The damage from the eyelash


So sometimes want to have thick and long lashes! But I nature this cheated, it is not enough that short, and straight! So I decided finally to build cilia. And tell me, are there any contraindications may be, this type of increase at all harmful to health?

The damage from the eyelash

Expert’s answer

In every kind of cosmetic procedure there is some risk, which largely depends on your business is Amateur or professional. But even if you do extensions. the professional, the risk is still there. This:

  • Swelling (if your eyes are prone to swelling, for example, if you drink a lot of water in the evening and in the morning the eyelids will swell, you do not want);
  • Possibility of allergic reaction regardless of whether you have an Allergy to some cosmetic products.

Also, remember, you can’t do extensions if you have conjunctivitis, blepharitis or other eye disease requiring treatment!