What shape of eyebrows will suit a particular type of person?

Everything is back to normal: tradition in fashion and makeup once again became the natural appearance of. And to show their natural purity in full force, the girls are encouraged first to work on the eyebrows. Without the knowledge of some secrets of make-up it is impossible to give them the right kind because the shape of the eyebrows may be different. It depends on the type of a human face. Only in the end quality of the work she will be able to boast of a wonderful decorated the brows, in perfect harmony with the entire image as a whole.

Eyebrow makeup

Experts in the field of physiognomy studying facial features and it can tell what character a person has. Can tell about many things and eyebrows. So, if they are in the form of an arc, it likely means that their owner has an open soul, kind and generous. Gambling and prone to adventure humans have eyebrows in the shape of wedges, and those who are called real fighters, they are baggy, and detailed with a single slash. If desired, they can be corrected, but it is desirable to consider the type of person.

How different eyebrows depending on the type of the human face?

The face shape from person to person. Accordingly, each person has their own type of person. To get a good look at yourself, you can make a portrait photo and on the basis of a snapshot to identify individual type. Just a few and each is of any geometric shape.

So, everyone probably has at least one chubby friend. Some have so-called “square” head, and the other face in the shape of a triangle. Finally, a favorite form of all the girls – “heart”, also occurs frequently.

Different eyebrow shapes will look good on different faces. Real Russian beauty with large facial features, high cheekbones and ruddy, eyebrow type, a sharp peak will cause dissonance in appearance. Eyebrow in the form of broken lines, on the contrary, perfectly accentuate common features of appearance.

According to experts, the line running smoothly, and at the end slightly curving, this is the option that is perfect for parties of all types.

Eyebrows for round face

Eyebrow shape for round face

If the shape of the face resembles a “pancake”, many girls see it as negative and trying to fight him. Will help to visually lengthen the face broken eyebrow. However, there are also its pitfalls: the edge is not overly “break”: it raised too steeply, it will give the face an expression of amazement, and if it is down, the face will appear unnecessary tragedy. Still more rounded outline ball head, which is disadvantageous impact on the girl’s appearance.

The best solution in this case will be triangular shape of the eyebrows. It must be done not sharp, but soft, graceful. Then we can focus on the beautiful eyes. Using a cosmetic pencil it is necessary to slightly stretch the top up the level of the eyebrows. That is, it should be a little above the point where the eyebrow is by nature the most the top.

An oval face is rounded due to smooth eyebrows

Eyebrow shape for oval face

If the shape of the face of the girl resembles a geometric shape oval, lucky her. This appearance is called perfect. However, excessively elongated oval is not to everyone’s taste, in connection with which holders of such person are trying to round. This can be done quite simply.

If the shape of the eyebrows is a circular arc, you need to make it a small smoother “kink”. For the face of the elongated, thin, and narrow is perfectly suited to this type of eyebrow, as a straight strip, however, it is also important not to overdo it, because excessive islinenote eyebrows can only do harm. Sometimes considerably protrudes the chin, while the upper and lower jaw do not stand out, the cheekbones a narrow. In this case, it is recommended to adjust the eyebrows, making them wider and longer. Length can be increased with a pencil.

Correction of eyebrows by “square” and “triangle” face

Eyebrow shaping

If the person in the “triangle”, the eyebrow should be slightly bent, but not to be long. If “square”, on the contrary, it will be good to look long eyebrow, which is also quite strongly curved. In Western countries, anyone can learn what eyebrow shape suits them best. To this end, he goes to the store and trying on stencils, in the showroom, the benefit that their is very diverse.

Often the buyer finds the ideal examples of eyebrows of some celebrities, for example Madonna. But still need to consider the type of person to make the right choice. Note holders square face: a sharp eyebrow should be the maximum “calm” mitigate, where possible, bends and take-offs. Thus, the line will become softer, neater, this visually smoothed out the sharp angles of square faces.

How to deal with a person heart by changing eyebrows?

Typical “heart” is a person who, in the upper part expanded quite strongly, and down, on the contrary, begins to narrow. But overall the face is rounded, which allows not to confuse it with “triangle”. To “heart” so clearly evident to others, we can work on the eyebrows. It is first necessary to clearly round the chin, he pointed. With this purpose the highest point of the eyebrow line soft wash – so that the line eventually became smooth, had no spikes.

Further cosmetic pencil or eyeliner you should correct the width of the eyebrows. No need to make them very thick or excessively thin – normal width would be ideal for the face, resembling a heart. To remove the excess hairs will help tweezers, but if your eyebrows are long, and pull out anything you do not want to form voids, it is possible to start small nail scissors. Using them can be easy and painless to trim the hairs. In any case, before you start changing the shape of the eyebrows, first brush them with a brush, and in the end, when it is done, cover the gel which is colorless. It will retain the shape for long.