How to reduce the nose with makeup?

The harmony of the traits that makes a face beautiful, largely depends on the ratio of the sizes of its parts. To change the visual impression of non-matching each other shit helps decorative cosmetics.

The problem with big nose

If you know how to reduce the nose with makeup, its proportions can result in accordance with other facial features. To divert attention from the size of the nose help cosmetics, modeling the shape of the face.

What techniques are used to correct?

To adjust the shape and size of the nose needs to take into account peculiarities of visual perception:

  1. Skin, selected a light tone to attract attention.
  2. Smooth the surface by using more dark shades.
  3. The emphasis with makeup some of the facial features distracts attention from others.

Powder with mattifying effect

To get feminine makeup natural look, use matte shades of powder and other Foundation funds.

To complete the makeover, you will need several shades of tones for the face, and the underlying tone needs as closely as possible to match the natural skin color. You will also need a means semitone lighter and a half-tone darker than the main. Tools for cosmetics should have a fairly dense, natural-looking when applied the texture. Smooth transitions from one tone to another allow you to make the features softer and give a person a great harmony.

How to change the wrong traits?

Before reducing the major features of using visual effects, you need to be able to work. You will need a concealer, matifying powder, a thin (for drawing lines) and thick (sponge) brush. To get quality make-up, you need to make a seamless transition from one color to another. Tones to achieve the desired makeup effect, can not be mixed. In the process, the darker shade should be applied on the nose pieces, which are preferably reduced. A lighter tone enhances features.

Before correction procedure the skin should be clean and to wear under makeup a little light cream. After it is completely absorbed on the face you should apply a base tone. If the skin remains oily sheen, it can be removed with a cloth. We use the following technical methods:

The scheme of dimming areas of the nose depending on the shape of the nose

  1. If the nose is large, but has the correct form, then the entire surface (visual reduction) is covered with the darker tone of the base.
  2. Long narrow nose, it is desirable to visually shorten and widen. This center strike a light tone, and for the tip area and nostrils using a dark shade.
  3. To correct a large hump, the glabellar area and the base of the nose emit light tone.
  4. Excessive width can be removed parallel straight dark lines drawn from the beginning of the brow to the tip of the nose. The area between the lines, starting from the nose, making it more bright.
  5. Large round nose to make it smaller, darken the wings and the side surface
  6. To adjust the curvature to the left, you need to make the center-left side is lighter and the center of the right side should be darker. When the curvature in the other side of the dark and light change places.
  7. Large flat nose need to “lift” the nose, making it lighter. Thus the lateral areas should be darker.

Used techniques to visually change the size, make the facial features match with each other.

The emphasis on other facial features

Example make-up, corrective big nose

How to make nose less noticeable, highlighting other parts of the face? To bring attention to the eyes, you can highlight them with eyeliner and mascara, with the nose cover bright tone and on the lips apply the gloss. You can highlight the lips using bright lipstick, in this case, the eye is released is not necessary. Diverting attention from a large nose, you can emphasize blush to the cheekbones using orange or bronze tones. Excess makeup and remove with a sponge, and fasten it pripudrivania Matt face powder.

The shape of the eyebrows also affects the perception of facial features, so it is important to choose it correctly. Thick eyebrows always attract attention to nose, eyebrows “in thread” his enlarged and light brows make the face dull. Curved in a semicircle dark eyebrows, diverting attention from the nose, will emphasize the eyes. To complete the design of the face will help hairstyle, which must be thick and long bangs. Open forehead, or short bangs will make the look open, and his nose more petite.

Correctly placing accents and knowing how to reduce the nose with makeup, you can achieve visual proportionality of all parts of the face. The use of cosmetics helps to improve self-esteem, to transform their appearance, making the spout is so discreet that it will seem small. Beautifies the appearance of not only cosmetics, but also in a good mood, confidence and a nice smile. Not necessarily follow the conventional standards, it is possible to find a highlight in appearance of each.