The rules of summer makeup

The summer – time a riot of colours and experiments. It’s the perfect time for it to look real bright: wear bright clothes and accessories, make bright makeup.

Bright summer makeup

Makeup for the summer, on the one hand, does not impose requirements to create an image (choice of colors, etc.). However, summer makeup sets forth quite strict requirements regarding technology implementation. In particular, we are talking about that makeup should be stable, not leak, not lubricated, etc.

Tthe basic rules of the make-up of the summer

In summer, you can create a variety of images. The beauty of this time of year is that even in the daytime girl can make a bright make-up looking organic and beautiful.

But to create the desired image is only half the story.

It is equally important to make easy summer makeup is well kept on the skin, because in the summer under high temperatures so often slipping or completely absorbed into the skin cream, flowing mascara, stick shadow. To such troubles from happening, you have to follow some rules:

Applying base makeup

  1. To prepare the skin for application of decorative cosmetics. This applies to any skin type. If the dry skin type, need to moisturize. To do this, simply apply your usual moisturizing day cream. If the facial skin is oily or combination, apply mattifying day cream. Do not apply concealer immediately after applying the usual godovogo cream. You need to give 10-15 minutes so that the cream has been absorbed, then blot the entire face with a napkin, and only then proceed to applying makeup.
  2. The use of bases under makeup. Many women believe that the base and makeup base is the same. It is not so. Usually, the mean-based Foundation, and under the base is the means by which to apply makeup.So, there are different types of bases: eye shadows, a lipstick, a Foundation. Base makeup can’t really stay much longer, do not leak. do not roll, to go more smoothly. But there is a “gotcha”. The fact that this effect is due to the silicones included in the database. Silicones are known to clog the pores and subsequently cause acne. So girls with oily skin should very carefully weigh all the “pros” and “cons” before you make a final decision to use a base under makeup. Regardless of the type of leather, the base is still not worth it to put on the face every day. Better to save it for a special occasion. But the base under eye shadow and lipstick can be used daily, it’s really excellent assistants in the pursuit of lasting makeup!
  3. Choosing the right cosmetics. Summer makeup would be more stable if you choose water-resistant makeup. This applies, for example, to shadows and mascara. As for concealer, it is best to choose a lighter texture because they are not heavier makeup is not felt on the skin.
  4. Apply makeup on the principle of “less is more”. The less face makeup, the more comfortable feeling leather. This is especially true for girls with oily and problematic skin. Trying to disguise pimples and other problems under a thick layer of makeup, the girls end up in a vicious circle: under the thick makeup, the skin sweats, the pores are closed, new rash, you want to hide even more strongly. Instead, it is better to take care of proper care and problem areas to hide the point using a corrector or a concealer.
  5. Correction makeup during the day. Also a very important point. If in other times of the year you can touch up your makeup throughout the day with the help of compact powder in the summer is a real risk. It all comes down again to the fact that the skin is overloaded with products, and sweats under them, the pores are clogged and pimples. The best option for summer makeup oil blotting sheets. They are perfectly correct makeup and not clog pores.

These are the features of the preparation and execution of makeup for the summer. These simple but very important rules will help you avoid trouble and always be on top.

Summer makeup step by step

Day makeup and evening are about the same. So, day makeup step by step you need to do the following:

Applying summer makeup

  • apply on the skin: day cream, wait 10 minutes, blot excess with a cloth (matting);
  • on the lips apply a moisturizing hygienic lipstick;
  • apply foundation cream (fluid, bb cream) as a thin layer, avoiding the eyelids;
  • on all the upper eyelid, apply a base under shadows;
  • to do eye makeup;
  • draw eyebrows how to use shadow, powder or eyebrow pencil;
  • apply blush;
  • make-up of lips with lipstick or gloss;
  • to fix makeup fixing powder transparent;
  • sprinkle the face with thermal water.

Summer makeup can be done in different styles. It can be easy nude makeup style that uses natural shades:

  • for the eyes: the shade creamy beige, cream, sand color, to darken the area – brown, light-gray;
  • blush: peach, natural, powdery, pale pink;
  • lips: lipstick pale pink, peach, beige glitter, you can choose more bright, because they have a transparent texture;
  • eyebrows and eyelashes it is better to arrange the products are not black, brown, dark brown or dark gray, depending on color type;
  • it is not necessary to draw the arrow.

In addition to the nude makeup style, you can create a vivid image.

Bright and night images in the summer

Variant bright summer makeup

For bright image enough to put on bright lip gloss or lipstick (e.g., coral, pink) and the eyelids to make the bright shadows. They can be any color, but it is better to go, for example, with clothes. So, it can be blue, turquoise, green, yellow and even pink shade.

Most importantly, they should fit the color of the eyes. So, shades of blue will suit girls with blue, brown eyes, turquoise and purple will suit green-eyed, yellow as an accent will suit any eye color. In this makeup it is important to know the extent and understand how adequately this way will look there, where the girl. Without a doubt, this is not an option for office, but for meetings in cafes with friends, this makeup will match perfectly.

Evening make-up differs from day only in the saturation. Step by step he follows the same pattern as the lightweight make-up, but after a day cream you can apply a makeup base and is already on top of it to apply concealer. In addition, the evening makeup is appropriate to use:

  • powder with reflective particles;
  • highlighter on the area under the eyebrow, cheekbones, middle of the upper lip and the nose;
  • bronzer on the temples and cheekbones.

In evening makeup, you can emphasize:

  • on the lips using a bright or dark lipstick, remember to apply the liner;
  • eye using makeup in the style of smoky eyes and mascara black.

The emphasis, as always, should be either on eyes or on lips. Different images you can create with makeup in the summer.