As a self-beautiful to pluck eyebrows at home

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then eyebrows – decent frame, turning them into a true masterpiece. It is no secret that during the meeting pay attention to eye beautiful ladies that form the first impression. The main task of women is to make them as attractive and open to achieve success will help skilled makeup and proper correction. To do this, you must know how to pluck eyebrows beautifully.

Perfect shape of eyebrows

But one should always remember that any manipulation of the face carry some danger. Careless and improper handling can trigger eruptions. And, of course, do not forget that excessive enthusiasm for the process can change the face beyond recognition, alas, not for the better.

Secrets for perfect eyebrows

To tweeze eyebrows at home, not necessarily to get an art education. But to make this perfect, some skills will still have to have. First you need to choose the right size and shape eyebrows. Even a small discrepancy can change the face, giving him a dejected or kind of comical.

The easiest way to understand how to pluck eyebrows at home, carefully study all the recommendations to try to draw the desired shape with a pencil and measure the results.

For a more accurate perception can be asked to Express an opinion mom or girlfriend or take a photo and look at ourselves. These rules are not universal to choose the best eyebrow shape you need individually.

So, owners of oval face suit flat or slightly curved eyebrow without significant fracture. Ladies with a triangular face shape will change slightly raised. Chubby beauties harmoniously will look with arched eyebrows, much tapering to the tail. Women with a square face shape usually are slightly curved eyebrows of sufficient length. But this information is not sufficient for quality correction at home.

Need to calculate the length and proportions of the eyebrow. This can be done independently, it is enough to arm long cosmetic pencil and a mirror. To discover the perfect beginning point of the eyebrow, you need to hold an imaginary line from the wing of the nose through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow. Note the conditional point with a pencil.

The top point of the curve of the eyebrow is the end of a line extending from the wing of the nose through the pupil of the eye looking forward. The tip – end of the line connecting the wing of the nose and outer corner of the eye. Three important points can be noted directly on the skin and to focus on them, picking up the form, which is to pluck eyebrows at home.

Then you can start modeling for perfect eyebrows. So nice to pluck eyebrows, you should to plan in advance the future form, this can be done using an ordinary cosmetic pencil. Do not rush out and begin the procedure to erase a sketch than to wait until the hairs grow back.

Tools and setup procedures

The result of painstaking work pleased, you need to learn how to make the correction properly, and prepare all the necessary tools. You will need:

  • a large mirror;
  • tweezers;
  • nail clippers;
  • cotton pads;
  • disinfectant or alcohol-based lotion;
  • cream.

Plucking eyebrows with tweezers

All the tools and means at hand must be prepared in advance, so you don’t have to interrupt not the most pleasant procedure. Tweezers and scissors should be processed using alcohol-containing lotions, you can use any disinfectant.
Lighting should be direct and adequate, but not blind. The best option – two lamps placed on both sides of the mirror. Too bright light will show even invisible hairs, there is a danger too to work carefully with tweezers, after that will not be interested in how to pluck eyebrows beautifully, and how to stimulate their growth. Insufficient lighting – the bad assistant can not see the hairs, which will be shown in bright light.

Before you begin almost jewelry work, you need to wash your face thoroughly using a cleanser. On the eyebrow to apply a moisturizer after 5 minutes, remove its remains with a cotton pad and wipe the skin lotion. You can skip this step, but such manipulations will enable you to soften the skin, and after its sanitized, that would negate the likelihood of inflammation and irritation. After that you can go directly to the correction of eyebrows at home.

Step-by-step plan for eyebrow correction

Thus, the skin is prepared, the intended start point, end point and peak of the bend, what to do next? You can stick to the plan, remembering that to make the procedure virtually painless helps to work correctly with the skin.

Plucking eyebrows with thread

During processing, any area of the skin is gently pull up to your hair and a sharp, but soft motion to pull him in the direction of growth. To correct eyebrows better gradually, going from one to the other, this will allow to check their symmetry. Having the heads of both eyebrows, then both tip and only after that going to fracture, it is possible to achieve almost perfect matching. Knowing the theory, you can go to practice.

  1. Should comb your eyebrows and shape them. This will avoid removal of excess hair.
  2. Start the eyebrow shaping at home should be in the area around the nose. Defining the outermost point, you need to carefully remove the hairs that extend beyond an imaginary line.
  3. Next, tweeze the area at the tip of the eyebrow. It is worth doing carefully, an eyebrow should end abruptly. The tail should be thin and gradually fade away.
  4. In the next stage, mark the bend point and treat the area underneath it. Tweeze hairs above the brow is not worth it, first, it looks unnatural, and secondly, a wide and slightly overgrown eyebrows relevant now than ever.
  5. At the final step, if required, to create a zone in the nose. To do this, comb the hairs up and neatly pruned with nail scissors. This eyebrow shaping at home gives the face a well-groomed appearance.

And the main thing – it is better to work slowly, carefully weighing the need to remove every hair.

Only in this case will be able to pluck eyebrows beautifully and to form a correct and relevant form, which will complement the image and will allow you to look stunning.