibrow at home is removing them with a tweezer. The advantage of this method lies in its simplicity: the correction can make every at home. Due to this cost savings, which had to spend at the beauty parlour. The disadvantages of the method include initial pain, but the more often a procedure is performed, the less pain from it. To reduce the pain you can pre-cool the skin surface with ice.

Tweezers for eyebrows

If you do not want to pluck a hair for a hair (as in the case of the tweezers), you can resort to using depilatory cream. It removes hairs painlessly and in just a few minutes. However, it should be borne in mind that the hair cream removed without the bulbs as a pair of tweezers, which pulls hairs directly from the root. For this reason, a unibrow grow back much faster.

Much more lasting effect is the use of waxing strips. They will provide getting rid of unibrows 2-3 weeks. What is more, the hair of the nose eventually becomes not as intense as in the damaged hair follicles may even stop growing.

If there is fear of any pain, and the hairs not too thick, they can be simply discolored. The easiest way is hydrogen peroxide. Here only this method is suitable for the light brown or light brow, not black or brown. There is a risk that they will become yellow that adds beauty.

Also in the home a woman can make a correction using the facial epilator or trimmer. These beauty tools are very convenient and easy to use, which corresponds to the pace of life of modern women. One only has to invest in the epilator, do not save on the quality. It will pay for itself quite quickly.

Hair removal cream

But what if there is no time, energy or desire for correction unibrows at home? Or is there doubt in his own abilities to eliminate unibrows (will this nice and neat)? Then it’s time to seek professional services in a beauty salon, where the master will be able to offer some effective ways to remove hairs on the nose in women.

Effective salon procedures

At the moment in the salons of the very popular removal of excess hairs above the eyes using a special thread. Master in podkorrektirovatj salon deftly shape, removing and coalescing. This procedure is very effective, though somewhat expensive.

The same wax can be used in institutions of beauty, but this time it will not be strips, but better and more effective the melted wax. It will ensure the destruction of hair follicles.

If you want to forget about a unibrow forever, it makes sense to use the laser hair removal.

For a certain number of sessions, the beautician will remove a previously plagued hair. The procedure is painless, however, disadvantages include the fact that it will have to pay a round sum. The obvious plus is that the hated hairs on the bridge of the nose can not remember a lifetime. This option is especially suitable for those who have vegetation very thick in this region.

Well, there is no doubt that a unibrow is not a problem for any woman. Everyone will be able to get rid of this unpresentable features of the appearance, on the basis of their material resources, time and effort. Let nothing spoil an attractive woman, even if fused eyebrows! And may beauty be above all.