Principal make-up: features and details

The vast majority of women do not imagine their life without makeup. With it successfully highlights the advantages of appearance and disguise the shortcomings. The right make-up should match the type of appearance and the time of day and the event that beauty goes. What are the different types of makeup, how they differ and how to choose a suitable one?

Figure 1. Day makeup

Makeup is a way of correcting the appearance. After its application the woman felt excellent, it needs to be performed in accordance with the type of appearance, time of day, and be in harmony with clothes, hairstyle and accessories.

Day (everyday) makeup

This type of make-up are the most popular and common. He emphasizes the natural beauty, hides flaws, but doesn’t look foreign. Correctly made with high quality materials day make-up creates the effect of full or partial absence of the correction. With him she looks rested, healthy, and beautiful (Fig.1).

The components of a good daytime makeup:

Figure 2. Evening makeup

  1. A smooth tone. Perfect condition of skin, no rashes and bumps is always associated with health. In the daytime makeup bet it is on the skin. Generally used BB cream with a light texture: melting creams, veils, loose powder.
  2. A healthy glow. Beautiful skin is always as if lit from within. To create this effect in the daytime makeup you can use a delicate shimmer (means with glitter).
  3. A lovely glow. In the daytime makeup are not commonly used tools for “sculpturing”, as in the sun they are visible. Blush in the right shade to the skin tone is enough.
  4. The perfect eyebrows. Often makeup the eyebrows are not paid enough attention. Adjusted well-groomed eyebrows will transform any person.
  5. The eyes and lips. To day makeup look unobtrusive and only emphasizes the appearance, the eyes and lips paid a minimum of attention. The shade’s neutral hue, thin arrow and lip gloss. The main emphasis is on healthy skin and a natural blush.

Everyday makeup is appropriate always and everywhere. It is possible to go for a walk or a date, it is indispensable in the walls of the office or in the negotiations. Light makeup can be used and during the evening receptions, but keep in mind that there is a likelihood that its owner against the General background will look dull.

Formal (solemn) makeup

Figure 3. Photos makeup

This type of makeup of different brightness and saturation. It can be used for a global correction appearance. As a rule, ceremonial makeup applied in special cases, going to places with artificial lighting. This eye-catching may the AP in the daytime looks like a deliberately theatrical and often vulgar. Evening makeup should always match the time, place, and along (Fig.2).

The subtleties of evening makeup:

  1. Tone. As in the case of day makeup the emphasis is on the maximum alignment of the skin. But in this case using a tighter funds, as artificial light makes translucent tone and is not noticeable. But it is important not to overdo it, so the image didn’t look grotesque. All the main types of makeup are designed to emphasize a woman’s natural beauty, not to change her face beyond recognition.
  2. Masking faults. If daytime make-up correction of defects is complicated by the need to create weightless coverage, the in the evening to this point, you can pay special attention. Encouraged the use of concealers of different shades.
  3. The sculpture of the face. This type of makeup involves a skillful use of light and shadow to create a pronounced relief. In a solemn make-up usually emphasize the cheekbones, making the face sculpted. To complete the sculpturing is applying blush the right shade.
  4. Eyebrow shaping. Clearly defined eyebrows, appropriate to the type of exterior shape is the key to successful makeup. They usually underline with a pencil, shadow or special tools.
  5. Catchy accent. Some theatrics are appropriate for evening makeup, but it is important that it is not bordered on vulgarity. Emphasis should be placed either on eyes or on lips. Simultaneously underline these eye-catching parts of the face makes the woman in the actress of a variety show, which is not always appropriate. To emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes you can use the effect smoky eyes, the hands or the shade of an unusual color. Ate decided to bet on the juicy lips, come to the aid of a bright lipstick, shiny lip glosses and contour pencils.

Bridal and photo makeup

Figure 4. Wedding makeup

Photo makeup is a type of makeup designed to accentuate one’s natural beauty, but it does not look like the photo is “flat”. The basic bet is usually made on how to sculpt your face and underline the expressive zone. It is also important to take care of sufficient matting of the skin, as any bright spot will turn into a shiny BLOB. The photo even excessive make-up looks appropriate, it’s one of the properties of the camera. Apply high-quality photos of the makeup on your own is extremely difficult, especially if we are talking about Studio photography. Hot lights will melt even the most resistant coating (Fig.3).

Wedding makeup is a skilful symbiosis of daytime and photo make up. It should unite ease a gentle everyday makeup and resistance of the photo-make-up. This species is inconceivable without an accent, they usually become the eyes of the bride. This choice is due to the frequent kisses that don’t make no lipstick and tint lip between frames is not very convenient (Fig.4).

What type and colors of makeup may be selected, it is important to remember, all kinds of make-up should only be skillfully emphasize the natural features.

Any kind of makeup is only the servants and companions on the path to beauty and perfection.