Stencil for eyebrows


Hello, expert. Here recently came across in the beauty shop for a new stencil for eyebrows. What do you say? Worth it or not? It is so much easier – made it! Do you use it?

Stencil for eyebrows

Expert’s answer

Yes, it’s simple:

  • Eyebrow pripudrivayut;
  • Is applied on top of the stencil and applied the shade;
  • The hairs that are left without paint, plucked.

And now to the cons and why I don’t use them:

  • Hard to pick a form that suits you – stencils standard, there is no perfect answer to all kinds of questions;
  • Another minus. Which few people take into account – eyebrow people have ended, and here it is in capable hands and eyes of the master, and all the “hair” one size fits all is unlikely.

That is why nothing replaced your skillful hands, try to find only your decision.