Secret makeup tips for brunettes

Skilled make-up (make-up) miraculously transforms the appearance. Makeup emphasizes the advantages of feminine beauty, hides flaws and barely noticeable. Makeup for brunettes should be soft, natural, because nature, and so gave them a catchy appearance.A basic set of cosmetic products, required for operation:

Beautiful makeup for brunettes

  • make-up base;
  • concealer;
  • powder;
  • pencil and eyeshadow;
  • blush;
  • liner, lipstick, lip gloss;
  • accessories (brushes-feather, sponge, applicators, cotton pads, sanitary napkins).

Day and evening makeup

Day makeup for brunettes

When considering makeup for brunettes, first and foremost, consider the color of eyes and hair, skin tone, sculpted face features. How it looks plays a huge role light. The choice of colors and techniques work depends on what kind of lighting, natural or artificial, calculated his perception. In this regard, you should always remember about the difference between evening and daytime makeup.

The objective of daily makeup is to hide skin defects, slightly to emphasize the dignity of the person and visually reduce their shortcomings to the whole day its owner looked attractive and well-groomed. Eyeshadow is better to choose light brown or Golden shades. And eye line barely noticeable enough to emphasize.

Evening makeup for brunettes pursues a somewhat different goal – to counter the property of artificial lighting “conceal” the expressiveness of the face. And this can be achieved using more bright colors. They also needed to emphasize and romance, festivity of women’s appearance in the evening ambiance.

In artificial light the color rendition of cosmetics is distorted. For example, the purple eyeshadow in the light of a fluorescent lamp look like white-blue that hardly anyone will like. Therefore it is better to choose dark grey, almost black shades. Concealer needs to be more dense, and powder – dark shade.

Makeup “Smokey ice” (from the English smoky eyes “smoky eyes”) creates the effect of a weary, blurred sight due to the careful shading of shadows. The darker shades from lash must move in light around the folds of the eyelids. Darker eyes and skin, the darker tone is selected. Since the main focus is on the eyes, it is advisable that the lip color was either pink or cherry shades.

Techniques of both kinds of make-up are almost identical, the only difference is the higher intensity of drawing facial features.

Evening makeup for brunettes

Therefore in evening make-up it is important to have a more pronounced sculpture, enhanced eyeliner and lashes, and brighter lipstick. But the success of such make-up depends primarily on the sense of proportion and taste.

The main stages of work on the makeup for brunettes:

  • preparation clean the face;
  • eye makeup;
  • correction of facial features;
  • the blush;
  • eyebrow shaping;
  • staining of the lips;
  • the final dusting.

Makeup base

Preparing the face for makeup application

With its application starts preparing the face, covered with a thin layer of day cream. Although the base is designed for oily skin can be applied at once, without it. For everyday makeup brunettes are more suitable matting base, the creamy fluid, light powder.

Base under make-up also needed in order to hide imperfections of the skin, aligning its relief and color. Thanks to the presence of silicone cosmetics placed on the skin more evenly and lasts longer, especially in the hot summer weather. And the other main ingredient of the base, colour, optical or pearlescent pigment masks the blueness under the eyes, redness, dull complexion.

White will lighten too dark skin, or make more salient some of its areas. Good beige evens out skin tone, masking her imperfections. Good corrects yellow circles and fresh black eyes, and purple – yellow bruises.

Green base hides skin redness, spider veins. Pink and white give the face a “porcelain” shade, and obscured blue orange tan. Reflective leveling base gives the face a radiant appearance, but any defects are not masked. And oily skin will Shine from it even stronger.

On the base eyeshadow views make-up artists diverge. Some advise never to apply it on the upper eyelids. Others argue that, due to the base particles eyeshadow does not accumulate in the folds of the eyelids, does not crumble and it hides lack of sleep, fatigue.

Concealer is appropriate when creating evening makeup for brunettes, and in daylight it will be too evident. But some makeup artists mix one or several databases with Foundation and that experimentally get the desired skin tone. Layer cream fix powder, a transparent often.

At the base there are drawbacks: because of her makeup for brunettes heavier and can even “swim”. Large skin defects with its help disguise will fail – it needs correctors, concealers. In addition, the silicone base in the heat can cause skin irritation, and in extreme cold – frostbite. Therefore, when too high or too low temperatures base under make-up should not be used.

Make-up technique

Technique eye makeup for brunettes

The laborious and responsible – make-up eyes. It is in the liner of the eyelids and filling mirosnikova space sharpened pencil, in the formation of a “shooter”, and also in the adhesion of false eyelashes, if necessary.

The “arrows” in the make-up for brunettes popular again today, as many decades ago, in the era of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren. Indeed, they give the feminine look a special touch. But from the “arrows” should give up if they get gross and greasy.

The shadows apply better only in the crease of the upper eyelid, not on the eyelid. First, take the light tone and carefully shade the paint. Then apply a darker or black shade and repeat the procedure, ensuring a smooth transition from dark to light.

When making eye makeup brunettes dictates their color. Brown-eyed women are more suited to rich chocolate, Golden, purple, silver tone, except in light shades. If the eyes are gray, it is better to apply under the eyebrows, bright eye shadow, and eyeliner use brown and black shades.

Blue-eyed brunettes really are a gentle silver, lilac, pale pink, pearly tone. And you can use the shade of several shades. Pencil and ink is preferable, walnut color. The brunette with green eyes in the foreground to be shades of brown, green, lilac, pink and brown ink.

The relief of persons correcting compact powder which should be darker than skin colour 2-3 shades. You can highlight the cheekbones, reduce too high forehead, shorten a long nose or chin. Then put the blush either on the convex surface of the cheeks or under the cheekbones. They give the skin a fresh, healthy look.

Usually the nature of rewards brunettes thick black eyebrows. However, you may want to give them a more expressive form, partially tweeze, comb and a little touch up. To comb your eyebrows need in the direction of their growth, not up or down.

Making lips start with drawing their boundaries contour with a pencil, then apply lipstick. The pencil should be slightly darker than her. The final touch of the makeup for brunettes can be a lip gloss. And completes all rite in front of a mirror easy dusting.

Typical mistakes

Applying eyeshadow

The most common errors, which often involve a brunette when creating makeup, are as follows:

  • incorrect selection or application of uneven or too thick layer of makeup; sharp, conspicuous the border between the face and the neck, the ears;
  • applying eyeshadow to the brow; use too bright shades of blue, especially in day makeup for brunettes; bad shade of shade (if skin is oily, you should first apply a base);
  • full wrap-up of the lower eyelid (so-called “eye frame”), or summing up the inner corner of the century; the mascara to the bottom lashes lumps, flakes (makeup artists recommend not to paint them at all);
  • use when drawing eye brow pencil instead of gel and eye shadow;
  • too bright blush, and even at half-face, properly selected locations for their application, lack of feathering;
  • the use of a bright lipstick without edging; increasing the size of the lip contour pencil; and the vulgar combination of bright lipsticks and dark outline;
  • the excess sparkle to evening makeup (in the daytime make-up it is quite inappropriate).

The makeup for brunettes has its own immutable rules, but is not dogma. So don’t be afraid at leisure to experiment. And finally, do not forget to periodically check the condition of the makeup, not does it require urgent correction.