How to properly apply the cream on face?

Abundance of face creams for the ladies ‘ dressing table today are nothing new. Beauty industry, tirelessly working in this field, offering our girls the eye cream, night cream, day, makeup, suntan and a bunch of other expensive and not very much money.

Application of the cream on the face

Very common situation: a lady bought an expensive tool and not knowing how to properly apply the cream on face, using it a week, a month, a highly publicized the effect of it does not occur. The first thing that comes to mind is that fake. Not many women would think that the problem is a wrong application of makeup. They say, paint, as had always applied, nothing tricky here, no! It’s not so simple. Cosmetics, you compare drug. Medications we accept certain rules: they provide information on dosage, method and frequency of taking the pill or medicine. With the means to face the same thing: the effect is only when makeup is applied correctly. And how, don’t know everything.

How to apply cream on the face? The answer to this question will be useful to read all without exception, women.

Cleanse face and hands

The cleansing of facial skin

Before applying the cream the skin should be prepared, well prepared. No harm will slightly dry the face with napkin. We should not forget hand hygiene before cosmetic procedures. This is necessary in order to protect the skin, and the remedy in a jar from excess bacteria, which abound in dirty hands. Well, if your hands before home cosmetic procedure are warm. Preparing for a cosmetic procedure will not take much time, but greatly increase the effect of the procedure.

The movement should be patting

Apply a cosmetic emulsion need Pat. First, Pat the face with fingertips is having a good massage effect. Blood flow in the tissues of the face is enhanced, skin is slightly heated, and the absorption of nutrients more efficiently. Second, Pat is a good alternative to rubbing movements of the fingers, which stretch the skin and trigger the appearance of wrinkles.

A little bit about the massage lines

Cosmetics will have the greatest efficiency, if applied by special massage lines. These lines are due to areas where the skin stretches the least. Here, the principle of “from the center to the edge.” We will consider features of application of the cream by massaging different areas of the face.

To start the skin care with better frontal zone. A few drops of cream applied to the middle part of the forehead. Then toward the temples with fingertips, taking care not to stretch the skin, the cream should be spread over the remaining part of the forehead.

Massage lines of the face

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin, and therefore to act when applying the cream should be very careful. Eye cream is distributed in the direction from the temple to the bridge of the nose, above the eye, from the nose to the temple. Better to use a cream specific, it takes into account the skin around the eyes.

Next, a small amount of cream should be applied to the back of the nose and gently toward the ear shells to distribute the cream on the nose and cheeks.

Similarly, the cosmetic product is applied to the area above the upper lip.

The skin on the chin is stretched less in the direction from the middle to ears, and therefore the nutrient emulsion to the chin should be applied as well.

These are the main rules which must be adhered to when caring for the skin. Remember you need about the skin of the neck. She is aging much faster than the person issuing treacherously age women. Therefore, the care of this body part need special. Cream is generally applied to movements “up and down”.

Features toning

We should also mention the Foundation. The main objectives of this cosmetics – disguises minor skin imperfections and uniform the skin. To properly apply the cream on the face is important here. For convenience, you can use a sponge or a brush. They will provide a more even distribution of the cosmetic.

It is worth mentioning that the way to choose correctly. No matter how carefully nor complied with the rules of applying cosmetics on the skin if they are picked up illiterate, benefit from them will not.

To advise you on this issue may be experienced beautician, then guarantee that the skin will become young and beautiful, absolutely.

How to use cosmetic, should know every lady. There are no difficult manipulation. Having done the proper procedures to apply nourishing emulsion on the face a few times, every woman will do that later automatically.

And the result is a simple work – youth and beauty of skin.