The secrets of the smoky eye

Smoky make-up is suitable for ladies with any face shape and eye shape. Her stylized appearance in make up, he is obliged to film the 20-ies of XX century, when silent film actress shone on the screens not only with their silent emotional roles, but charming and deep eyes from beneath thickly painted lashes and eyeliner. It smoked makeup gives the eyes the depth of feelings, the notorious expressive mist and mystery (photo 1).

Photo 1. Smoky eye makeup

To do smoky makeup, smoky eyes he itself, without the help of professional makeup artists, is not difficult. It is important to remember the main rule, the basis. This makeup does not have clearly delineated lines of tile. They shade when applied, the strokes of eye liner create smooth shadows without sharp boundaries.

Than create haze

Interesting is the fact that in the classic manner of applying smoky make up was used only a dark-gray tone eye shadow and black eyeliner. In the current trends of makeup smoky eyes can be done in brown and Golden hues, lilac, blue and even black. No limit to perfection, so many makeup artists are compiling in the make-up, even a few shades.

Photo 2. The makeup, combined with the color of eyes

Mainly apply eye shadow and eyeliner this technique you need for festive evenings, club parties, restaurant dinners, carnival and new year’s nights, i.e., for those events that take place in the evening and night, where the lack of contrast and too bright of light. With thorough and careful application of smoky makeup will look beautiful and in the workplace, where there is no dress code for different event day.

How to do smoky makeup correctly? First you need to decide on color scheme and armed with an Arsenal of cosmetics. For this you will need the following accessories:

  • The correcting cream concealer or Foundation.
  • Powder compact.
  • The shade of white or flesh tone.
  • Shadow for a smoky base.
  • Pencil.
  • Brush and mascara.
  • Curling your lashes.
  • Gloss or lipstick.

Such a minimal set is a beautician at every beauty. Missing accessories can be bought in any cosmetic store.

The technique of applying shadows

It is worth considering that the makeup smoky eyes focuses solely on the eyes.

Therefore, the use of bright shades of lipsticks, glosses and blush are not recommended to not overdo it and not to look vulgar.

Photo 3. Mascara for eyes

Accordingly, means and smooth base in the form of a smooth and beautiful skin tone. This can be done with corrective tools, modifying them all the flaws. After apply a thin layer of Foundation and makeup powder puff face on the “forehead-nose-chin.”

Under the eyebrows apply a very light or Nude shade. So visually increase the eyes, and the look will be more open. For increasing the intensity of the Smokey look on a movable century at the base of the eyelash is an arrow. It is better to make thin, from the corner of your eye and extend to the outer edge. Pencil after applying gently to blend. Makeup smoky eyes, its color should match the color of the selected shadows. Even more mystique to the look will add the arrow on the inner eyelid.

The shadow under smoky make-up apply liberally to the entire mobile eyelid from the lash to the moving folds. As well as on the lower eyelid below the eyelashes. Ladies over 35 years to apply shadow on the lower eyelids is not recommended. This will give the extra age. Then the shadows carefully shade with a sponge. To achieve the effect immediately, it is recommended to apply shadow on the upper eyelid with a finger and the bottom with a cotton swab. If smoky is made of two shades, the lighter colour applied from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the century, and the darker to the outer corner, where gently to blend. Color makeup can be combined with eye color (photo 2).

Photo 4. Ready smoky make-up

With a small brush comb eyelashes, lifted with forceps and stained very densely with ink. If the lashes are not too long from nature, you can use a patch. Smoky make-up allows a combination of the colors of ink from the shade, i.e. can be used for brown or blue tones of the ink of the corresponding color. It is worth remembering that throughout the day the mascara can flake off, so it is applied 2-3 layers without lumps, smooth and thoroughly progresiva eyelashes (photo 3).

Smoky final touch will add a bright lipstick. To give volume to the lips on top of it you can overlay a translucent gloss with shimmering particles. For smoky eyes fit beige or pale pink. Shadows on the smoky Foundation recommend the use of a Matt structure on top to add a little loose with glitter to give the look a gentle flicker. On photo 4 you can evaluate the finished smoky makeup.

How to make the final focus, if the eye in smoky radiance? You should put in order eyebrows. Tweeze the excess hairs, gently and smoothly creating the right bend. Comb with a brush and apply a special gel. Owners of rare eyebrows, you can paint over them with a pencil, giving a perfect form.

Smoky make-up in the current trends allows the ladies to create extraordinary images with a sparkle in the eyes to become brighter without losing refinement, to stay younger.