Rules for choosing and applying makeup for beginners

Impeccable appearance is a big plus for any woman. But not all know how to paint correctly, especially teenage girls. To correctly use makeup, you need to learn how to do makeup step by step for beginners, and only then will profitable to emphasize the advantages and hide flaws. Eyebrows, applying mascara and shadow, creating a glow and gradual skin – all the makeup Essentials you need to know each woman.


Basic rules for use of cosmetics

The facial skin is sensitive to various cosmetic products, so wash off the makeup you need very carefully. You can’t apply new makeup over old or too thick a layer – this prevents the skin from breathing, clogs the pores, causing redness and rashes. It is not recommended to use excessively bright makeup that beginners make quite often. Girls tend to stress that they are adults, so actively paint the lips, down bright eyes, draw blush, inadvertently causing others laugh.

To always look neat and attractive, note that the application of cosmetics should be gradual and in small quantities. The cosmetics need to purchase only high-quality, specialty stores, and to make a choice depending on the type of face, color of eyes and hair. In addition, the value and time of day: in the morning and daytime makeup should be almost imperceptible.

How to even skin tone face?

Creating a smooth tone of the face

The most important point in applying makeup is the creation of tone. With the help of Foundation clarified some areas and brighten others, emphasize the contours of the face. For applying tone will need:

  • concealer or powder;
  • transparent powder for fixing;
  • bronzer;
  • corrector;
  • sponge or a special brush.

Concealer should match the skin tone; apply it lightly from the center of the face to the cheeks. Sometimes it is enough to cover only problem areas. If it is solid color, the tint all over the face is not recommended – it creates a mask effect. It is very important to learn to sculpted face with makeup and makeup lessons for beginners help to master this process. First you need to find a powder or concealer in tone 2 times lighter than the skin and apply it with a brush on the middle of the forehead, bridge of the nose, the area above the upper lip, chin, cheeks and cheekbones. Then whiskey and wings of nose and corners of the lower jaw are darker bronzer. Dark areas around eyes you need to disguise with concealer.

Each tool is applied in minimal quantities and well rastushevyvaet, otherwise it will get clogged in the folds of skin and spoil everything. Face the right shape to sculpted is not necessary, enough only to adjust a little parts. In order not to look ridiculous, have to practice first at home, having tried phased options and choosing the best.

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping

Studying makeup step by step, special attention should be paid to the eyebrows. An optimal shape can only be a professional makeup artist, because it needs to take into account the shape of the face, and fit the eyes and nose. You can make an easy adjustment, which is to remove superfluous, too protruding hairs and filling in gaps in eyebrows special shades.

Sharp bends and very thin eyebrows are no longer in fashion, so tweeze hairs to be very accurate. If the eyebrows are noticeable gaps, they need to paint the shadows, a shade which slightly lighter natural color of the hair; applied with a special brush in very small amount. No other manipulations in this part of the face is not required – the more natural it will look, the better.

Use mascara and shadows

Step by step for beginners to learn the art of makeup is of great importance to the selection and proper use of mascara. Thick and long eyelashes themselves can be a decoration, but what about those who have they are not beautiful? The range of shades in the stores is huge, and choose from an ideal option is quite difficult. For the blonde girls perfect volume mascara brown color – it will visually enlarge eyelashes, making them thicker will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, but to look it will all be quite natural.

The applying mascara

If the girl has dark hair, you can choose and brown and black ink, brush should be soft, not too long, with identical bristles. Mastering the basics of makeup for beginners, it is important to remember that mascara is applied slowly and very carefully: the eyelashes look unnatural. It is also unacceptable the presence of lumps, as they will appear when putting on mascara too thickly or use expired makeup.

Correctly to wear mascara for beginners the most difficult because in a step by step makeup many of their secrets.

At first it is better to use natural shades of eye shadows such as brown and light brown.

Pink, green, blue color is not for everyone. Black shadows can look inappropriate and rude. Cause the shadows in the growth of eyelashes, and then a little shade. The layer should be very thin and light, then the eyes become more expressive, but not artificial.

Since this makeup tutorials for beginners, using a pencil is not considered: correctly draw arrows and make connections for 1 day can’t be taught. Eyeliner requires a confident and experienced hands, all the lines must be perfectly smooth, neat, in addition, you need to know how to shade that a beginner can not do.

Blush and lipstick

Makeup for beginners there is always a gloss and lip balm, lipstick and blush. In small amounts, they give the image of any girl of liveliness and attractiveness, but if you overdo it, make a doll. To avoid such errors, blush should be used only delicate pink tones, putting them directly on the convex portions of the cheeks. Compact blush is recommended to be applied over powder and cream on cream. Girls can’t choose a lipstick flashy colors, and in most cases it is better to completely abandon it and use only lip balm.

If you want to emphasize the lips, you can take a gloss or a light lipstick in a natural shade without nacre. By following these rules, learn the makeup step by step will be easy.