The secrets of the perfect makeup: how to apply concealer correctly?

Flawless makeup is unthinkable without perfectly smooth skin and an even complexion. But, alas, not all women are blessed with such wealth. To create the effect of perfection it is possible with properly chosen cosmetics. Just select the appropriate tool to prepare the skin and, of course, to understand how to apply concealer.

Application of Foundation with a brush

So the coveted tube purchased, the shade it perfect, and then what? How to act to his own as not to create unsightly mask effect? You need to properly prepare the skin and to choose a suitable method of blending the tones. Apply concealer directly with your fingers, brush or beauty sponge. Each method has quirks, advantages and disadvantages, and to achieve excellence and delight yourself and others, you need to carefully study them.

The preparatory phase

Accurately apply Foundation on unprepared skin is extremely difficult. The remains of pollution and sebum (sebum) does not allow to create a uniform coating. Obstacle to the ideal tone will be peeling. To these features of the skin was not made adjustments to the plans, it is necessary to conduct a four-step training:

Before applying Foundation - a thorough cleaning of the skin

  1. Thoroughly cleansing. Before you apply the tone, it is necessary to wash with the use of special tools. Combination and oily skin well cleanse foaming gel for dry – better to choose soft jelly.
  2. Toning. The next step is to restore the natural balance of the skin. This will help the tonic suitable to the skin type. Fat transform means with a matting effect, the combined – soothing, for dry you should choose moisturizing compositions.
  3. Hydration. After the cleansing manipulations, the skin may be excessively dried, which could trigger flaking. Before applying Foundation, the skin must moisturize. This will help to make any light moisturizer, preferably with sunscreen.
  4. Correction. Foundation is not always able to cope with rashes and uneven skin tone. So the final result is satisfied, before applying colors you need to conceal with concealer. All the work on the correction of deficiencies were quickly and successfully, you need to know how to choose the right shades. It is necessary to determine the main color of the defect and choose a masking tone, which is on the opposite side of the color wheel. So, redness and rosacea overlap a green tint, bluish circles under the eyes – peachy and freckles and age spots – beige.

Between stages should be at least 3-5 minutes in order to absorb and adapt. After all of the work will be carried out, you can proceed directly to applying foundation.

The subtleties of the handmade

Many makeup artists and beauty bloggers recommend applying a tone with your fingers. This method allows you to create a light translucent finish, and the makeover is noticeable. To properly apply concealer with your fingers, you must follow these guidelines:

Application of Foundation with your fingers

  1. Make sure to wash your hands, or subsequent manipulations can worsen the skin condition.
  2. Before applying you should warm fingers rubbed them. In this case, heat of the skin will slightly melt the cream and the coating will turn out weightless.
  3. Apply the concealer should be on the massage lines without stretching the skin. The movement should be fluttering.
  4. Special attention should be paid to dry areas. On the areas with the peeling should be laid toners hammered movements, it will make a cosmetic defect noticeable.
  5. It is important to carefully blend the concealer. The zone of intensive correction, for example, rashes, should not stand out neither in life nor in the photo. Special attention should be paid to the hairline and neck, most often they issue the presence in person Foundation.

Between application of colors and the next stage of makeup should take at least 5-7 minutes. During this time, the masking tool will “sit down” finally, blends into skin and becomes invisible.

Sponge or beauty blender

Extremely popular today sponges for applying Foundation called beauty blenders. They represent a synthetic cone, usually egg-shaped. With their help, apply concealer correctly can be very fast. The main thing – to observe some rules.

Before use, the sponge must be wet and thoroughly wring out. The wet surface of the accessory provides an easy and uniform application. Excessively wet blender can leave traces of streaks, and dry will not provide the necessary uniformity.

Use damp sponge to apply Foundation cream

This device is used for shading. Concealer cause point, 4 drops is enough. They are usually placed on the forehead, cheeks and chin. And then carefully blending it with a sponge.

Movements must be circular, smooth, rubbing. Moving from the center to the edges. This technique allows you to make coating easy, but at the same time, three-dimensional, emphasizing the natural terrain.

Special attention should be paid to the hairline and the area around the ears. Cream in any case should not fall on the hair. Around the ears and jaw bone Foundation is necessary to shade carefully, gradually reducing coating.

After each use the beauty blender you need to thoroughly wash applying cleansers. This will avoid the breeding of bacteria in cosmetic accessory.

Brush for picture perfect

For the application of the masking tools you can use brushes, but in this case it is important to choose this auxiliary accessory. The brush must be:

  1. Flat. This will simplify and speed up the application.
  2. Sufficiently elastic. This feature will allow you to work through difficult areas such as nose wings.
  3. With synthetic bristles. The use of non-natural materials significantly reduces the cost of Foundation due to the low absorption and excellent impact tools.

Brush for applying Foundation

So, how to apply cream Foundation with a brush? In the role of auxiliary easel you can use the back of the free hand. In this case, heat of the skin will heat the tool and it will fall evenly.

With a brush you need to dial a small amount of Foundation, to put on the face of the point and them thoroughly to blend. Movement should be smooth, in the direction from the center to the ears and the chin. It is important to carefully feather the border of the Foundation.

On problem areas, and in areas with difficult terrain, for example, the wings of the nose, around the eyebrows and in the corners of the mouth to correctly apply the cream patting movements.

In areas with active facial expression: corners of eyes and lips, forehead – apply the concealer should be a thin layer, carefully shading. The surplus funds during the articulation will be hammered into wrinkles and emphasize them.

After each use the brush should be washed and dried. It is important to properly care for cosmetic accessories, this will avoid the breeding of bacteria and the appearance of new lesions.

Common mistakes

Few know how to apply concealer correctly, it is important to learn to see the most common mistakes and try to avoid them, as even minor flaws will be visible and spoil the total picture.

  1. Do not apply too thick layer. This makeup will not last long and can leak at the most crucial moment. In addition, this cover looks unnatural and emphasizes the wrinkles.
  2. Mandatory to pay attention to the feather. Sharp boundaries on shades and insufficient a wings of the nose to give the inept artist with his head.
  3. No need to apply the concealer thick layer of powder, especially different color. This contrast will highlight the weaknesses that must be hidden.
  4. Most creams gives a matte, velvety finish which does not require additional use of powder. Today in fashion natural makeup.

To achieve the perfect tone of the face is not difficult. Enough to choose the right tool and understand how to apply tone. And, of course, always remember that beauty should be natural, no one has to guess how much time had to be spent so that the skin shone with health and pristine beauty.