As quick and easy to make makeup at home?

What girl does not dream about the perfectly smooth skin, expressive eyes and sensual lips! Pictures of fashion magazines are full of flawless images, but is it possible a great result at home and on their own? Of course, Yes! Even without the services of professional beauticians and stylists beautiful makeup at home under the force of each. Closely enough to see the subtleties of the use of cosmetics preparation procedure of the skin and basics of make-up. Useful and simple tips on how to make beautiful makeup at home that will help women create the perfect image.

Evening makeup

The nuances of a good makeup

Modern tools can radically transform a woman’s face, but it is not necessary to rely on them. To makeover in the home is managed should take care to condition their skin. Acne, signs of fatigue and lack of sleep, clogged pores and an unhealthy complexion is not attractive in a woman. Yes, deficiencies can be hidden, but it is better to prevent their occurrence. Regularly clean the skin, moisturize, exfoliate, use masks. When applying makeup it is very important good lighting and a large mirror. They will help to make a beautiful and successful image, without blurry mascara, lipstick or unevenly applied shadows.

Cleansing the face before makeup

Many makeup artists advise to paint under the lighting conditions in which you plan to stay. If you want to do a makeup day, makeup should be in front of the window, under natural light. To make a beautiful evening look will help the bright light of electric lamps. To follow these tips or not, every woman decides for herself, but first check the image in terms of lighting. So beautiful makeup will be more tailored and neat.

Be sure to choose a makeup palette that matches the overall complexion. Categories “Summer” and “Winter” should focus on cool shades, “Spring” and “Autumn” – warm. On as a decorative means is not worth saving, otherwise you risk to deal with allergies, uneven texture or other trouble.

Applying base makeup

Follow the shelf life of your cosmetics. Mascara is better to use within 3 months after opening, nothing more.

Beautiful makeup primarily corresponds to the time, place, and reason. Even the most refined evening in the atmosphere of the morning office will look ridiculous. For summer make-up should do the most natural makeup, not overloaded with multiple layers of powder and Foundation. Otherwise there is a risk of “leak” from Princess to turn into a hobgoblin. For winter natural makeup can be very pale and expressionless, so it should add a bold and vivid accent on lips or eyes.

Cleansing and skin preparation

Beautiful makeup starts with the pre-preparatory procedures. Before applying makeup the skin must be cleaned with special lotion or facial cleanser, moisturize with cream.

The tool must match the skin type. Next, removed minor flaws. Corrector with reflective particles zastrahovatsja problem areas, dark circles under the eyes can be hidden with a concealer lighter than your skin tone, redness, effectively hiding the special pencil. Natural makeup does not involve contrasting combinations or bright colors, the secret of his expression is in the complex play of colors. It is better to use cosmetic products with light texture, transparent, to avoid excessive gloss, pearl, clear boundaries and contours.

How to do makeup well? Definitely need to equalize the skin tone. This will help a Foundation that is as close to natural skin tone. It is applied to the face and neck in a thin layer evenly and gently. The Foundation helps make the skin smooth, well-groomed, with a natural glow.

For oily skin it is advisable to do makeup with a creamy powder, and dry skin will suit a special cream with moisturizing effect or liquid Foundation.

Stepping eye makeup

Concealer should be put on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Then blend with sponge or fingers. The excess removed with a cotton pad. Cosmetics based on silicone or wax more stable, holds better and longer retains a freshness effect.

Next beautiful makeover, secured the loose powder. It gives the skin a velvety texture, removes excess Shine. The tone of the powder matches the skin tone or slightly lighter. Composition easier to apply round brush, lightly, starting from his forehead and slowly moving to the neck. To correct make-up comfortable foam with a sponge or rag. How to do makeup uniform? Hit the brush on the edge of her compact to get rid of excess powder. Do the movements carefully, not to overdo the amount of powder, otherwise the pores will get clogged and the skin cannot breathe. Natural makeup involves the use of transparent, ultra-light compounds. Proper application of powder and concealer help even at home to adjust the shape of the face, nose, lips. Dark shades hiding the extra light – add volume to areas.

Secrets of expressive accents

The right blush depending on face type

Blush comfortable doing expressive relief face. On the cheekbones or cheeks, depending on the shape of the face, apply a thin layer of tools, 1-2 shades darker than skin color. For triangular faces should highlight top of the cheekbones, to the long – blush applied to the cheeks and mid-ground towards the cheekbones.

How to make beautiful makeup chubby? Apply the composition from the middle of the triangle cheeks to the temples. For women with square shape face apply the blush in a straight line, starting from the middle of the lower eyelid to the cheek. When you use a sponge to do a natural makeup will help circular motion, using a brush – movement up and down.

The brows should give a neat shape, comb, small brush, touch up with a pencil in small strokes and blend. To do make up harmonious, on the eyelids, eyelashes and lips should also be applied to the powder. Then mascara and lipstick on evenly, lashes do not stick together. How to make the look more expressive?

Eyebrow shaping

Using shadow or pencil. The latter must harmonize with the hue of the iris of the eyes, skin color and hair, the outfit and the whole look. Natural makeup does not include the use of particularly bright colors. But if you really really want, have a good shade of shadow. So they look less challenging. Light shades enhance the eyes, and reduces dark.

The last step in how to do beautiful eye makeup is applying mascara. Lashes stained several times. It is important that the previous layer had time to dry. To make up a harmonious, need mascara applied neatly, with no lumps, “spider legs” and glued cilia.

The final touch to a perfect image

The use of a lip liner

The last step is to paint the lips. Be sure to observe the rule of accents: you can highlight or only eyes or only lips. To do natural makeup, enough to give expression to eyes and lips to leave the natural, just a shade darker and lighter shades (caramel, honey, light coral, pale pink).

If you want to make yourself a beautiful makeup, with a focus on lips, be sure to use a contour pencil. The latter goes well with the lipstick, but not bright and clear glitter.

How to make lips more attractive? Give them the desired shape contour pencil. For thin lips you need to slightly go beyond the natural border for the complete opposite. A key caveat – the sense of proportion. Should not significantly change the natural contours, it looks vulgar. Mouth small form fit bright shades of lipstick, visually enhances the lips, and Vice versa. Cosmetics applied from the center of the upper lip to the corners.

A little practice and the problem of how to make attractive makeover, will cease to be a problem. Caring for your skin, soft, smooth, harmonious combination of colors and accents – and your image spotless.