The principle of applying makeup on an oval face

An oval face is considered the most ideal option, so owners of this type of you can breathe easy, however, and relax. Among the artists accepted that makeup for oval face can be done much easier than for any other. In this there is some truth to it, but there are some nuances and tricks that it is advisable observe.

Makeup for oval face

How to find out what your face shape?

To begin, consider how to determine which type you have: round, square, rectangular or oval face. One of the easiest and most convenient way is to stand near the mirror and draw the outline of your face with a marker. Mentally divide your face into two parts, from forehead to nose and from nose to chin. Thus, it is easy to see its shape.

Makeup for oval face can be both day and evening. The only difference is the application and saturation of colors. About what makeup you should choose only qualitative and not go for the cheap fakes on the market probably knows every woman who respect themselves and their skin. Also pay attention to the tools that you will use and which you can use. First of all, it brushes with natural bristles, tweezers eyelash curler (optional), as well as tweezers for plucking eyebrows.

What would be the makeup for an oval face?

Photo 1. Focus on the eyes

When you have decided on your form, you can begin to bring Marafet. The main principle of why you should always begin your makeup for oval face (and not only him), to bring his face in order. It is recommended twice a week to do soft peeling and apply a special mask chosen depending on your skin type. However, many still have little flaws and blemishes that you want to visually hide. Before applying makeup you need to apply a cream and wait until it is absorbed. After that, the pimples and age spots you should apply a special corrector (concealer), and then carefully with a sponge to apply concealer on the face. Oval face do not need to adjust, so you can combine two tones optional. If you have oily skin, you can top a little makeup.

Oval face do not need to adjust, so it will be sufficient to emphasize cheekbones blush a light peach or pink, depending on skin type, designating them only slightly, from cheekbone to your temple, blending evenly. For convenience, use a wide brush with natural bristles.

Select the eyes

Applying makeup on eyes

In order to make their eyes look more expressive, they need to be identified with the help of a competent makeup. Depending on the color of your eyes, you need to get eye shadow right shade. The outer side of the eyelid, the crease between the eyelid should be allocated to a darker shade, and under the brow area and mid century light. Border gently blend to hide the transition. To give extra oomph recommended the use of arrows with a pencil or eyeliner. The final step in the application of eye makeup is applying mascara. In order to stay longer and do not crumble, have a special technique as a little to powder your lashes before applying. Recommended use of volume mascara, 1-2 coats.

Because the eyes are more expressive and the whole emphasis now on they lips just a little to indicate a gloss or lipstick of pastel shade.

Here is a description of techniques from makeup artists. Photo 1 eyes made bright accent, and her lips have a natural shade. As you can see, when applying a light daytime makeup, there is only underline, the oval shaped face. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and make the colors slightly more saturated or muted.

Pay attention to your skin tone. There is a winter and a warm skin type, in accordance with this, pick shades of shadow and blush.

Remember that you are lucky more than others, and you are the owner of an oval face shape, so you can experiment, fantasize and create new images without thinking about what you only emphasize your flaws, not hide them.