How to restore eyelashes after eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extension is a popular procedure that is considered harmless in terms of negative health effects. However, most of the girls who did face the problem of hair loss and weakening of your lashes. But don’t be afraid, because there are many methods how to restore lashes after eyelash extensions and give them back their former appearance.

Extended eyelashes

Why increase leads to a weakening of the eyelashes?

The essence of the procedure of building is that on your artificial eyelashes are attached. Of course, for the wizard, apply the most sparing compounds, which are not able to harm the health of the eyes and skin of the eyelids. But still, to do only organic substances is not obtained, the material is kept securely and not fall off too quickly, the chemical compound in the glue is simply necessary. Due to such prolonged exposure to the hair it destroys the structure that actually leads to a deterioration of their condition.

Another negative consequence is that eyelashes grow, then, and are updated more slowly. Because of this, the appearance of the eye deteriorates. Below is a quick fix, it is necessary to apply methods that accelerate recovery of eyelash after extension. But it is worth noting that it is necessary not to all. There are times when accreted material and the glue doesn’t affect the lashes. However, the girl seems half my eyelashes fell out because she was used to that volume, which created artificial cilia. To accurately determine whether treatment and recovery is possible, for example, to view your old photos and compare.

Regardless of the nature of the data, the determining factor in the security of the beauty treatments is wizard.

The procedure of eyelash

First, it depends on how quickly glued the lashes will begin to fall away, and secondly, the accuracy of the final result. If one artificial hair is attached at the series, they will start to shrink, and their loss over time is inevitable. Accordingly, if you choose the wizard you need to examine the reviews of clients about it on the discussion forums or, even better, ask around among your friends. Trust your eyes, it is only the professional.


The main methods of recovery of the eyelashes after treatment capacity

The basis of all the methods, how to restore lashes after extension is their nutrition active substances that strengthen roots of hairs. Even during the build to consult with the wizard and pick up a quality tool, used to start from the beginning.

There are also a number of natural solutions that are suitable for these purposes. First of all, this oil. Their useful properties in the care of hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows, commonly known. The most easily accessible, while efficient, is castor oil. But you need to use it carefully so it does not fall into the eyes. First you need to slightly dampen it with a cotton swab, then apply oil to the roots of eyelashes, closing the eyes. Clean brush from an old mascara to make it even easier. In 7-10 minutes you have to wash off the castor oil with warm water.

The infusion of chamomile for the treatment of eyelashes

On the lid work great and other oils: almond, sea buckthorn, burdock (without added pepper), peach pits. They can be used separately or in mixture. After 1 week of regular use it will become noticeable that the eyelashes grow faster and become stronger. Moreover, such mixtures can be applied not only locally, but also on the entire area around the eyes as they are perfectly nourish and soften the delicate skin in this area.

Of course, in addition to the external procedures have to go change of diet and taking vitamins. The main substance that affects the speed of hair growth is protein. Accordingly, the daily menu should include meat, nuts, dairy products. This has a positive impact on health in General.

The use decoctions of herbs in the treatment of eyelash

Decoctions and infusions of various herbs can be a great effective addition to the main method of recovery of the cilia. For this purpose, suitable even plain black tea, but natural, which does not include chemical dyes and flavor enhancers. In the strong welding is necessary to moisten a cotton pad and apply to eyes for 15-20 minutes. This will not only strengthen eyelashes, but also removes swelling of the eyelids.

According to the same algorithm as tea, it is useful to apply the following herbs: chamomile, calendula, sage. Decoction prepared in the proportion of 2 teaspoons of dry herb in 1 Cup of water.

Another incredibly effective tool, which is unfairly left behind – the juice of aloe. He mixed with castor or burdock oil in the ratio of 1:1, helping to restore lashes after extension is very fast. Application method is same as that of pure oil is applied to the roots of the lashes on for 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. To improve the efficiency of this mixture, you can add 1 drop of vitamin E.

How long will it take to restore to its original condition eyelashes?

Of course, every girl individually, all processes in the body are different, that means restoring eyelashes we at your own pace. But in any natural data, you need to be patient as it will take several months, although improvements are often visible after a few weeks.

This process has accelerated, it is necessary to follow the several simple rules:

  • do not rub the eye, to minimize any mechanical impact on the lashes;
  • it is desirable to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics for the eyes;
  • re-to do no earlier than six months.

Thus, the eyelash doesn’t bring considerable harm, but leads to a weakening and loss of their cilia. To restore them, you need to carefully care for them is to apply specialized nutritional tools, as well as natural oils.