Tips pregnant: can you do a eyebrow tattoo during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in the life of every fairer sex, the occurrence of which the woman begins to take responsibility not only for their lives and health, but for the life of the future baby. Therefore, any action that may directly or indirectly cause harm, must be clearly and responsibly thought out. Do not take rash decisions, because they can lead to undesirable consequences.

The procedure of eyebrow tattooing in pregnancy

Despite the fact that during pregnancy every woman looks fine, because it’s a natural process, allowing her to fulfill the true purpose – to become a mother, many women are unhappy with their appearance. Any cosmetic procedure during pregnancy is a controversial point, in which experts, in most cases, I can’t make up my mind, besides every body is different and what works for one, may not work for another.

The procedure of tattooing eyebrows: expert advice

To date, a fairly common form of cosmetic services, which expose themselves to the fair sex, is eyebrow tattoo. Therefore, in the period of carrying a child expectant mothers often doubt whether it is possible to do permanent makeup eyebrows during pregnancy, how dangerous is this procedure at this time and what consequences may arise. The desire to emphasize the shape of eyebrows is quite justified, because such a procedure as permanent makeup, makes your face and eyes more expressive. However, you can always emphasize the shape of the brows with a special pencil for makeup.

Ready eyebrow tattoo a pregnant woman

Among all cosmetic events tattoo eyebrows is the most popular and desired, thanks to the tattoo takes much less time and effort to casual. After permanent makeup women don’t have to adjust the hue, bend and kontrur eyebrows.

This procedure is invasive and must be done only competent in the field of cosmetology professionals who before the commencement of work will be able to predict how to behave in women’s body after the tattoo. Daring to do the tattoo, it should be understood that after the procedure you will need to take care of your eyebrows, the skin healed faster. And many pregnant women, particularly those at whom this period is not so smooth, is simply not able to care for the skin.

What are the risks of a tattoo during pregnancy?

Most professionals, like doctors and beauticians, urges pregnant women not to do the tattoo. The reason for this prohibition is the fact that permanent makeup is a procedure that causes pain.

In women during pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the skin, and, as a consequence, the result of eyebrow tattooing may occur premature birth or open bleeding.

To do makeup, consider using a coloring composition, the influence of which on the human body, especially pregnant women, to be investigated. Therefore it is best during pregnancy to refrain from tattooing, even while you carry your baby, will take place without any risk and possible damage to both you and your child.

In that case, if you still decided to subject himself to the procedure of permanent eyebrows, you need to consult not only with a master aesthetician who will carry out the procedure, but a gynaecologist which you are registered. It is worth remembering that the first three months of pregnancy is the most dangerous, there is a bookmark and the formation of all organs of the fetus, and any negative interference can lead to miscarriage.

Does it hurt to make a tattoo during pregnancy?

"Before" and "after" procedure of eyebrow tattooing a pregnant

The question of is there tattooing of the eyebrow sharp pain, care not only pregnant women but anyone who is not in position. The pain threshold of each person is different, but the fact that the procedure is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, it is unique. It should be remembered that much depends on the master. Although it is possible to do permanent makeup eyebrows from the competent beautician with lots of experience, but experience severe pain as a result of increased sensitivity of the skin.

For pregnant women, characterized by hypersensitivity, women who are preparing to become soon mothers, will be worse to tolerate this cosmetic procedure.

Eyebrows are considered to be the most sensitive surface on the face, eyebrows do much more painful than the same procedure on the lips or eyelids. The procedure of permanent makeup eyebrow does not involve the use of painkilling injections because the needle with the ink emulsion penetrates the skin for just a half millimeter. It should be remembered that after the tattoo need more than once to attend the sessions of color correction of eyebrows and their shape.

Counseling pregnant women with a physician before permanent makeup eyebrows

As already mentioned, permanent makeup eyebrow accompanied by pain, which, as a rule, you can’t avoid. However deep permanent make-up uses special anesthetic. But pregnant women should be careful with painkillers, and if the beautician is planning the use of anesthesia, it is imperative to consult a doctor / gynecologist.

A consultation with a gynecologist should accompany any decision related to the effect on the body that takes the expectant mother during pregnancy. Naturally, permanent makeup of any part of the face, especially the eyebrows, make the appearance more expressive, emphasizes facial features, with emphasis on the advantages, hide flaws, and also greatly simplifies your daily makeup. But pregnant women should first take care of the health of the unborn baby and be very cautious about any cosmetic procedures.

Whether to make eyebrows pregnant?

How cosmetologists and doctors are of the opinion that pregnancy is not the best time to tattoo eyebrows.

Inflammation of the skin after the procedure to tattoo eyebrows

In this period of life in the female body experiences a number of hormonal changes which persist during lactation, therefore beauticians can not guarantee the expected result. And gynaecologists and does believe that any impact on the female body during childbearing can have negative consequences.

In addition, pregnant women are very sensitive to pain, and permanent make-up procedure can be extremely painful, and pregnant and lactating mothers are contraindicated the administration of any drugs, including painkillers and injections. Exceptions can be only those drugs, the reception of which has been agreed with your doctor.

Experts identify a number of contraindications, which relate to the procedure of permanent makeup during pregnancy, namely:

Failure pregnant from the eyebrows in favor of the health of the unborn child

  • the first three months of pregnancy (after the first trimester, the eyebrows can be done only after permission of the doctor);
  • increased intracranial or blood pressure;
  • contraindicated using anesthesia during the procedure of eyebrow tattooing;
  • allergic reactions to chemicals and components included in the composition of the colorant used during the eyebrow tattoo;
  • if the surface of the skin are present in fresh wounds or inflamed rash.

Naturally, the final decision whether to make permanent makeup eyebrows, remains for a future mother, but taking it, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons, understand the potential risk and its consequences. After all, with the onset of pregnancy, a woman is responsible not only for their health but for the health and life of the baby. Therefore, resorting to any procedure, you should realize that the responsibility for its consequences rests entirely on you.