The remedy for the eyelashes – castor oil

Beautiful thick lashes – every girl’s dream. However, a long, from the nature of the cilia can not every. Naturally, to achieve gorgeous results with ink, but it is necessary to wash it as little short hairs again remind myself.

Beautiful thick lashes

As a therapeutic agent for eyelashes castor oil has been used for a long time. But still not every fashionista knows all the details of the application and impact of this tool.

The effect of castor oil on eyelash growth

In the composition of castor oil there are different acids, in particular ricinoleic, linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic. Among the components there are vitamins (A, E). Getting to the hair follicle, stimulate its oil, so this effect is noticeable even in those areas where the formed small holes. Besides, this tool can not only speed up hair growth, but also to ensure that they grow up healthy. That is, using castor oil, you can count on a strong, shiny and slightly darkened lashes.

Castor oil

The positive characteristics of castor oil include the following:

  • after application, not greasy and films;
  • lengthens each hair by absorbing into the hair follicles;
  • restores the structure of damaged cilia;
  • glued small flakes;
  • aktiviziruyutsya “asleep” hairs;
  • increases the volume of eyelashes;
  • less visible crow’s feet around the eyes.

The last point, many may be questionable. The fact that it is difficult to apply the oil only to the roots of the hairs, so it gets on the skin around the eyes. Thanks to the valuable ingredients, it rejuvenates.

Since the use of mascara does not go unnoticed, the consequences will soon make itself felt. Of course, you can ask for help in salons or to purchase expensive tools for the care of eyelashes. However, why pay more? Castor oil perfectly cope with this work.

Castor oil for eyelashes: apply

Applying oil to the lashes

Many might imagine this process as torture. Nothing of the sort. Moreover, experts recommend to take for a habit daily to apply castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows. As decorative cosmetics only temporarily hide all the flaws (and then, with skillful use), after make-up removal can be seen if not by nature short cilia, is damaged.

Before you apply the oil, to wash. On top of mascara, it just will not work. It should be noted that the wiping of the skin with a cotton pad soaked in lotion or gel, is not considered washing. The use of these funds still leaves a substance, it is therefore necessary to rinse with water.

The tassel, which you need to apply the oil, you can make your own. This can be useful old brush from the carcass. But before to use it, you must remove all residual makeup. To use the brush need only dry. The oil reacts with water, will only bring you inconvenience.

To the oil droplet does not drip from the brush before applying it on your eyelashes, you need to overcome it. Besides a thick layer of oil on the eyelashes – it’s uncomfortable. If a drop gets into the eye, the feeling is not pleasant, but not fatal. It is enough to wash the affected area with water.

Eyelash growth

Do not rush to remove the oil. It is advisable to apply it before going to sleep, when skin is resting. It’s the perfect time for such a procedure.

Some girls use a brush instead of cotton swab. To call this “instrument” more comfortable difficult, because the likelihood of accidentally poke myself in the eye with a stick or the possibility of getting oil in the eye increases several times. Besides is much easier the familiar movement of the hand to just paint over the lashes and all. The excess oil will drain on to the hair at the bulb, if during application the brush did not get to the root.

If it turned out that on the eyelashes too much oil, a cotton pad to help you. When the means of many, is also wrong. Lashes should not stick together. Use wet cotton pad or cloth and problem solved.

Castor oil for eyelashes: discomfort

Before and after treatment with castor oil

Of course, the cons are even at this amazing tool, which helps the eyelashes to become thicker and longer. Although you can call the following points the cons or negative sides difficult, rather they can be attributed to the unpleasant moments that you want-not want, and will occur during the procedure. It’s smell and texture.

Not all ladies like the smell of castor oil. The second thing that bothers ladies, consistency. Castor oil is thick and sticky, but this is reflected in the name – oil.

It is not necessary to deny and disregard the possibility of allergic reactions after application of castor oil on the lashes. Despite the fact that it has many positive characteristics and is used frequently, some may experience itching and redness.

If after treatment you have had such feelings, the urgent need to wash away the oil and plenty of water. It is advisable not to quit and to seek the advice of a doctor.

Sometimes castor oil can cause swelling of the eyelids. But it happens not because it is bad for the hair follicles, and due to the fact that its too much. Here’s why you should not overdo it.

Recipes using castor oil for eyelashes

For prevention you can apply castor oil in its pure form. It is enough to do the procedure two hours before sleep about 3 times a week. If the lashes are already a little hurt by your love for decorative cosmetics, the procedure should be repeated daily.

Given that not all can bear the smell of castor oil, there are many recipes where castor oil is mixed in certain proportions with other nutrients. For example, to increase power, add a few drops of vitamin A or E.

If in equal proportions to mix the oil with carrot juice or a strong brew of black tea, after a few treatments the lashes will attain a darker shade.

You can strengthen the lashes with an oil mixture, which will need to:

  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil;
  • 1 teaspoon of burdock oil;
  • 3 drops of vitamin E;
  • 3 drops of aloe juice.

Mix all the ingredients, the mixture should be applied on the eyelashes every day for a month. This will help to strengthen weakened hair. Therefore, enhancing the growth of eyelashes and castor oil can be considered synonymous.

Not less famous for its positive effect and sea buckthorn oil. It softens and nourishes the hairs. It can be used alone or together with castor.

Castor oil can be mixed with almond, peach, coconut and olive oils.

However, before choosing any other oil should carefully examine how the react with components of both substances.

For this there is a manual, which is quite often overlooked girls, and I remember already at the doctor’s. Before applying any of the oils you need to know if you have allergic reactions to components.

If eyelashes falling out then you can make the best remedy to strengthen them on their own. For this you will need:

  • finely ground rose hips;
  • 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of burdock oil.

Mixing all components, the resulting mixture should be put in a dark place for 10 days. After it completed all the necessary processes, the mixture should be filtered and obtained by the daily lubricate the eyelashes.

All the necessary ingredients of recipes can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Some suggest to use a hair mask as masks for eyelashes, but this venture can hardly be considered as logical as itching and pain, which will appear if such funds gets into the eye, it is difficult to describe.

Reviews in which the girls share the effect of castor oil and mixtures are extremely positive. The only thing that can disappoint, as noted earlier, is the emergence of allergic reactions.