Rules for the selection of tweezers for eyebrows

The tidy shape of the eyebrows, corrects the oval of the face and gives it a grooming. Choose the right tweezers for eyebrows helps to painlessly remove unwanted hair and minimize its growth in the future. Modern tweezers vary by manufacturer, method of exposure, the form. To purchase tweezers that meets all the desired requirements, it is necessary to understand the diversity of these tools.

The use of tweezers for eyebrows

Varieties of tweezers

The choice of forceps depends on the result of the correction of eyebrows. Wrong tweezers is able to break off hairs and cause severe pain. Among all the tweezers for eyebrows you can pick up a tool from a given material and desired shape.

For the manufacture of tweezers used metal or plastic. According to cosmetologists, the best is stainless steel. This material does not contain harmful impurities, it is durable, easy to use and clean. Plastic tweezers are difficult to disinfect. Even with careful handling they are quite easily damaged.

How to choose tweezers for eyebrows in the form of the working edge? Distinguish tweezers:

Variety of tweezers for eyebrows

  1. With straight and wide ends. Such a tool is convenient to carry out the correction of thick eyebrows. Its edges should fit snugly to each other, otherwise your hair will not work. These tweezers are not suitable to self-administer.
  2. Beveled ends. This tool is considered ideal for the correction as in the beauty parlor and at home. Beveled ends provide the correct direction for correction and allow you to remove the most unruly and coarse hair.
  3. With sharp ends. In appearance this device resembles a 2 needle. It allows you to more accurately capture the hairs. This eyebrow tweezer to benefit those who are particularly afraid of pain, as the use of tongs of similar design, almost does not cause discomfort.
  4. Tweezers-scissors. This tool is uncomfortable to grip, as it allows to keep the arm at desired angle. Not suitable for creating a thin brow shape. It can be used for regular removal of the regrown hairs.
  5. Automatic. This design is a “tweezers in tweezers”. The instrument captures the thread and is retracted inside the external. This provides a quick, correct and painless correction. Use this tweezers for eyebrows takes practice.

Good feedback has electric tweezers. Use it to your hair and by stepping up low voltage to destroy the follicle. Electric tool is fairly expensive, but you can’t get rid of unwanted hair permanently as claimed by some manufacturers.

Recommendations on the choice of

To determine the type of material and form, one should pay attention to other important details when buying tweezers.

Eyebrow shaping

The tool needs to take up and make sure it does not cause discomfort. The working edge of the forceps should be closed tightly in order to effectively grab the hair. Rounded tip tweezers will not scratch the skin for the correction.

You should carefully consider the tweezers inside and outside. The outer surface of the tongs needs to be absolutely flat and smooth. High-quality tweezers to be sharpened inner part. Due to this, the tweezers can remove not only long, but also barely regrown hairs. Well, if the tool is sharpened on the outside this will ensure that in the process of correction. You need to check the forceps after manual sharpening, as it can stay in the notch.

To buy the best tweezers for eyebrows in the professional departments. Experts will help you choose the right tool to give detailed advice on any issue. In these stores, in addition, there is the possibility of sharpening the tweezers.

How to use

It is very important already before the first plucking to select the desired shape of the eyebrows. Changing it requires a lot of effort and takes a long time. With regular procedure, individual hairs will slow its growth.

Before the correction, you must carefully wash your hands. After this, disinfect the skin around the eyebrows and tweezers. During the procedure, you need to use both hands: the fingers of one gently pull the skin, and the second – gripping tweezers, gently remove the hairs. Thus it is possible to reduce pain in the correction. Capture only one thread: it will help to achieve the desired result. After the procedure to reduce pain need to use special cosmetic gel, applied to razdrajennouu the skin area with ice or a bag filled with cold water.

In the presence of ingrown hairs you need to steam the skin and apply a facial scrub. Then, use the tweezers with sharp edges, neatly podzeplje hairs. To avoid such trouble later, you need to carry out the correction only in the direction of hair growth, and regularly exfoliate the top layer of skin.

Particular care

The lifetime of the tweezers is not infinite. To extend it, it’s important to properly care for the instrument. In order to avoid breakage should:

  • to protect it from drops;
  • store in a special case;
  • after every correction to wipe disinfectant.

Even with proper care, the tweezers may become blunt. It happened if the tool does not always captures hairs or barely moving them. To sharpen it you can have a professional wizard or independently. At home, it is easy to do with the help of sandpaper, rubbing the tips of her instrument. Sharpening the tweezers should be held at least 1 time in 6 months.

Quality tweezers for eyebrow correction – an indispensable tool in the care of his face as at home and a professional cosmetologist. Correctly chosen tool will help you quickly and without pain to solve the problem of unwanted hair and to give the exterior a finished look.