Professional and home-permanent make-up eyebrows

What hides behind the alluring phrase permanent make-up eyebrows? Not all girls are familiar with the term, but to meet him would certainly many. So, this procedure is a temporary tattoo eyebrows, which, as a means for colouring using henna, usually Iranian.

The permanent make-up eyebrows natural paint

After reading the below information, everyone will have sufficient theoretical material relating to tattoo a variety of the shape of the eyebrows using henna.

Iranian paint: what is it good?

You should distinguish between the concept of tattooing permanent make-up and ordinary. The first differs from the second by its gentle effect on the skin. The word “bio” indicates something biological, natural, natural. Indeed, with this method of eyebrow in the course is henna, a tool developed by nature. It allows you to change the shape of women’s eyebrows, to give them elegance, brightness, sharpness of the line. The bitatawa is a great alternative to cosmetic tattooing.

This procedure began to be used for a long time. She came to our shores from India and Africa. A local resident took pleasure in painting themselves with henna eyebrows, trying to look attractive. And it is successfully managed. Yes so that the procedure has taken root and reached the beauties of living on the neighbouring continents. It is remarkable that the permanent make-up eyebrows can without fear to implement even future moms: the child that won’t hurt the paint does not contain dangerous for the health chemicals.

Varieties of colors and duration of its durability

Applying henna through a stencil

Henna is not only affordable and sold in almost all household stores and pharmacies, but also available in a color assortment. So, anyone can pick up a paint according to your preferences. Someone like ash brown color, the other like blue-black, and some girls see their hair in a rich chocolate color as the stars in pictures from magazines. All these shades offers henna for permanent make-up. The word to notice, she does not excite allergic reactions, and even beneficial effect on human skin.

Quality henna tattoo eyebrows can last more than twenty days. Of course, the timing can be different – it affects purely individual characteristic features of skin type. It is important to remember that in a beauty salon permanent makeup will hold better than the girl do it yourself, sitting at home in front of the mirror. In hairdressing and beauty salons, a team of true professionals that such procedures are carried out many times and know all their subtleties.

In who permanent make-up has found recognition?

Among girls who resort to such measure as a permanent make-up eyebrows, a lot of complexes about thick eyebrows. After all, everyone wants to look beautiful and to attract the views of men. However, deep and merciless tattooing with henna or other means representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not always agree, because simply afraid to make such big moves.

The permanent make-up is the perfect solution for new moms

However, thin hair still want to turn into dark and thick, so beauty and resort to coloring eyebrows with henna Iranian. Often this method is used just given birth women: after birth, they want to quickly get in shape, but applied to the skin makeup they fear. The permanent make-up in this case is the ideal solution.

It is necessary to note also the time it takes for such staining. If the normal permanent makeup eyebrows will spend too many precious minutes for a woman, especially when she turns to the specialist and sits for hours in the salon, the gentle henna painting will be a real lifesaver. The girl in the short term will have time to freshen up and happy to go to deal with personal matters. Obvious plus!

Professional staining: advantages of the method cabin

The permanent makeup eyebrows done by a specialist will be pleased, of course, all girls. If they have enough free time to dedicate to it in the beauty salon.

Just do not forget about the one contraindication: tattoo henna is canceled in the case of scars on the skin, and open sores.

Makeup artists do not always perform the procedure is the same, regardless of hair color client. On the contrary, the first professional inspects the hair and then concludes, as it is preferable to conduct a henna tattoo eyebrows. For example, blonde girls get attractive image, with a barely painted hairs of the eyebrows. Brunettes can also paint the entire line, and it will look a Bang.

More paint - intense color

Highlight the main advantages, which is characterized by professional tattoo with henna:

  1. A makeup artist prepares his client in a special way.
  2. The figure is placed, and so that the eyebrows are given concrete form.
  3. If done by the hands of a professional, the tattoo eyebrows is destined to last a very long time.
  4. If the need arises, the technician can touch up the finished drawing.

Procedure self-staining: stages

The proposed description of the main phases of the process. You need to buy a part for painting. Henna henna strife: you can buy a ready remedy at the pharmacy, but you can make it with your hands. Before you apply paint on the skin, it is recommended to test yourself. To do this, henna you need to anoint the skin area near the elbow. Then rinse and wait. If you start an allergic reaction, it is necessary to abandon the bitatawa. But if everything is OK, you can proceed.

The skin of the eyebrows should be washed, to carry out exfoliation. The second phase lubrication with a special degreasing agent. Third – the application of the composition. We must act so: you should paint the tails of both eyebrows (one after another), then the Central part of the left eyebrow, her center right.

Finally, staining the grounds of the eyebrows. The more paint is placed, the color will be richer. As such, the strength needed to hold about forty minutes, then remove the dry paste, dampen the brow can not throughout the day.