Simple beautiful makeup for every day

Beauty trends tend to change every season, but easy simple makeup will always be relevant. This situation is due to the fact that this makeup does not look vulgar, which gives the opportunity of the fair sex, at any time, look impeccable, and most importantly – natural.

Makeup in bright colors

Some girls think that to do light makeup is very simple, but actually it is not so. There are a lot of subtleties. But, if done correctly, there is no doubt that the impression of a sort of its youth and freshness, but you need to make the right choice of color cosmetics.

How to choose cosmetics?

In order to make beautiful makeup, you need to choose the appropriate color scheme. And here it is better not to doubtful experiments and to opt for natural shades that are barely noticeable to an outsider. It should be noted that it is not necessary to use makeup, only natural colours. It’s possible the combination of translucent colors: purple, green, coffee, gray.

The choice of shades, suitable.

As for textures colors, you need to pay close attention. The fact that a simple easy makeup involves the creation of a delicate image, so the texture of the cosmetics should be such as to create the impression of a certain lightness and even transparency. As for shadows, it is recommended to choose loose, as they are more shaded, as shown in the photo. Namely, feathering is needed in order to make natural colors that can be transparent. But from the eye it is best to leave it as clean lines are irrelevant. When you choose lipstick, you need to opt for pale colours, but you can still paint the lip gloss.

Before you do light makeup, you should take into account the characteristics of the skin. Skin tone needs to be smooth and flawless – this is the real key to success. Liquid concealer is recommended for those girls who can boast of leather without any defects. If the skin there are some flaws (minor), you can use concealer with a light texture. The same means can be used when you need to remove the dark circles under the eyes. If you use corrective means, it should be applied to pre-moistened skin, then stir to blend. The basis is fixed a light powder.

Beautiful eye makeup, how to do?

The correct application of eyeshadow from the corner

Natural and subtle shades beautifully flatter the eye. In this respect, very popular:

  1. Beige-gold.
  2. Brown and other shades that can blend in perfectly with the eyes. You can use a complex technique, it is necessary to apply a compact shadows.

If it is a lightweight makeup, which is done in the summer, the most suitable are liquid shadows. As mentioned above, do not use eyeliner. But it so happens that without the liner is not enough, then you need to use the shade dark shade. On the lashes apply lengthening mascara which can be brown and gray. Eyebrow shape the perfect image may appear gray-brown pencil, you can use dark shadows for this.

How to do lip makeup?

As for lip makeup, there is, above all, valued the naturalness and naturalness.

Lipstick or gloss must be light.

From the natural shade of the lips they should not differ greatly. If you wish to concentrate the focus on the lips, you can choose a lipstick one tone darker. Lip liner should not be used, as it is not the best way to strike the eye, even if the hue of the lip stick is correct.

Ideal colors are caramel, Golden brown, pale pink. There is one piece of advice: the lips should be allocated so that they looked a little vulnerable. It looks incredibly seductive and sexy.

You need to take into account that when applying the makeup simple slogan should be “the simpler and smaller the better”. With regard to the selection of blush, then it should be done very carefully. We should not forget that a few simple touches can completely change the look. If the girl has some chubby cheeks, you can adjust the line of the cheekbones, if they apply a light coral blush. If you want to reduce the thickness of the nose, on the sides of her should apply a small amount of beige blush.

Now we can assume that a light beautiful makeup done and you can go anywhere – even to work, even on a date, at least for a holiday party. Done simple makeup easily.