The selection and use of a lip liner

Seductive and full feminine lips a delicious shade will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex. Beautician at any modern girls there is a whole Arsenal of cosmetics to make the mouth perfection. And among all this variety of makeup will always be at least one lip pencil. This modest instrument, it is possible not only to outline the contours of the lips, but also give them new, more appealing to the eyes of the male form. However, not every pencil is able to create beautiful makeup for lips. To make your mouth perfect, the woman should know how to choose and how to use this cosmetic product.

Assortment of pencils for lips

Pencils for drawing contour of the lips are different. They differ not only in appearance and color, but in composition, texture and thickness of the slate. Before you choose a lip pencil, a girl needs to know the main features of this cosmetic product. A wide range of pencils allows the fairer sex to pick up them under any shade of lipstick or gloss. To purchase this product at famous brands self-respecting manufacturer will not allow under his name was produced substandard products.

What you need to know about pencils for lips?

Plastic lip pencil

Pencils for lips are of two types: wooden and plastic. The disadvantage of the first is that they regularly need to repair, how to draw a perfect lip contour can only be sharpened rod. For honing products in a wooden case you need to buy a special sharpener for these purposes. It is best to choose a tool in the cap which already has built-in sharpener. Sometimes manufacturers additionally provide their goods brushes for shading of drawn contours.

Automatic lip pencil with retractable rod in a plastic case it’s now popular among the beauties all over the world due to its ease of use. At the core of such a tool holds its shape and does not require sharpening. To adjust the length of the broken stylus, simply turn the enclosure.

Lip pencil with a wide lead

When buying a pencil you should always pay attention to the thickness of his rod. How to pick up a stylus right? To draw the contour of the lips to the girl enough to buy a pencil with a thin rod. Have products with a wide leads to much more opportunities: they can be used not only to outline the lips but also give them a different, more seductive form. In addition, pencils with wide slates are used to prorisovany the basis for further application of lipstick or gloss. To determine the thickness of the web, you need to pay attention to its texture. Too soft a pencil will not be able to draw a neat outline, but when you use a hard stylus is likely to scratch the skin. The ideal option is to choose a tool with a core of medium hardness.

The durability and composition of the slates

Use a waterproof lip pencil

Of the varieties of pencils for the lips stands out products with water-resistant and silicone leads. The main advantage of water-resistant pencils, as with any cosmetic product in this class, is its reliability. Drawing the morning of the lips, a woman can be confident in the integrity of its makeup all day. She can eat, drink water, swim in the pool, walking in the rain or snow, and her lips, like right after applying makeup, will maintain a sexy shape. But to wash off waterproof pencil easy with soap and water will not work for these purposes, you need to buy special tools, but this will entail additional expenses.

Tool for correcting the shape of the lips, which are located inside silicone rods, fills in all the irregularities on the surface of the skin, so lipstick or gloss applied on the lips, holding them for a long time and not smeared. Silicone pencils left on the skin barely noticeable transparent matte line, so they can be combined with any lipstick shade. This cosmetic product has a waterproof effect, so is very popular among women leading an active life.

In addition to water-resistant pencils are even with persistent and super-healthy bars. The usual proof cosmetic pencil can last on the lips of women from 4 to 8 hours. For removing residues of this product use simple milk or cream, oily texture. A super-healthy tools for drawing of the contour of the lips are kept for at least 7 hours. To wash away the trace of such a pencil, you need a special tool for removing makeup from a super-healthy cosmetics. The degree of resistance of the selected product is usually indicated on the surface of the pencil.

Many women mistakenly think that the rods of the cosmetic pencils includes only the dyes.

High-quality tool for drawing circuit contains natural oils, beeswax and vitamins that nourish and moisturize delicate and sensitive skin of female lips.

If the girl lips peel because of increased dryness, it is necessary to choose a pencil, a stylus which is enriched with vitamins C and E, aloe Vera and softening vegetable oil (palm, castor, or coconut). This composition stylus will intensely moisturize dry skin. For long-lasting lip makeup, you should use pencils with high content of wax.

White, beige, colorless, colored…

All women know that the shade of the pencil should be matched to the color of lipstick or gloss. But what sold Nude, white and colourless cosmetic products to prorisovany lips?

  1. Tool white pencil makeup artists used to give women’s lips a seductive volume. Use a pencil so: first, outline your mouth, slightly outside the natural contour of the lips, and then gently smudged with a brush the resulting lines and powder them. After the described manipulation of the lips become more full and sexy.
  2. Lip pencil with stylus skin tones can be used as white. However, its purpose does not end there. Beige pencil is very convenient to mask small defects on the surface of the lips. Appropriate the stylus is Nude and in the case where a woman prefers natural makeup, do not go beyond natural shades.
  3. Pencil with transparent rod – another novelty of the companies that produce cosmetic products. Used this product in conjunction with lip gloss. Line that is drawn colorless tool is totally invisible to the human eye, but they will securely hold Shine, not letting it run or smear.
  4. Colored pencils presented in a wide variety of shades. Choosing a cosmetic product, you need to remember about the main rule: the color should either match your lipstick or be a little lighter it (in the latter case, you can visually enlarge the mouth). Lip pencil a shade darker than the lipstick is only appropriate to create a bright evening make-up. Purchasing colored pencil as the base Foundation for the Shine, you should try to pick up the tone of the stylus so that it matches the natural shade of the lips.

How to draw lips correctly?

By understanding how to pick a lip pencil, you can begin to the rules of its application, because to achieve the desired effect is possible only with proper use.

Dusting lips

  1. Professional makeup artists recommend to use a pencil to cover the lips with Foundation or powder them. Then they carefully cut around the contour of a well-sharpened pencil, applying it on the skin in short strokes. Especially carefully it is necessary to draw the Central part of the upper lip. Press down hard on the stylus is not necessary, otherwise the line will be too noticeable. Once the contour lines are drawn, they should be carefully shaded brush in the inner side. On the prepared surface to apply lipstick or gloss.
  2. Sometimes to lip color for a long time remain strong, they encircle the contour completely and then shade with a pencil the right shade and paint over the top with lipstick or gloss is applied. Excess cosmetics are removed by blotting your mouth with a paper towel.
  3. To lips seemed fuller, when applying makeup they can use a little trick. For this purpose, the contour of the lips you need to draw slightly beyond their natural boundaries. The corners of the mouth in this case does not draw. Then, on the lips to apply lipstick and over it – Shine. This technique will help visually enlarge the mouth.
  4. If women are too plump, it could slightly reduce them with a pencil. Covering the natural border of the lips with Foundation, it needs to draw them in outline, slightly retreating from the border in the middle and bringing the lines to the corners of the mouth. The contour shade in the inner direction, and her lips covered with a matte lipstick. Glitter to use is not necessary, as it gives the lips extra volume.

Lip pencil is the magic wand that will help a woman to become the owner of seductive lips. Learning to choose this cosmetic tool and use it properly, it will be able to draw on your face these lips, what she wants.