Select and create a delicate Bridal make-up

For any girl wedding is something extraordinary. Such an event is impossible to forget, so it is great. Of course, I want to marry only once and to live my life with a loved one.

Makeup for wedding

To make this celebration even more beautiful on the day of registration, the bride wears a white dress, grooming her decorate the amazing beauty of the hair and beauticians impose delicate Bridal makeup. Standing before the groom and guests in this charming guise, the girl seems to be just a Princess.

What is important to know before choosing a makeup?

To look for marriage stunning, you need to start at least theoretically, to study such a thing as an easy wedding makeup. His options are numerous, and only the bride is able to make the right choice, listening to your inner voice and preferences.

That summer, in the winter it is very important to be in a tidy way, this does not necessarily apply to face tons of cosmetics to cover yourself Foundation, “decorate” the eyelids are too bright and flashy shades. Where it would be better if the stylists will select the makeup for the wedding (or the bride will clean up itself) in natural colours, without causing excessive movements. All natural is always better than chemicals and are fake.

Use the services of a professional makeup artist

A young girl who is getting married should look like she does without makeup. However, at the same time be beautiful if her face seems to be surprisingly lovely. This is a unique effect light wedding make-up. Of course, no one needs to guess how much effort beauticians for this transformation of the bride. The secrets of the process of decorating should be to know the future wife.

Remember: to think of makeup should not in the day of the marriage, but much earlier. With this purpose, it would be wise to consult a professional make-up artists and talk to them. They will give tips, show interesting and the most suitable options, wedding makeup, help with the selection of cosmetics to create a winter or summer makeup.

All the colors, shadows, lipstick should ideally be combined with the color of eyes, skin, the beautiful hair of the bride. It is important to try to achieve harmony make-up with accessories that will be included in the image. This, for example, choker, tiara, gloves, a bouquet of flowers and a bracelet.

Getting ready for the wedding in advance: dont be afraid to experiment!

Choosing mascara, it is important to pay attention to such feature as water resistance. If the ink will be resistant to moisture, so the bride may not worry about your wedding makeup: the paint does not flow from the kisses of the groom and relatives and even tears of joy, without which no cost, often a celebration.

Cleaning and massage of the facial skin before applying makeup

So how would a young neither was sure of the resistance of its makeup, it is recommended to do it few days before registration. Follow the famous proverb: trust but verify. Besides, it will be possible to see how wedding makeup, brides will fall on your face and how attractive will the main heroine of the evening.

Before the long-awaited day must undergo cleaning of the skin and no harm will active the massage. But this should be done not the day before the wedding, and at least a couple of weeks or even a month. Otherwise a person will not have time to go consequences cleaning – spots, irritation, rash. To get rid of them for a matter of hours is unlikely to succeed, and therefore should not postpone this important matter to the last moment.

One of the most beautiful make-up for wedding day

Rightly recognizes the best wedding makeup, which is able to show some pros of the girl, and the existing negative sides cleverly hide.

Mascara should emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes

As mentioned above, it needs to combine only natural colors and shades. For creating a delicate makeup of the bride should give preference to pastel colors. They are soft, fit well on the skin and emphasize luchistoi sight. You can emphasize any one part of the face, for example, use a brighter lipstick or emphasize brow pencil.

Experienced makeup artists with one voice repeat, that when you create a wedding makeup should focus on the cheekbones. Of course, not to ignore the eyes, as they reflect all the feelings and emotions experienced by the bride. It is desirable to abandon the shadows, the hand should only be mascara. If the girl is the owner of a light or brown hair, her perfectly suited cosmetics with emphasis on brown color. If getting married a brunette, it is recommended to seek the help of paints, steel and blue shades.

Lips, and cheekbones, with wedding make-up is allowed to tint in a cool tone (similar to BlackBerry). Stripe, which marked the growth of the lower eyelashes, can be designed in a silver color. If, nevertheless, decided to use the shadows, it is desirable to apply a grayish, not flashy. The upper eyelid should be acernote stripe brownish (with grey) color. This wedding makeup will give the eyes a mystery.

Make-up slender beauties: the stages of overlaying

Removal of dirt and discharge the fat from the skin with tonic

Light makeup only looks have to seem airy. In fact, professionals spend a lot of time and effort to blend. If the girl does not want to give his face in the hands of artists, and she wants to engage them into an unforgettable wedding day, it is quite possible – but only if it is carefully read below are tips on applying wedding make-up and stage. First thing you need to be patient and to begin the process with positive emotions and an open mind.

At the first stage it goes tonic. With it and a cotton pad wipe the skin, thereby removing impurities and fatty secretions. Wipe dry do not need to let the skin dry itself. Next is the turn of Foundation. They lubricate the face and neck. Transitions must be done smooth, no clearly defined boundaries should not be. If you hesitate, not knowing what shade you choose, look at the area of the neckline: the cream color should match the skin in this place.

Dark circles under the lower eyelids, if any, should be hidden under concealer. They can also go through the spots on the face, smooth out the rough patches. Then, armed with brush and powder: the latter need to be distributed very evenly over the skin to create a velvety effect and tenderness.

Powder should be anchored Foundation

In addition to this feature, the powder is able to support the Foundation, preventing it from smearing. Don’t forget to look at my reflection in the mirror – in the case of unpleasant and unnatural appearance of the skin without regret, remove the paint from the face and take in all the information again. Only now use much less makeup to color the face seemed natural.

Go to the edge. Now where fashionable wide and bushy black eyebrows, almost naked, ugly thinning. So put down the tweezers and pick up the pencil. Shade it should be close to the tone of your hair. Lead pencil, not pressing him too, in the direction of growth of hairs. It is desirable to achieve the shape of the curve.

As for the eyes, here’s the basic make-up will consist of underscore strip under the lashes with a pencil of dark color, and this line should not be thick, and also applying mascara and in some cases shades. Choosing the latter, you can stay on the matte, as they visually make the eyes bigger and eyes – wide-open. Pearlescent shades are very unpleasant to look at the girl, especially in the photographic images. Most important thing is to apply mascara. How do you do it?

Making age light soft tones

Upper eyelid slightly touch up in soft light colors. Margin century, near the eyelashes, upstairs and downstairs, move in black. Using the brush to produce shading, making the dark tones without borders go into the lighter and it will look beautiful. Directly under the brows, apply a little white shadows, and better translucent. Then very carefully, slowly make your eyelashes expressive through the carcass. No glued cilia.

Finally, the lips. In any case, don’t buy the cheap lipstick. Wedding night do not deserve. Take the tool more expensive, but quality and reliable. Don’t forget that you, the bride, and offers you nice kisses in their wedding day. The lipstick should not spread and leave marks on the collar or cheek betrothed. In the beauty salon ask for a remedy for the most natural colours and a pencil.

When applying makeup on the lips first, use a pencil. Mark the borders and in the corners of the stroke to select them. Apply the lipstick with a brush, then blot with a paper towel or swab.

Apply the powder, for which you will need to use a different brush – wider. In the end once again return to the lipstick: apply the final layer. Last shtrishok – blush: they are designed for cheekbones. Summary of makeup: the gorgeous Princess, beautiful natural and your natural beauty.