How to stick false eyelashes at home

Perhaps every girl knows how to use mascara. However, this native seldom become lashes thick and long. With the help of mascara, they will only become darker. And in order to look became quite languid and sexy, you can use fake eyelashes. Probably, many girls once in my life asked how to stick on false eyelashes. Remember that putting them on is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. To execute this properly, especially if the process will be performed independently at home.

Use false eyelashes

The choice of the cilia

False lashes are the best choice for evening makeup because they give a view of expressiveness even without the use of different shadows, and other cosmetics for the eyes. Before pasting the eyelashes, you must choose the most suitable option.

  1. The simplest solution is the use of fan-overhead cilia, because they can be easily adjusted depending on the size of the eye.
  2. When using lash bundles need to be patient. It is useful and knowing how to glue them, particularly if you want right stick not only in the corners of the eyes.
  3. For everyday makeup perfect classic cilia black. Not give preference to plastic hard lashes, as they can damage the eyelids.
  4. If you want something more festive, you can buy eyelashes with rhinestones. They will be a great end of the evening makeup.

What is the best glue?

How to choose the right glue?

Professionals usually don’t use the glue that comes with eyelashes, making your choice in favor of glue, sold separately.

Gluing false eyelashes

For the first time, it is quite suitable conventional adhesive white. After applying it almost immediately becomes colorless.

To learn how to glue eyelashes, you can choose a waterproof glue, which is used for heavy setae.

To makeup looked more natural, you can buy adhesive in black, which will become invisible once dry.

In the salons are very popular resin called Mod Lash Adhesive. Take advantage of it, there is no fear that the false eyelashes will peel prematurely. Base on latex fixes them very firmly. Are also famous brands “Navy”, Lash’s, Eyelash Glue, “Seven Star”.

How to glue false eyelashes?

To use false eyelashes is with the utmost care not to ruin the whole makeup. It is recommended to carefully study the following methods and choose the most appropriate.

Bonding using tongs:

  1. Take the tweezers, a toothpick and a Curling iron.
  2. Apply the epoxy to the line of intersection (using the fan of eyelashes).
  3. Give the resin a little dry.
  4. Cilia apply to eyelids with tweezers.
  5. Good press for native with a toothpick.
  6. During the process, the eyes must look forward.
  7. Learn how to glue eyelashes symmetrical. To avoid asymmetry, it is necessary to ensure that the outer corners on the same line. To correct for line bonding you can use the eyeliner, especially if you use a resin of white color.
  8. After the glue has dried, you need to curl the false lashes with your forceps.

Bonding without the aid of forceps:

False lashes without glue

  1. Make light makeup: draw arrows with eye shadow or soft pencil, and then blend. Do it so that the pigment placed between the lashes.
  2. Apply false eyelashes to the eyelids. If they are too long, they can trim. Both bars should be the same.
  3. Apply glue. It needs to be evenly distributed.
  4. After drying, attach the eyelashes to the present. If it is made too high, you can move them with a toothpick. Similarly, glue the bottom lashes.

Gluing of the eyelashes beams:

This method is used much less the previous two.
Select the beams of the necessary length. If you stick them only on the outer corners of the eyes, you can get “squirrel effect”. To achieve the “Fox look” will have to take more material of different lengths and be guided by the following rules:

  • when docking eyelids with eyelashes to pull the skin;
  • to glue the beams to not work asymmetrically;
  • to start stick with the outer edge.

How to remove false eyelashes?

Remember a few simple rules:

  • don’t go to sleep with false eyelashes, as this may damage your family eyelashes;
  • do not peel off the strips, it is so at risk and native eyelashes;
  • if you have used a waterproof resin, it is possible to hold a warm compress for 2 minutes;
  • movement should be smooth;
  • after carefully peeling need to smear your eyelids with cream.