Summer and winter day makeup

Beautifully executed day makeup is able to emphasize facial features, but to be a pledge of good mood, new friends, successful negotiations. He helps the girl become more confident to make the first step and make an important thing in your life. Good appearance, healthy internal emotional state.

Daily makeover

Feature correct daytime makeup is that in day light all the flaws and irregularities of the skin are very well visible, so they need to mask. Cream Foundation gives a very heavy look to the skin, she seems tired and dull, and under a thick layer of cream, powder, makeup base and other skin ceases to breathe, there is a clogging of the pores, and it can occur in more trouble. How to achieve smooth, radiant, healthy complexion?

Lighting of the day changes several times: from morning light to evening twilight. To give the look of openness, under the eyes you need to apply a light mattifying fluid for skin around the eyes. No need to use Foundation in this area, it is very delicate, sensitive skin. Mattifying fluid hide dark circles under the eyes, if you had a sleepless night, and in the evening will not be visible fatigue.

Photo 1. Bright lips that are appropriate for day makeup

The area under the eyebrows superimposed shadows of bodily hue, which even skin tone. Eyebrow degrease cleansing milk or liquid for removing makeup, after a little setting powder. Then you need to apply paint for eyebrows. It will help create the perfect shape brow: the look will not seem sad or too harsh. Expressive glance from the shape of the eyebrows depends 50%.

To the lips look perfect, they should also lay Foundation for day makeup, and then lightly powder. If there is a need to give the whole image the ease, we apply only the lip gloss. If the glitter apply a layer of lipstick, then the lips will look full, voluminous, alluring.

Make-up and day-type for the winter period

The emotional state of the fair sex in the different period of the year is different. In winter, you want to find yourself in a fairy tale, to feel the charm of snow shining in the sun, to plunge into the festive swing of things and get a little snow Queen.

In winter, the snowy streets are all white, so day makeup winter can be a little brighter than in other periods of the year. This make-up universal, it is suitable for women of all ages, blondes, brunettes and brown hair.

Day makeup is called “snowdrift”. Beige, silvery blue and purple shade reminiscent of a winter’s day: red dawn, silver-blue snow day and the purple twilight. Day makeup can easily go in the evening, just apply lipstick, bright red or red-crimson hue. Lipstick, like ripe cherries amongst the winter snow whirlwind, becomes bright accent of the whole makeup.

Day makeup “Winter vortex”:

Photo 2. Delicate daytime makeup

  1. Gray shadows.
  2. Silver-blue tone.
  3. Purple tinge the shadows.
  4. Beige Foundation around the eyes.
  5. The black eyeliner.
  6. Brown dye for eyebrows.
  7. Sandy-pink or pink blush. Pink shades of blush are better suited for girls with fair skin, sandy-pink – for owners of dark skin.
  8. Lipstick or lip gloss.

Day makeup “Winter whirlwind” is quite bright, expressive eyes. For office work, daily meetings, it is better to use a light lipstick or clear lip gloss. Out brunettes can be applied under a gloss cherry lipstick, blondes, apricot or a pinkish-sand. Your lips will look alluring and will give brightness to the image.

Photo 1 shows a bright lips, matching the makeup day “Winter vortex”. When bright highlighted eyes and lips lies a bright lipstick, evening makeup can not change.

If the makeup add accessories, it is perfect for an evening out on various entertaining events. For example, you can use long earrings.

Day make-up type for the summer

Makeup “Lady Summer” is perfect for brown hair and blondes.

The scheme is as follows:

  1. Silver or beige base.
  2. Burgundy or brown shades.
  3. The black eyeliner.
  4. Dark blue eyeliner for blue and gray eyes, girls with green eyes it is better to use a greenish tint eyeliner.
  5. The white eyeliner.
  6. Golden shadows.
  7. Brown dye for eyebrows; if a girl is brunette, you can leave your natural eyebrow color.
  8. Blush warm pink shades, they should be feathered in the direction of the temples.
  9. Bright cherry lipstick shades.

Eyes will look more expressive if I use a mascara with a lengthening effect.

Ready day makeup “Lady Summer” can be seen in photo 2.

Woman should look perfect when it is possible, and that is always possible. Day makeup will give expression to the eyes and make the lips more sensual, will hide all skin imperfections, making the complexion soft, tender and glowing as if from within.