Is it possible to dye eyebrows hair dye and the possible consequences

Women often put a lot of effort in order to look beautiful and impressive. For the most part for a presentable appearance uses decorative cosmetics, with its help you can easily change the images, depending on clothes and mood. But there are times when resorting to cosmetics is not the easiest way out. For example, if you want to change your hair color or if eyebrows and eyelashes are dull by nature, they want to paint.

An example of a perfectly painted eyebrows

And in these moments the women, and the question arises: is it possible to paint the eyebrows with regular hair dye?

Can the hair dye to dye eyebrows?

The structure of the eyebrows

The question of whether it is possible to dye your eyebrows with hair dye, could not occur for one simple reason: every time when painting a head there is a thought or desire: why not dye your eyebrows at the same time? At first glance it is really very simple, no need to spend extra money on a campaign in a beauty salon or a special paint. Plus, the hair on the head and face are the same color, and not have to worry about choosing compatible colors in the future. But some fluctuations occur even from the fact that in most cases the packaging of products for hair provided that the hair eyebrow dyeing is not recommended.

But why not paint the eyebrows of these funds? It’s the same hair, and seem to dye anything bad you do not have to the same, according to the manufacturers, all hair dyes * dermatologically tested and suitable even for very sensitive skin.

For eyebrows you can use a stencil

This is true, but tools that are the hair on the head, contain a much stronger reagents than paint exclusively for eyebrows and eyelashes, because of this on the eyelids and around the eyes may appear severe irritation. This is due to the fact that the skin on the eyelids and around the eyes more tender than the skin of the head.

In addition, the structure of the hairs on the face is still somewhat different from the hair on the head, they are much more delicate and tender, therefore, before dyeing your eyebrows with hair dye, think about whether you are ready to risk to remain without eyebrows, or continue to struggle with their loss. Based on this, the answer to the question, is it possible to dye eyebrows hair dye is strongly not recommended!

How to dye eyebrows?

Determining the ideal shape for eyebrows

For individual dyeing the eyebrows, there are many special paints that can be purchased at almost any store that specializes in selling cosmetic products. Do not buy one of the cheapest, because its composition can have even worse consequences than an ordinary hair dye. Such means better to take the highest quality, based on reviews from friends and on the recommendation of the master.

These specialized paints are often distributed in two colors: black and brown. To a variety of shades and features a completely unnatural color, it is better to be treated with caution. Commercially available colors, you can achieve virtually any color for your eyebrows, adjusting the exposure time of the paint.

Stages eyebrows

In the boxes with paint usually have 2 bags: the dye and oxidizer, they need to mix in some ceramic vessel. Mix thoroughly, until smooth, and even better to all this to make a good face cream. First, before dyeing eyebrows, you need to lubricate the skin around the eyes prepared with cream, then with a thin brush (you can use a q-tip) you need to apply enough paint on the eyebrows, but be very careful to not glass in the eye.
To wait after treatment should range from 5 to 25 minutes, the exact time depends on how bright and rich the color you want in the end to. After the staining procedure all can be cleaned of ordinary warm water, but even when washed, should be thoroughly to ensure that this water does not hit on mucous eyes. If a drop still got that need to rapidly flush eyes with clean running water. The excess dye on the skin is removed with a greasy cream or ordinary soap.

Tips on precautions

No matter what dye you use, you should follow some simple rules when painting eyebrows, to avoid unwanted consequences:

  1. Not to tweeze before the painting. After plucking, even the most careful, stay on the skin, tiny sores in the place where he was plucked hairs, and these wounds can penetrate the paint, and whatever it was neither gentle, strong stimulation can not be avoided. Therefore, to correct eyebrow best or a few days before coloring or after.
  2. Before you apply paint, it is best to conduct common allergic test: apply a bit of diluted paint for sensitive skin: wrist, elbow, or behind the ear and leave for half an hour. If after this time does not start no negative reaction (itching, redness), then you can safely begin the procedure.

In case if you have even the slightest doubts as to paint eyebrows at home, it is best to speak to your master in hair care.