Is it possible to build lashes myself and how to do it?

What woman does not dream of thick and long eyelashes that make the eyes look so expressive and attractive? The easiest way to achieve this is to use the ink, but such method requires a daily ritual of eye makeup. Another thing – the procedure of eyelash extensions. Usually this procedure is done in the salon, although there are alternative methods readily available in the home.

Home eyelash extensions

How to build lashes to itself, and to conquer the hearts of men with just one look?

Features independent eyelash extension

It should be noted that the procedure of eyelash extensions, it is better to provide professional masters in the cabin. In this case, the girl’s more likely that the work will be done efficiently, accurately, and the result will please not only the beauty, but also durability. However, a great deal depends on the experience and skills of the master, so even if a girl makes a procedure in a salon, this is not a full insurance against a failed experiment. Therefore, before a visit to the master it is necessary to know the opinion about his work. However, there are situations when the girl has no opportunity to seek professional help. In this case, the question arises, is it possible to build lashes. The answer to this question is positive: indeed, this is quite possible, the main thing – the desire and a little courage. The girl who decided to resort to this method of solving the question should know some nuances:

Extended eyelashes

  1. The procedure takes some time, so you must be not only free time but also patience. Below the result pleased, you need to fully engage in the process, nothing should distract, etc.
  2. In house conditions it is impossible to achieve identical result, as in professional salons. This is because some treatments are technically impossible to do yourself. For example, to eyelashes or performing the building two rows of houses will not work, and the girl has to be prepared for that.

However, every girl can do “partial” eyelash extensions. This result also brings zest and appeal as the whole image, and the view: he will become more expressive and deep. It is very important to prepare for the process of eyelash extension.

How to increase eyelashes: preparation

First and foremost you need to decide for what purpose she wants to eyelashes themselves. If she wants to “one-time” effect for one night or more long term result? She wants to please others, it was clear that her eyelashes do not all natural, or, conversely, want to get a more natural effect? From the answers to these questions will become clear what lashes to buy and how, or rather where they stick.

The process of eyelash extension

In house conditions it is possible to do a partial build, it is also called thinned. Also available capacity only in the area of the corners of his eyes. These two methods are quite simple. Depending on the pursued goal, you can choose those or other cilia. Fortunately, the range of the products in the shops is simply amazing. If a girl wants to get a more natural result, the effect of natural eyelashes, it is better to choose a shorter, and if, on the contrary, wants to get a exaggerated effect, the choice is to stop at a long and thick instances of. If a girl wants to sparkle for one night only on any celebration, you can choose lashes with rhinestones or colored, these, too, can be seen on the shelves. When the choice is made, it is time to proceed to the process of creating a new image!

So, first you need to prepare all the necessary procedures and tools. It is better to lay everything before him to be direct access. Here are the tools that will be needed during the build:

  • bought a set of false eyelashes;
  • cotton pads or swabs;
  • the glue that is usually sold in a set of eyelashes;
  • tweezers;
  • a piece of cardboard or plastic plates;
  • vegetable oil.

Materials for eyelash

It is early to moisten a cotton ball in the oil. In addition, there is a caveat concerning the adhesive base. Often in a set with eyelashes they sell the glue is not very high quality, so do not be amiss to buy glue separately. In addition, you need to keep in mind that the glue can cause an allergic reaction, so women with allergies better not to experiment with capacity-either at home or in the salon. Further, it is necessary to carry out the procedure make-up remover and it is very good to wash the face with soap to degrease the skin around the eyes. This will allow the glue to securely fix the artificial eyelash to the eyelid. Also not be amiss to remove the hair in the tail to stab the bangs, so that nothing prevented. When all is ready, time to start the process of building.

How to increase eyelashes: stepwise procedure

Now the main thing – do not be distracted, not to hurry and not to worry. Eyelash extensions – it’s not as scary and difficult as it may seem at first glance. You just need to slowly step by step to perform this procedure and everything will work out. So here’s a gradual procedure of eyelash extensions at home:

  1. Open the packaging with cilia. Generally, kits are composed of lashes of different lengths. You need to immediately choose the ones that will go to the course. Better to lay them aside, to avoid confusion. On the prepared cardboard to drip a little glue.
  2. To pick up with tweezers individual lash or a bundle consisting of several cilia, to drop it into the adhesive and immediately glue to the eyelid. It is extremely important that the glue on the eyelashes as much as possible. It is important to immediately and correctly glue them to the eyelid so as not to alter To make it to this stage is to identify the place where to stick artificial eyelashes. If eyelash extensions bundles, the procedure will take less time, but extensions of each eyelash individually it looks as a result more effectively, gently and naturally.

Eyelash extensions at home

How can be bonded directly to the cilium or the beam? Here are step by step instructions on how to do it quickly and painlessly:

  • hold the tweezers while holding the eyelash to the eye to the bond;
  • your other hand gently squeeze the artificial cilium, or a bundle to your eyelashes (or eyelash);
  • let stand for several seconds without releasing your fingers to the lashes managed to “grab” each other, then you can proceed to the next area.

An important caveat: increasing eyelashes solely on your own lashes, not under them! When all the lashes on one eye will be incremented, you can begin the second eye. It is important that the lashes were glued symmetrically.

Caring for extended eyelashes

The care for these lashes is very simple. It begins immediately upon completion of the building. We are talking about what a girl has to look carefully in the mirror (preferably a magnifying) on the result. As a rule, he immediately pleased the girl. However, nobody is insured from errors: some cilium could come off, or in some place may be excess adhesive.

All these errors need to be corrected. For example, to remove the excess glue from the skin, to gently wipe the place with an oiled cotton pad prepared in advance. Accordingly, peel off the eyelash should be glued back.

After all the errors the work has been corrected, you need a good wash. No need to be afraid that the lashes will disappear, because during the build, they have long managed securely “grips”. But rubbing the eyes is not worth it.

On average, the lashes have kept 2 to 3 months but this time may vary. Extended eyelashes will save you time on daily eye makeup, because they do not need to cover with mascara.

But still, every 2-3 weeks the girl will need to visit the master for correction to the lashes looked neat and well-groomed.