The secrets of applying makeup

In order to look perfect, each woman will need to know the secrets of makeup that will help to make the image of the individual, to emphasize features of the face and hide its flaws. By learning these simple tricks, any girl will be able to apply both everyday and evening make-up without help make-up artist.

Perfect makeup

The secrets of toning and corrective means

Makeup start with application of Foundation, try to choose a shade that is as close to natural skin color. The transition from the face to the neck should not be noticeable, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. In order to choose the right tone when you purchase, it is necessary to apply a little cream on the finger pads or the back of your hand, because in these areas the skin tone as close as possible to the color of the face. Knowing this little secret, you can protect yourself from buying the wrong tools. Apply a cream Foundation is best with a flat brush with rounded edges (made of synthetic bristles).

Applying makeup

Brush made of natural material in this case is not suitable, because they absorb too much of the cream. This little secret will help save the Foundation. To apply the tone you must Pat strictly along the massage lines. It is not necessary to score a lot of makeup, otherwise there will be visible traces of the brush. These small make-up secrets will help to make perfectly smooth and natural skin tone. The secret to radiant eyes – special concealer with light reflecting particles, which has a light texture and has a good masking qualities. It is applied either with fingertips or specially designed for this purpose brush. Concealer with a dense texture is used only in the place where the ends of the lower eyelid (along the edge of the eye socket), otherwise it will clog in fine lines and not hide, and will only emphasize the flaws. The secrets of applying makeup help to correct some of the shortcomings. Thus, a wide nose can be done if you put on his wings and side of the bronzer, and the center to highlighter or light powder. To lengthen the face shape needed for his side to strike brown tone, thereby highlighting the cheekbones and forehead. Transitions should not be visible, so the bronzer carefully shade. To reduce too wide chin by applying a dark tone on the edges and the center to lighten with the highlighter. Some girls are absolutely in vain we neglect such a great tool, as a blush: knowing the secret of their application, can not only enhance the natural beauty, but also to make the image whole and unique. Make-up secrets will help you not only to use them properly, but also to correct some deficiencies.

The blush

Blush applied along the cheekbones in a triangle or oval, and then carefully shade. In order to determine the application, it is necessary to involve the cheeks, the contour highlight blush. This advice will help those girls who are just starting to learn the basics of makeup. You need to choose shades close to natural, then the makeup will look natural. There are some secrets of make-up using blush. So, a blonde and a brunette with light skin should choose pink and peach shades. Brunettes and red suit of beige and brown. Fair-skinned brunette it is better to opt for a peach and pink-purple tones. Red-haired girls will approach the brick and peachy pink shades. These tips will help not to be mistaken with the choice of blush. Make the face shining impossible without a tool like the highlighter, there are several of the secrets of makeup with its use. Thanks to tiny reflective particles in the composition of this tool is the complexion acquires a healthy appearance, the skin looks much younger, are almost invisible fine lines. Apply the highlighter under the eyebrow line, center of forehead, top of your cheekbones (above the blush), in the hole above the lip, in the middle of the chin.

A few of the secrets of eye makeup

The image of women largely depends on how the completed eye makeup. Knowing some of the secrets of this art, you can make yourself look mysterious and expressive, to give it depth and some sort of haul. The first step is to properly define your eye shape and on this basis to use these or other techniques of make-up. There are several of the secrets of eye makeup that you need to know each girl:

Eye makeup

  1. To make the look open, you can use a simple secret: lining the lower eyelid passed white or flesh with a pencil.
  2. Little red dot, supplied to the inner corners of your eyes to visually make them wider and slightly open look.
  3. In order to properly draw an arrow, you must close your eyes and continue with eyeliner (pencil) to line the upper eyelid.
  4. A strip of masking tape, taped at the outer corner of the eye, helps apply eye shadow or eyeliner perfectly straight.
  5. Shade, shade will not allow them to spread out and descend during the day.
  6. The base is applied to clean, untreated eyelid, on top of Foundation is not recommended, otherwise the layer will be too thick, leading to the formation of lumps.

In order to lift drooping corners of the eyes, apply dark shadow in the form of triangular of arrows, looking up. The lower eyelid either do not emphasize or paint on just the inner corner of the eyes by the ciliary contour. To make small eyes more expressive will help the dark shadows, which is applied to the outer corner of the eye and the crease, then shade, highlight the lower eyelid with a pencil. Light shade make the eyes look more open, they all emphasize the upper eyelid up to the eyebrow. The photo shows an example of a similar make-up (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. A phased technique of applying makeup on eyes

So, deep landing can be remedied if you apply the dark shadow only on the outer corner (upper and lower eyelids), this technique will visually expand the look. If the eyes are located at a great distance from each other, to narrow the point of view of the shadow applied to the inner corners.  There are several ways of applying make-up: horizontal, vertical, smoky eyes, “banana”. Horizontal makeup is quite popular this season, all the lines are applied along the eye shape. While the vertical make-up of the shadows applied from eyelid to eyebrow: at the center there is a strip of light, and then she slowly goes into a darker tone. This secret will help to achieve the effect of wyswietlanego of the upper eyelid. Figure 2.

Figure 2. Examples of the correction that will help to learn how to apply makeup

Examples of the correction that will help to learn how to apply makeup Smokey eyes is characterized by accentuated the dark tone of your eyes, mysterious glance with languishing, which is achieved by rastushevyvaniya. First, the lower and upper eyelid draw a line with a black pencil, with a brush make it vague, then applied the gray shadow to the upper mobile eyelid and dark black shade on the outer corner. In this case also cannot do without make-up secrets. To make the border less visible, it is necessary for the edge to apply a white or light grey shadow and blend them with a brush. If many of the above methods are not something new, it is about the technique of “banana” heard not all. Despite the unfamiliar name, almost every girl at least once used this method. Any special secrets of makeup in this case do not need to know, everything is almost the same as described above. The only difference of this method is the rounded end shaped like a banana, it’s almost the same arrow, but wound up on a fold of rolling century. Example of makeup “banana” clearly shown on the photo (Fig. 3).

How to make eyebrows perfect?

Figure 3. Example of makeup "banana"

Beautifully emphasize your eyebrows will help make-up secrets, which are quite easy to master. The first thing you need to get the appropriate tool. The easiest way to use special sets of shadows for eyebrows that have different hues and give the opportunity to achieve the desired effect without much effort. Easy enough to do eyebrows with pencil, generally it includes wax, which helps to keep the shape long time. First, comb your eyebrows, then using a brush or pencil carried a thin line on the bottom of the eyebrows, then touches, moving along the direction of hair growth, trace the shape. If you paint a solid line, then your eyebrows will have an unnatural appearance. When using the pencil strokes lightly shaded. The photo shows an example of a transformation of the eyebrows with the help of the shadows (Fig. 4).

With eyebrow correction don’t forget about the white matte eye shadow that is applied under the eyebrow and superciliary arches, all carefully shade to achieve a smooth transition.

Do not neglect this secret, because it allows the shape of the eyebrows will look flawless. Dark and thick eyebrows don’t need colour correction, in this case, apply another secret. Just enough to give them a proper shape by using tweezers, then walk a special transparent gel.

The secrets of applying lipstick

Figure 4. An example of a transformation of the eyebrows with shadow

Almost every woman has a lipstick in your cosmetic Arsenal, but not all know how correctly to use this means of beauty. The first thing you need to give lips a beautiful and clear form, for this purpose, contour lip pencil in the color of the lipstick. To enhance lips, you need to go with a pencil on a light contour line, a little beyond its limits. This should be done very carefully, otherwise you may get the opposite effect. To make lips plumper will help such a secret: you must take a white pencil, then outline with it, the line of the lips, the border feather. The same effect can achieve if to emphasize the middle of the lower lip gloss. In order to give the lipstick a more natural look, should be applied to the lips with a paper napkin, it will remove excess funds, it will slightly mute the bright colors of makeup. To achieve the matte effect tissue first powdered, then applied to the lips. Apply red lipstick best special brush, then the form is perfect. If you use all of the secrets listed above, then soon it will be possible to do without the help of professional makeup artists.