How to properly and painlessly pluck eyebrows

Eyes are the most expressive and memorable part of a woman’s face. There are many cosmetic products designed to enhance the beauty of eyes but the whole look can spoil unkempt eyebrows. Many women over the age of 16 an increase in the density of eyebrows and appearance of the hairs out of the General line. In addition, few people from nature eyebrows have a beautiful shape. The only way to get eyebrows is tweezing.

Plucking eyebrows independently

How to pluck eyebrows, knows every woman, but not all know exactly how to remove individual hairs with the goal of creating a beautiful correct outline brownii arcs, and painlessly and with a nice neat result. In this case, there are many subtleties that are not always known to the women, who independently wish to bring your eyebrows in order, but at the same time, these little secrets have long been used by professionals in beauty salons.

Tools for eyebrow correction

Before you think about how an eyebrow tweeze and what form the best fit, you must first pick up tool. To the minimum necessary for correction include:

  • a large mirror;
  • tweezers with sharp tips;
  • disinfectant.

Tools for grooming eyebrows

In addition, the kit for plucking eyebrows you can add stencils and cream with aloe Vera. It should say that tweezers is better to buy a special, as it has the appropriate coverage, and therefore will last much longer, and notches on special tweezers will allow for better capture hairs that you want to delete. Before conducting each procedure is necessary to disinfect the tweezers, as it can contain pathogenic microorganisms.

The subtleties of the selection of the shape of the eyebrows

Many women are primarily interested in what the shape of the eyebrows should they do in order to enhance the beauty of eyes and make the overall look more elegant. There are 4 main types of eyebrow shapes:

  1. Round.
  2. Direct.
  3. Curved.
  4. Broken.

Broken eyebrow is more commonly seen in women of creative professions, who are trying to stand out in their appearance, so not every woman wants to have a similar shape of the eyebrows. Most preferred for the majority of women are straight and curved eyebrows, which are very close to the natural form of those who by nature has a perfect arc.

The definition of the contour of the eyebrows

Fashion is quite changeable, and if yesterday was a fashionable thin, almost shapeless lines, arcs, at the present time, fashion tends to be more natural. However, not always need to rely on fashion trends, because all women have different face shape, cheekbones and different eye shape. So do not fully trust the pattern – it will lead to what is seemingly a win-win situation for the particular person it will look not too well.

Round eyebrows are not suitable for everyone, so as to make this form look good, the woman must be a fairly large entity, otherwise the arc will look too big. When shaping the eyebrow plays an important role. For example, women with oval shape faces, can be formed smooth arc lines, which emphasize the softness and naturalness of the face. In the case where women face is oval, it is best to do arc eyebrows slightly raised and slightly rounded terminations. The small triangular faces ideal moderately raised long eyebrows. Square face with significantly eye-catching cheekbones perfectly accentuate a long, curved eyebrow, designed in the form of smooth arcs.

Preparing for a correction

Eyebrow removal requires some preliminary procedures. First you need to disinfect all instruments that will be used to remove excess hair and shape a beautiful arc. Disinfect metal tools you can use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or salicylic acid. In addition, directly before starting work, thoroughly clean treatment area with a sponge soaked in salicylic acid, as this will eliminate harmful bacteria dwelling on the skin’s surface.

Eyebrow shaping with thread

Approximately 10-15 minutes before beginning to pluck extra hairs, is massage, apply a cream with aloe. You should not take fatty cream, as it is better suited to a water based cream. The cream should be rubbed until the beginning of the procedure. The use of the cream allows to significantly soften the skin and reduce pain. If a woman has skin in the eyebrows are very sensitive, you can use more effective methods to reduce the level of pain during the procedure.

There are several ways to reduce pain during the plucking of the eyebrows, so any girl can pick the best for himself. Many women say that the least painful procedure of eliminating excess hair is if you take a hot shower or bath. This effect has a scientific basis, because when exposed to warm water vapor pores expand, so the edges of the follicle are revealed to pluck eyebrows becomes less traumatic and painful.

To reduce pain while plucking your eyebrows can be used even cold.

To reduce the pain, enough to put a bag of ice for about 2-5 minutes, after which you can begin to tweeze. If you want you can use some modern and more effective painkillers. Excellent effect and provide pain substances in the sprays. To numb the desired area several times to sprinkle the medicine on a cotton swab and then wipe the treated area. After all the preliminary procedures, you can begin shaping the eyebrow with the perfect shape.

How to pluck eyebrows: a little subtlery

What could be simpler than the procedure for the correction of eyebrows? In fact, that the result was perfect, you must know the many subtleties of this process. Presence of certain knowledge concerning the intricacies of how to pluck eyebrows, allows to simplify the procedure and make it less long and painful. In case if before you start to tweeze, the cream was applied, the surface of the eyebrows should be cleaned with alcohol a raster, then the hairs will not slip and it will go much easier and faster. Whatever natural form it is worth remembering that high eyebrows make the eyes look more expressive and impressive, therefore, the upper part of the arc to pull out is not worth it.

The process of plucking eyebrows

Start to tweeze you need from the line of the nose, but we should remember one important rule relating to conditional lines, which are required to conduct the hair removal. The first line stretches from the wing of the nose to the eyebrows, passing through the corner of his eye. This line, crossing from the nail shows where the line should begin the inner loop of the arc. This is especially important for those who have very thick eyebrows naturally. All the hairs in the nose behind this line should be removed in the first place to define the second point that will place the refraction or bending. You need to get up in front of the mirror, attach a pencil to the nose and then rotate it so that it covered the iris of the eye. The place where the pencil will touch the eyebrow, and there is an optimal point of the curve. The third line marks the point of completion of the length of the eyebrows. It is necessary to take a pencil and guide it through the outer corner of the eye, at its point of contact with the eyebrows should be to complete the formation of browney arc.

If you want you can make your photo and using these rules to hold all the lines on it, and then determine the main points of the beginning, end and the bend of the eyebrows.

If the procedure of measuring all of the points needed to form an ideal contour of the eyebrows seem too tedious and complex, you can use a more modern tool, that is the stencil. Stencils for shaping the perfect eyebrow is represented by forms of soft or hard plastic.

To define the future shape of eyebrows, you need to attach the stencil to the starting point in the middle of the nose, and then part, appeared visible in the cutout of the stencil, carefully paint with a pencil. Then eyebrows must be carefully brushed in using a special brush, and then remove all the hairs that were not filled during the initiation of the template.

Pull out the hair it is necessary in the direction of growth, it reduces the risk of breakage, which is very important, so as to remove the remaining part of the then very problematic. When you remove the hairs to grab them with tweezers necessary at the base and pull with a sharp motion. After the correction form, you must handle the skin in the eyebrow any disinfectant.