The procedure of eyelash extension: advantages and disadvantages

Eyelash extensions or not is a question which periodically arises in each girl. This procedure does not imply a serious interference with the body or injury, but most the fair sex are concerned what the consequences might be. To further not to regret and not regret, try to understand what lies behind the usual cosmetic procedure.

Photo 1. Extended eyelashes

Before to do eyelash extensions, the pros and cons you should consider definitely. Given the fact that contraindications for this procedure are almost there, the pros and cons will allow you to decide if you can care for your eyelashes after extension or not.

The process of eyelash extension

The essence of the building lies in the fact that the master on the glue attaches to the line of growth of eyelashes artificial hairs. They can be glued as one by one, and bundles. To avoid trouble, it is not necessary to save it and trust your eyes questionable. Besides, if procedure is performed at home, the risk to infection is large enough.

Eyelashes can increase short, medium or long. Moreover, they can be black or brown, natural or artificial fibers.

The procedure of eyelash

The master’s illogical to blindly pander to the whims of the client. The fact that the length of the cilia is necessary to select individually. It depends on the condition of your own eyelashes. The important role played by the shape of the eye and the reason which guided the girl. For example, if it’s a party or something in this spirit, you can not limit your imagination. However, if with bright tremendous lash lady will have to go to work, it would at least be inappropriate and ridiculous.

To determine which cilia to increase, it is necessary to answer only one question. What is more important – price or quality? If you don’t want to pay more money, you can easily build yourself artificial hairs and start to save money for a possible force majeure. Basically it is an allergic reaction and inflammation. If health is above the economy, it takes lashes from natural fibers.

Stick the hairs need in the direction from the outer corner to the inner eye. To after the procedure to preserve the naturalness, it is not necessary to strengthen the lashes in a series of growth lines. It is necessary to use bundles of 3-7 hairs. On average these should be from 3 to 5. If planned celebration, the evening makeup you can afford about 13 beams on each eyelid.

Gluing of the eyelashes

There are several methods of building, the review of which will determine the most appropriate.

To go again to the master for correction is already two weeks later. This does not mean that they will fall off at the most inopportune moments, as the process of hair loss invisible.

There is one more variant of development of events. If the cilia are urgently needed to remove, two weeks is not worth waiting. It is sufficient to contact the salon, where a special liquid, the wizard will erase from your age your job. This can be done independently. This will require a quality olive oil and a night to spare. Oil is necessary to lubricate the eyelid and leave for the night.

The advantages of the procedure eyelash

To the solution was weighed and in the future there was vexed, you should consider all the positive and negative sides of the procedure. Let’s start with the positive. Eyelash extensions is:

  • expressive look;
  • long thick lashes without mascara;
  • the opportunity to swim in the pool without fear that the ink may “run”;
  • the unnecessary to twist the lashes.

Materials for eyelash

This is probably the main points that drive the willingness of the girl to an appointment to the master, to build lashes. However, this is not the end of the list of positive points which attracts the procedure.

Good thing she has almost no contraindications. This allows you to most women after a couple of hours clapping long eyelashes. The only thing that can cause problems, it is an individual intolerance to the components of the adhesive. Substances in its composition do not cause allergic reactions most customers, however some of the possibility of such reactions should be foreseen.

Given the fact that the hairs are fastened not on the cilia, and on the line of their growth, you should not worry about when they will fall, you will lose your native eyelashes. This opinion is attributed to a number of myths that are prevalent in this area. In the process of eyelash extension is not damaged any hair follicles, neither the lash, so there is no need for concern.

Is the extended eyelashes should look as shown in photo 1. When the wizard is able to provide such a result, of any the pros and cons of speech can not go.

Cons of eyelash extensions

Grow luxurious lashes, a client typically needs to be ready not only to admiring comments, but also to the inconvenience.

Try to identify the main:

  • not worth the extra time to rub the eyelids, as the period of wearing eyelash extensions in this case, significantly reduced;
  • immediately should take correction and lovers sleep face down in the pillow;
  • when washing, you should not rub the eyes.

As for mechanical effects, it’s all clear. The main thing – less to touch the eye. Therefore, those girls who wear contact lenses, it would be difficult to follow this rule.

The period of wearing lash extensions you need to forget about fatty creams and lotions because they accelerate the process of peeling lashes. In addition, you can prepare those clients who have without eye cream oily skin. Not to go to the master ahead of time, you must regularly clean the skin.

Sometimes build-up can lead to complex consequences. If the girl is observed a tendency allergic to most makeup, it is quite possible that the buildup will not be an exception.

If the girl has a bad sense measures that inconvenience for yourself will be felt.

Too long eyelashes in the wind may turn into “sails”, thereby causing discomfort.

Of course, when she takes accrued and remains only with my eyelashes, they look like to her short, ugly and poor. Nothing of the sort. Just everything is relative.

Knowing the pros and cons of lash girl easier to decide whether to do this procedure or not. If the care of eyelashes not so complicated, it is quite possible that the procedure for creating thick lashes will not entail additional difficulties.