Step by step how to do makeup

It is very difficult to find a woman who never did her makeup. Many lovely ladies think that to do really good makeup only to specialists. But in reality, to make a beautiful makeup can each woman to do this, carefully follow the instructions.

Beautiful makeup

So how is makeup step by step? Here we must note that the time spent on each item depends on how strong the accent is planned to make on a specific part of the face.

How is the makeup step by step?

Whatever makeup or done, you should always start with moisturizing the face and still need to soften lips. Fits a moisturizer or Foundation for face, for lips, use a balm. After application of both cosmetics often remain surplus removed with a damp cloth. On the face, including the neck and eyelids, apply Foundation.

Applying lip balm

Choosing tone the basics should be taken into account that the real shade of Foundation can be seen only after it is applied on the skin. In this regard, to determine this tone the basics you need to apply a small amount to the skin area. As for concealer, it is recommended to choose one that has light reflecting particles, then the skin will not look greasy.

Given that the makeup is applied in stages, near the wings of the nose and under the eyes is superimposed masking base. This is the basis for camouflage is liquid and pencil. When you select a concealer the Foundation you need to choose one that corresponds to the tone of the person, it is possible that it will be one tone lighter.

When makeup is done in stages, you should not choose masking based too bright colors, otherwise the eyes are like the eyes of a raccoon. It is very important to pay attention to what texture masking the fundamentals, it should not be oily and thick, otherwise wrinkles will appear deeper. If masking is selected, it can be used as a Foundation.

Eye shadow

There is a basic selection rule masking basics: if the skin under the eyes is bluish, then the basis it is better to choose a shade of orange. If under the eyes the skin colour has a reddish tint, concealer should be yellow or greenish colors. If the skin under the eyes is a brownish, pink color masking framework will be the most appropriate option.

When done step-by-step makeup face you need to give some opacity to it powder oneself, it is best to use a loose powder and brushes in larger sizes.

Step-by-step makeup involves the application of eyeshadow. After the shadow is applied, edges retouched with powder. It so happens that the layer of shadow applied too dark, but it’s no big deal, as all you can safely lighten up with a powder.

The final part of the process

Now, apply mascara to the lashes, do it yourself is not a difficulty. Eyelashes can be done with bending, it looks very attractive. It is recommended to opt for a waterproof mascara, which has a habit of spread. To make it easier to comb the lashes, you can use a clean brush that is left of the carcass used. Do not apply more than 2 layers of mascara.

As for the bottom lashes, the mascara on them to impose optional, or can be limited to one layer.

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows should draw with a pencil, this should be light touch. If the eyebrows have greater density and form a clear, tint them necessarily, for them it is enough to apply brow gel, then comb it with the brush.

If you do a daily makeup, it is recommended to choose a blush that is the same skin color when she blushes. To apply blush you need to the place where the redness is a natural glow. To put blush beautifully and naturally, it is very important to choose appropriate brushes. Thick soft brush, having a circular shape, will fit perfectly here. After the Rouge is applied, the face should be slightly powdered, then the transition can be made more gradual.

On the lips, carefully apply lipstick, or you can opt for this lip gloss, the shade is better to choose light. Then the lips over lipstick lightly with a setting powder. If you do a daily makeup, it is recommended to opt for a neutral pink and brown hues. After applying makeup you need to look in the mirror and if all satisfied, the person should go again with a large brush, the amount of powder which should be small.

It so happens that applied too thick cosmetic layer, then the face need to go with a thick brush, which should not be powder. Thus, it turns out beautiful and stylish modern makeover step-by-step is easy to perform.

Additional information

If we are talking about evening makeup, it is recommended that the main emphasis is to focus on the lips, but not on the face. You should select a bright or a dark tone of lipstick and lip line needs to be delineated more sharply. Scheme of makeup can be very different, but in any case you should always carefully use lip gloss.

The fact that it is absorbed into the contour of the lips and can easily be erased or spread. Under the eyeshadows only have to apply lipstick. With step-by-step make-up application should not use a large amount of makeup.