Technique for creating makeup for the impending century

Modern cosmetology helps to solve many issues related to appearance. For example, properly done makeup for the impending century was one of the main difficulties for many beautiful ladies of any age, because they don’t know how to hide their lack and profitably present itself. But in this case not be in a hurry to get on reception to experts of plastic surgery. And it is better to learn how to do beautiful makeup for the impending century and to look in all situations brilliantly.

Eye makeup with overhanging century

It used to be that question hanging age for middle-aged women, but as practice shows it affects the young beauty. It can be judged by photos of famous models and Actresses are perfectly hide the lack of much impending century. How do they do it? Because they use the services of professional makeup artists. But now this make-up technique became available to everyone.

The manual for the correct make-up

Many people know that there is not only an everyday makeup, but also evening. So for those who are the subject of the impending age is relevant, should examine all relevant types of application of makeup on the face. But this make-up technique assumes the availability of high-quality cosmetics and tools to create this procedure.

Day makeup with overhanging eyelids:

Makeup for eyes with the looming century

  1. First, you need a little to raise eyebrows. This is a bit of a tweeze hairs from below the brow to looked raised.
  2. To visually raised eyebrow was a bit thicker and longer you can use a special cosmetic pencil.
  3. To put the shadows lighter shade all over the eyelid and inner corner. The selected palette of shadows should be good to shade with the brush on the applied region.
  4. The shadow of a darker shade apply on the outer corner of the century. Imposed for the shadow to blend gently in the direction of the temporal region.
  5. From the Central part of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye to hold a pencil a clear straight line.
  6. And the final touch is to paint decorative mascara only the upper lashes from the roots.
  7. Pencil and mascara on lower lids and lashes in this case apply is not recommended.

Evening makeup with overhanging eyelids:

Evening makeup for the impending century

  1. For this you will need light and dark shades, and the palette of any neutral shades. First along the upper lashes and to the upper eyebrow line is applied with a palette of bright color.
  2. Mobile eyelid with a thin brush, you must paint the shadows with neutral colors.
  3. Makeup artists advise you to pick up the palette darker shade of this color that they blend with the color of eyes. Thus, you can easily make the eyes more intense and expressive. The palette of dark shades, apply a thin brush from the center of mobile eyelid to the outer corner.
  4. It now remains to enhance the beauty of the eye pencil and ink. This is done as in the case of applying daily makeup, for much the impending century.
  5. Creating evening makeup, it is recommended to highlight the bottom eye area only dark shadows, without the use of mascara. But on the upper lashes you can apply a decorative ink in 2-3 layers, most importantly, to separate them among themselves.

Some tricks

Casual makeup for eyes with the looming century

  1. If make-up technique is well mastered by the woman who noticed drooping eyelids, it can always take advantage of their knowledge and secretly hide your disadvantage, using quality cosmetic products and thus creating a unique image. The most important thing to remember is that for the upper eye area requires shade with dark shades.
  2. Doing make-up for highly overhanging the upper eyelid, it is recommended to slightly raise its external area with your finger. And buying the shadows, to prefer matte colours. Because mother of pearl palettes and shadows with iridescent effect only accentuate the overhanging eyelids.
  3. The technique of applying cosmetics in this case makes a great accent on the upper lashes. Therefore, before using mascara it is best to curl lashes with special tweezers, and then just paint them. Mascara need to choose a lengthening of the cilia, with the effect of easy bending.
  4. Be sure to note that creating makeup for the impending century much can not forget about the eyebrows. It is desirable that they were not very frequent. On the contrary, eyebrows should be well plucked, not very long, with a nice slight bend. They have a pencil additionally to paint on, extending and slightly raising his ears.
  5. Doing makeup for hanging eyelids, all movements to be smooth in the direction from the lashes to the temporal region. And making evening makeup to put shadows up higher, closer to the eyebrows. This trick will give you the opportunity to hide this disadvantage, which would be more noticeable in the light of electric lamps. But women with such problems age absolutely can not contact the salon for eyelash extensions, or purchase their overhead counterparts, which only accentuate the defect.

To create the right makeup for the impending century is an art, the main feature of which is a skilful uplifting of the corners of the eyes visually imperceptible to others.

While professionals do not advise using palettes of black shades, it is better to prefer neutral tones and all shades of brown. But if the woman wants to use in cosmetics shadow in bright colors, here the most important to shade outer corner of the eye.