Romantic delicate makeup

Beautiful delicate makeup always relevant it is great for young girls who want to emphasize their elegance, femininity, refinement. Gentle makeup and filling the woman charm and special grace, it is very easy to apply, its important to use the right shades. To create a romantic image, often using pastel colors, among which white, peach, beige, light pink.

Romantic makeup

For gentle make-up you can choose the palette that will dominate the color pink, it is well suited for blondes, brunettes and red-haired beauties.

Romantic makeup used to create the image of the bride, soft pastel colors will help to emphasize the charm and gracefulness. This make-up can be applied every day, it also demonstrates your natural beauty.

How to make a delicate make-up?

Undoubtedly, every girl wants to emphasize the expressiveness of his image and its inherent individuality. For a special occasion, you can use bright make-up, the perfect occasion will be a theme party or a social event. If you want to emphasize the naturalness, you’ll enjoy a soft, beautiful makeup. To do this, you must follow the simple rules and be neat. To achieve a good effect of cosmetics, it is necessary to properly prepare the ground.

Gentle make-up

Funds should smooth and soft to lie on the face, it is important to prevent flaws, distortions and all kinds of defects. First, the skin should be cleaned, then applied makeup base, you should choose it according to skin type. Often use mousse Foundation, concealer, light powder, in some cases, use a powder or concealer with reflective particles that create a shimmering effect. After such application, the skin looks beautiful and natural.

How to make natural tender makeup? In the process of make-up you need to properly apply the shadow. So they lay smooth and regular, the necessary primer, which will allow you to use the shadows any consistency. This tool will provide vitality, will make the surface of the eyelids and velvety smoother. For grey eyes it is recommended to use blue, light blue, silver colours, they will add richness and expression, such colors accentuate your natural beauty.

The eyes must reflect your femininity, you can use gold, beige, milk, pearl color. These shadows do look attractive, appealing and more expressive. If you want to emphasise blue eyes, use a pearl-gray tones as the base, also suitable for smoke, light brown, gold, peach. For green eyes, apply caramel, nutty, Golden shades, they will give a look of mystery, charm and allure.

The secrets of proper application of cosmetics

The application of gentle makeup

The color that was selected as the primary, apply all over the eyelid and gently spread. The average tone is applied in the crease, outer corner of the eye you can draw using it. On the inner corner and under the eyebrow apply the light colors from the palette. Your look will become more expressive, will find a charm, radiance and additional a mystery. This make-up well suited for girls that have close-set eyes.

To create a romantic beautiful makeup can not draw in any details. How to make eyes more expressive? Emphasize them with eyeliner. This way you will be able to make the path clearer. For gentle make-up is not recommended to use black eyeliner, it can mess up your sensual image. For gray eyes apply eyeliner grey color, good dark blue. To emphasize green eyes, use copper, purple or dark brown eyeliner. Blue gas fit gray, silver, pearl. If you need to emphasize brown eyes use purple, gold, eyeliner chocolate color. Samples can be seen by examining images and photo.

Effect gentle natural makeup to blow the spot any beauty lover. It is important to choose the appropriate mascara, try to focus on the transparency of the image, demonstrating grace. It is recommended to choose a brown mascara, preferably not too dark.

In delicate make-up should accentuate the cheekbones, use light pink, peach, caramel tones, try to apply them on the apples of the cheeks. For lips, it is customary to use a natural pink shades, good beige. The color should be the tone for the makeup, the lips should not stand out and be too bright. For fixing of the image is a transparent gloss.