Tips makeup artists: how to glue false eyelashes

Thanks to modern technology of makeup, a beauty, whom nature has not given long eyelashes, can use elementary secrets of their elongation. The more recent trends in the makeup offer artificial analogues of false eyelashes, the texture and the quality is not inferior to natural. The main thing – competently to use them to make your eyes look natural. And how to glue false eyelashes on the advice of professionals?

Use false eyelashes

Why and what to glue

The ability to glue eyelashes – not the most important alphabet for the inhabitants. But the make-up artists and make-up artists, this procedure may come in handy more than once. On the other hand, those ladies who do not wish to carry out a long process of building, may from time to time to glue false eyelashes. Because this technique can benefit in the following situations:

  • amateur and professional photo shoots and shooting;
  • graduation and wedding;
  • carnivals and corporate parties, etc.

False lashes without glue

It is worth mentioning that from the inability to glue false eyelashes this whole process may seem painfully long and time-consuming, requires concentration and accuracy. This is the first. So if there is no patience, it is better not to start. Secondly, you need to determine for what event or for everyday wear you need a decoration. This is followed by the choice of glue and the false eyelashes themselves.

Most often, the adhesive comes with the lashes. He has all the grasping properties for durable, long fixing and there are 3 kinds: black, white, water resistant. Waterproof glue judiciously applied, if false eyelashes voluminous or heavy and are guaranteed to require additional fixation. Black glue can be stuck, if its black color and in case if the makeup you will use the top arrow on the eyelids or “smoky eyes”. If it’s makeup in very bright colors, it is better to glue false eyelashes regular white glue. When dry it becomes completely colorless.

The choice of false eyelashes

The variability in this kind of accessories makeup is present here. For everyday wear and daily Macapa suitable natural lashes in black. They are made by hand from natural hair. Here also suitable fan structure. It is easy to adjust to natural eye shape.

To glue false eyelashes in the beam as on the lower eyelid, around the eyes, giving the look a playful charm or puppet image, depending on what results you want to achieve. For evening dress will be perfect either way, but with the addition on the eyelashes decorations in the form of small crystals both monochrome and multi-colored, feathers sequin.

How to glue eyelashes

Gluing false eyelashes

First of all, you need to prepare the material at hand, namely: a thin wooden stick, tweezers with fine capture and special tweezers. The procedure is the following:

  1. The eyelids are degreased cream makeup remover for the tight fit of the overhead decorations for the eyes.
  2. You should try this accessory on the lid and fit the eye shape and the length of the home eyelashes if required.
  3. Forceps to lift your lashes, a little touch-up with black ink.
  4. A drop of glue is squeezed out on the back of the hand, to give the glue a bit to absorb the air to become stickier.
  5. Then apply glue on the eyelash from the outer edges toward the center and holding it with tweezers in the middle quickly, but gently to stick.
  6. Fix them at the recommended for centuries with wooden sticks, slightly pressing it on the eyelashes from the outer corners of the eyes to the center.
  7. Glue false eyelashes, look better to keep it straight.
  8. To remove some flaws in the gluing, the joint can work the concealer, and then a thin arrow eyeliner.
  9. Then thoroughly paint over false lashes mascara in 2 coats over the entire length. The ink will spread patch accessory will give a decorated look and hide the difference between it and natural eyelashes.

How to glue eyelashes beams

A bunch of false eyelashes will visually change the shape of the eye will make the look open. In order to attach this decoration, you need to use a pair of tweezers. Required shape and length of the beam need to pick up with tweezers and dipped in glue. Pulling the eyelid gently to stick artificial eyelash in the form of a bundle to the base of the growth of living hairs. Locking, holding for 30-40 seconds.

The work is to begin with the outer corners of the eyes where fixed beams of greatest length, and in order to avoid asymmetries in the eyes, properly glue alternately on one and the other eyelid. After the end of the century jewelry bundles it is necessary to slightly jiggle, checking them on durability of fixation. You can then draw the eyelids with a pencil or eyeliner and paint over with India ink. How to look like eyelashes beams shown.

With false eyelashes go to bed.

They should be removed very gently, no sudden movements, as in waxing should not be done.

Cotton swab with heavy cream or milk makeup remover is the junction of the adhesive, leave it for 1 minute. Tool make-up remover will dissolve the glue and it will be easy to peel off the false eyelashes.

After removing the add-on accessory for the eyes on the eyelids is to make compresses of infusions of chamomile fresh or tea infuser, soak cosmetic oil, apply a nourishing and soothing eye cream. Eyelashes unglued but can be cleaned of glue with a cotton swab or rinse the toothbrush with water to clean the brush, dry them and store them in a box. Reuse this accessory is applicable up to 3 times.