Rules applying professional makeup

In life can be the most different unexpected situations when an urgent need to look good, to have beautiful hair and professional makeup on the face. Thanks to modern cosmetic products it is not necessary to seek the assistance of professionals, suitable makeup face today can be done independently.

Romantic makeup

What you need for professional makeup?

Every makeup artist has in their Arsenal of secret techniques with which he any housewife in a short time can turn into a beautiful model. But it can be easy to learn myself, to do this simply requires the appropriate mindset and self-confidence. It is important to remember, faith in your own success helps to achieve amazing results in your appearance. Also here you will need good makeup and special tools.


For professional makeup you need:

  • tone means;
  • contour pencils for lips;
  • pencils or eyeliner;
  • the palette of eye shadows;
  • decorative ink;
  • lipstick, gloss;
  • tool for eyebrows.

This cosmetic list are approximate. Because one woman prefers to use Foundation and powder. There definitely will need to choose and the corrector, bronzer or concealer. It all depends on personal goals, skin condition and physical capabilities. But the most important thing is to choose quality makeup, learn how to hide the flaws of your face and skillfully to emphasize its advantages.

Secrets of the pros

To do professional makeup, you need to study your face, determine its advantages and disadvantages, figure out what type of skin. But most importantly, makeup artists believe that the degree of grooming of the skin depends on a successful makeover and the whole appearance of women. Modern cosmetics can help successfully hide many external weakness, but the visual effect will leave much to be desired.

As a result, it is recommended to constantly monitor the skin of your face, in a timely manner to carry out a cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing mask. And not to forget about the peels and scrubs. Thus it is necessary to give preference to proven recipes and tools, otherwise you can get a negative result.

Corrections of deficiencies

Many women are constantly struggling with the treacherous wrinkles, black spots and dark circles under the eyes. Someone is successfully managed, and someone has to take the appropriate action. But if necessary, these imperfections on the face can be quickly and successfully to conceal by purchasing special concealers in different shades.

The scheme of applying correctors to the face

Every professional makeup artist advises to start your own transformation with the eye area. Through the yellow concealer shade can be perfect to camouflage dark circles under the eyes. And wrinkles are usually hidden, using a pink concealer to the eye. These same tools can be great to hide imperfections on other areas of the face.

For a smooth and neat application of a corrector or concealer, use a brush or sponge. Skin with no need to stretch. To give the face a more natural color correction tools, there are solid structures, which are applied after your Foundation. It should be noted here that after long time of Foundation cream on the skin may darken. And this fact becomes apparent by the end of the evening.

Therefore, the makeup artists use concealer a tone lighter than the skin. Perfectly matched tone will help to create a unique make-up day or evening style. But categorically it is not advised to overdo it with hydration of the skin before applying Foundation, because the whole basic make-up then bad will be applied to the face.

Expressive eyes

Schematic drawing shadows

To emphasize beautiful eyes today can not only professionals makeup. One of the main secrets of makeup artists here is the use of light concealer, which is applied a thin line above the eyebrows at 5 mm. This line is carefully shaded and makes the eyes very expressive.

The shadow is best applied starting from the light colors, gradually moving to darker. Lighter shades applied all over the eyelid, blending brush, then dark colors favorably emphasize the natural eye shape.

In the end have decorative applied mascara on the lashes, which effectively creates a visual result. To make the eyes particularly impressive makeup artists use black ink. Initially, the mascara applied to the eyelashes. When the first coat dries, the roots of the lashes falls the second layer. And without waiting for complete drying, the decorative ink is fixed with special tweezers, thereby creating a raised effect to the lashes.

The final stage

Professional make-up especially designed for accenting eyes and lips but to ignore it is impossible, even if a woman prefers to use just a subtle Shine.

In any case, whatever was used in makeup, be sure to emphasize the fullness of the lips contour with the pencil and then apply lipstick or gloss.

The finishing touch to professional makeup artist – this is a neat application of powder and blush. A thin even layer of powder, applied with a special brush, gives you the opportunity to permanently fix the cosmetics and level Foundation. Correctly applied blush and give the opportunity to look younger than your age.

Most importantly, learning and using the secrets of makeup artists, don’t be in a hurry and to act with great care to pick the right cosmetics with good hints. And another trick – when applying makeup, you cannot use ordinary light bulb. Professionals work only with special lamp, but in the absence of such cosmetics better to lay in front of the window in daylight.